Leupold GX-1i2 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Leupold GX-1i2 is an accurate, well-made laser rangefinder at a moderate price.


Companies throughout the golf industry create buzz through groundbreaking flagship products.  Leupold’s GX-4i2, for instance, made waves with its ability to take into account slope, temperature, and altitude to make club recommendations.  While mid-priced products don’t always get the headlines, they can be equally exciting because they bring top-shelf technology to everyday consumers.  That’s the kind of excitement that the Leupold GX-1i2 laser rangefinder brings as it delivers performance like its more expensive brothers but at a steep discount.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

As with most current laser rangefinders, the Leupold GX-1i2 requires no set-up and is extremely easy to use.  Once you put the battery in, a press of the power button brings up the aiming reticle and a second push gives you the distance.

The GX-1i2 does have some options you can use to enhance and customize its performance.  First, it has seven aiming reticles – more than any other Leupold laser – so you can customize the display.  You can also have the distance displayed in yards or meters.  These options, plus Fog Mode and Prism Lock’s audio signal, can be changed by simply holding down the Mode button and toggling with the Power button.

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Accuracy & Performance

As I referenced in the opening, the Leupold GX-1i2 laser rangefinder has almost everything that Leupold’s top rangefinders do.  It packs Leupold’s DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy), PinHunter 2, and Prism Lock technologies.  Collectively, these make it easier to find the flag, even in crowded landscapes, easier to lock on to reflective targets, and more accurate.  Leupold states that the GX-1i2 is accurate to within half a yard, which is far more precision than most of us can dream of needing.

The body of the GX-1i2 fits comfortably into your hand, and the rubber top provides good traction even when it’s damp outside.  This laser is small and light enough to put in your pocket between shots, but not so small that players with big hands will have trouble using it.

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The Leupold GX-1i2 laser rangefinder can be found at retail for $300.  This is $100 less than Leupold’s excellent GX-3i2, but it has many of the same performance characteristics.  Just like the GX-3i2 it has Leupold’s DNA technology, PinHunter 2, Prism Lock, and an 800 yard range to a reflective target.  The key differences are the body construction (polymer vs. aluminum), display (grey vs. red), and the range to the pin (400 yards vs. 450).  One area where the GX-1i2 actually surpasses the GX-3i2 is battery life – the GX-1i2 should get about 2,000 more distances out of each battery.

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Leupold is giving golfers more for their money than ever before.  Just a few years ago, a rangefinder with the capability of the Leupold GX-1i2 would have cost $500 or more.  Now it’s available for less than the cost of most drivers.  If you’ve been holding off on the purchase of a rangefinder, it’s time to stop waiting.

Buy the Leupold GX-1i2 rangefinder HERE

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