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The Mizuno JPX-900 hybrid is a good hybrid that will satisfy the average or high handicap player.


Changing your identity can be hard.  For most of my golfing career, Mizuno has been a brand keenly associated with better players.  Their last few releases, however, have shown the company to be turning toward the higher handicap player.  The JPX-900 hybrid continues that trend.



Like the rest of Mizuno’s JPX-900 woods, the hybrid’s most notable feature is the matte blue crown.  With the exception of the colorful top, this club plays it very close to the middle.  The shape, size, and face depth are all average, meaning this club should be very acceptable to most golfers.


Sound & Feel

Mizuno trades heavily on feel, but the feel of the JPX-900 hybrid is nothing to brag about.  It’s loud with a hollow feel that makes most strikes feel very similar.  If you want to feel like every shot was smoked, you may enjoy this club.  The traditional Mizuno player probably will not.



Where the other JPX-900 woods have multiple facets to their adjustability, the hybrid keeps it simple by paring it down to a hosel adjustment.  You can change the loft up or down two degrees from the stated loft, which will also close or open the face angle, respectively.

The ability to open the club face will be essential for many better players because this hybrid has a strong desire to go left.  The sweet spot is noticeably toward the heel, so striking it in the center or toe increases the chance of hooks.  Slicers will love it.

Beyond the draw bias, this is a decent, low spin hybrid.  The low spin will further endear it to higher handicap players who will see added distance.  Better players may be frustrated at their inability to hold greens, however.



It may be hard for me to get my head around, but Mizuno is now a company firmly committed to making clubs for the 15+ handicapper.  That can be seen clearly in the JPX-900 woods.  Average players no longer need to be intimidated by Mizuno, but better players may want to start looking elsewhere.

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