Izzo Swami Sport Golf GPS Review

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The Izzo Swami Sport GPS is a durable, budget-friendly GPS that’s easy to use.


Before smartphones became as common as bubble gum, handheld GPS units were one of golf’s hottest accessories.  Now, however, the prevalence of free golf GPS apps has shrunk the market substantially.  For players that want GPS information but hate carrying their phone on the course, there’s the Izzo Swami Sport GPS.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

One of the best things about the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is how easy it is to use.  Over 30,000 courses are pre-loaded, so all you need to do is turn it on.  Once it gets a GPS signal (this takes about a minute), you select your course from the list of local courses, and you’re ready to go.  You don’t need to download courses, hook it up to your computer, or pay an annual fee.

My one complaint about the Swami Sport is that it doesn’t automatically advance to the next hole.  While there are times that this is a positive (like when you drive it into a different fairway), having to remember to click it forward after each hole does get tiresome.

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Accuracy & Performance

Compared to both a laser rangefinder and the on-cart GPS at numerous golf courses, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS performed very well.  The readings were consistently accurate, and the yardages update quickly as you walk or drive to your ball.

Additionally, the display is easy to read in any light condition from twilight to glaring noon sun.  One clever feature is that you can flip the display from white-on-black to black-on-white to suit your preference and the conditions.  I found both to be easy to see.  The display is also large enough that you can leave it clipped to your bag or cart and still read it.

Finally, the Swami Spot has a very durable feel to it, and it’s water resistant.  This is, perhaps, its most tangible advantage over smartphone GPS apps.  You can toss the Swami Sport around and let it get wet without concern, instead of babying your $400+ smartphone.

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You can purchase the Izzo Swami Sport GPS for $80, less if you search a little bit.  While some people will have a tough time justifying this when there are so many free GPS apps available, this relatively low price will be worth it to those who hate having their phone out on the course.

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If you want basic, reliable GPS data – front, back, and center of the green – without bringing your phone on the course, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is a solid choice.  It’s easy to use and easy on your wallet.

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  1. I was bought one of these for fathers day 2015. The 2 courses I play weren’t mapped, so I contacted Izzo and asked for them to be added. The web site quoted approx 4 weeks but they did tell me that due to a back log it may take up to 6 weeks …… it’s now been 14 weeks and I’m still no nearer to getting my courses added. The unit itself might be great, but check to make sure your course is listed before you buy!!

  2. Rob Lockwood

    The Horsham Golf Course in Australia has changed about a year ago, when will it be updated again

  3. I have had similar problems with updating from the version I purchased. Their product support is next to useless, basically telling me to try again. This item is CHEAP and NASTY. If you want to spend your time on the course wondering why your GPS doesn’t work, buy one of these. If u want to spend your time on the course playing golf, buy something else.

  4. I cannot get my swami izzo range finder to get the time or anything else on this thing. is this a bad unit ?

  5. Dennis W Hardin

    Great device but one course I play they redone and the holes don’t match how do I didn’t that

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest contacting Izzo to let them know about the issue. They should be able to re-map the course.



  6. Don’t waste your money. Battery lasts one round, automatically defaults to yards when turned on, have to reset to metres every time. My course had a few holes revamped 3 years ago but this wasn’t updated. Sent them an email no reply!. Tried to do update via their site but it hangs, had an IT expert try and couldn’t do it. Luckily I got it from my local pro and he sent it back for update. Now updated. Tried a new course and again GPS did not match signage but I couldn’t be bothered dealing with them…………too hard so I use my phone on other courses. Convinced the local pro to stop stocking these and get a good brand in otherwise doing the wrong thing by members selling these. Wish I could get my money back, totally unhappy with this purchase.

  7. jim snyder

    how do i update a couple of courses that have been re-configured?

  8. Larry Faelchle

    Thinking about buying one. Does anyone know if you can display hazard yardage as well?

  9. ron carter

    course I usually play not on gps anymore? can anyone help me

  10. Steven Irvine

    just got this and hope to use it soon, with covid 19 I don’t know when I will.

  11. Jonas Espinoza

    Will not acquire satellite . Reached out to Izzo had me charge for 4 hours connected to PC then drain battery until dead, then run in play golf mode till battery drained dead recharge and still no satellite acquired. Probably not a good investment .

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