Mizuno MP-25 Irons Review

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50 Words or Less

The Mizuno MP-25 irons are Mizuno’s latest, best effort to blend forgiveness with traditional looks and great feel.


Irons for better players used to be simple cavity backs, but increasingly they have all the things that super game improvement irons do, from slots to multi-material construction.  The Mizuno MP-25 irons seeks to compete in that category without using visible technology but rather by using superior metallurgy.  Can a simple looking iron produce the distance and forgiveness of the category’s leaders?

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At address and in the bag, the Mizuno MP-25 irons have a classic look that good and aspiring players are really going to appreciate.  The cavity steers away from any colors or loud branding, opting instead for different shades of silver and chrome and a running bird logo without any paint fill at all.  When you set the club down, you’ll see there’s minimal offset and an average top line.  Also, the blade length is fairly compact, framing the ball without much extra on the toe or heel side.  The one thing that’s surprising is the width of the sole: it’s noticeably bigger than I had expected.

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Sound & Feel

My first swing with the Mizuno MP-25 irons reminded me why I happily gamed Mizuno irons for so many years.  The feel at impact is sensational.  It’s soft, and it makes you feel connected to the club and ball like few other clubs.  The bonus with the MP-25 is that you get the sweet feeling on pure strikes without the sting on bad ones.  You will know the difference between good shots and mishits, but you won’t be penalized with a joint-rattling shock.

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The number one thing that surprised me about the MP-25 is the distance that they produce.  Mizuno is trumpeting their use of Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron, a material that’s 30% stronger and alleged to deliver more distance.  The claim is true: these irons went yard for yard with irons that have significantly stronger lofts.  That’s is a real advancement that can actually help golfers play better.

Like many of the sets suited to better players, the Mizuno MP-25 irons are actually a combo set with different designs in the 3-6 than the 7-PW.  The 3-6 irons feature “Micro Slot Technology,” for extra distance and forgiveness in the long irons.  The 7-PW are a “Muscle Design” for better feel and shot shaping.  Despite the extra forgiveness in the long irons, I do think that Mizuno is right to recommend these irons to players with a handicap of 10 or better.  There is some forgiveness on mishits, but not as much as you can get from other clubs in this category.

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While I haven’t been a big fan of some of Mizuno’s recent offerings, I’m quite impressed with the Mizuno MP-25 irons.  For the better player, these offer a good look, truly great feel, and lots of distance without super strong lofts.  If you need forgiveness, you should look elsewhere, but single digit handicappers will be very happy with the MP-25.

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  1. Alex Holets

    Very informative review. Thank you. I will seriously consider these as my new irons. I currently have MP-63s. They are five years old with X-100 shafts. At 49, that is a bit hard to hit when I am not swinging really well. I am looking for a little more forgiveness and something better for my waning swing speed.

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