JCR JL580 Golf Bag Review

JCR JL580 golf bag

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The JCR JL580 golf bag pairs high level functionality with relatively basic design and materials.  Ideal for riders but suitable for walkers too.


JCR may not be a household name for many readers.  In addition to affordable golf bags, they make a range of golf products that can be customized with your personal or company logo.  The JL580 is the company’s new 14-way stand bag and is geared toward players who tend to use a cart more often than not.


Critiquing a golf bag’s aesthetics is a somewhat fraught activity.  After all, a golf bag is a purely utilitarian thing.  You can’t make the argument, the way you can with a club, that its appearance inspires confidence and therefore actually impacts the product’s performance.  Honestly, I think sometimes we just want things to look pretty.

But beauty is also in the eye of the beholder.  For my eye, the JL580 doesn’t have a lot going for it in the beauty department.  It’s fairly plain, in terms of design elements and colorways.  In addition to the Navy/Red/White colorway pictured, it also comes in Black/Steel, Black/Royal, and Charcoal/Orange.  The colors remind me of some of the off-brand youth sports uniforms I donned as a kid.  The nylon material also doesn’t look particularly premium.

I do think it’s worth pointing out a couple things here though.  First, this is one man’s opinion, and I can be opinionated when it comes to style.  Second, JCR offers custom logos on the ball pocket, so I think that makes this an attractive option for someone who wants a custom bag without breaking the bank or maybe a team or corporate situation looking to hand out a few branded bags.


The JCR JL580 golf bag is packed with features.  The first notable feature is the stand.  The company describes the bag as a cart bag with the functionality of a stand.  The stand works well, folding and unfolding easily.  Being a cart bag, it also has a pass-thru sleeve for the golf cart strap.  The bag is also full of of individual purpose-built pockets and compartments.  It’s a little bit unusual that many of these are labeled (ie “Valuables Pocket”) but I suppose some people might find that adds to the convenience.

Other key features are the 14-way top, smart phone compartment with clear window, large insulated cooler with drainage hole, and rain hood.  In addition to 9 pockets, there are dedicated places for your scorecard, divot tool, Sharpie, an umbrella sleeve, a ball pocket, and sleeves for sunglasses and sunscreen.  If you like to be organized, this bag will help you do that.


With a 9.5″ 14-way top with full length dividers, getting clubs in and out of this bag is a breeze.  I don’t have midsize or jumbo grips so I can’t comment on how it works with 14 of those in the mix.  But my oversize putter grip slides in and out of the putter well with ease.

The bag is geared toward those who ride most of their rounds, but at 5.8 lbs, it’s not unreasonable to think that one could comfortably walk 18 with it.  It would also work well with a push cart.  With the weight of a full set of clubs, the legs engage easily and retract flush with the body of the bag.  There is a velcro strap to keep them in place if you want them to stay put.

The padding on the straps and the side of the bag that would contact your back while walking are reasonably comfortable.

I mentioned the organization earlier, and I think that ought to be considered a performance feature as well.  It’s extremely easy to find things in this bag if you use each compartment for what it was designed for.  For someone like me whose golf bag tends to resemble a junk drawer, this would probably make life a little easier on the golf course.


The JCR JL580 golf bag offers a lot of functionality in a relatively modest package.  At $239.99, it’s pretty firmly in the value category for golf bags.  While it doesn’t have eye-catching looks (to my eye, anyway) it does the job it’s intended to and does it well.  The ability to add a custom logo may make it extra attractive to some golfers.


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  1. You guys should review the Pebble Beach bag from Costco that is made by Sun Mountain. Think I got it for about 120 bucks. Can’t imagine a better value.

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