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Green Edition Modus Wedge Shaft Giveaway

Go Green!

Want to see your golfing buddies turn green with envy?  Just pull out a wedge with one of these Nippon Green Edition Modus wedge shafts.

Done in celebration of “a Major Championship” (they can’t say it, but we will, it’s The Masters), these green wedge shafts look absolutely filthy…in a good way.  What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your wedges looking like anyone else’s: Nippon is making only 3000 in each weight (105, 115, 125).  And you can win a set – one in each weight – from Plugged In Golf.

Two Ways to Win

Nippon sent two sets of these beauties to us.  “Give one away, keep one for yourself,” they told us.  But we love you guys, so we’re giving away both sets.  Here’s how you can enter:

Social Media

  1. Follow @PluggedInGolf and @NipponShaft on Twitter and/or Instagram.
  2. When you see a contest post, follow the instructions (RT, Tag Friends, that kind of thing).
  3. Enter as often as you want across both platforms.


  1. Post a comment below with your name and location.  ***Please note that your comment will not post immediately.  We check every post before publication to keep spam and profanity off the site.
  2. Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf Newsletter (just leave that box checked when you post the comment).
  3. One entry person person.

Good Luck!

We will be announcing a winner on social media and contacting the winning subscriber via email on April 8.  Good luck!

Matt Saternus
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  1. These are great – very cool giveaway guys.

  2. Chad Hershberger

    I would love to win these beautiful shafts

  3. John Charbonneau

    Like you said these shafts would leave my friends green with envie 🖒
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  4. Allen Harkleroad

    Yes Sir!!

  5. Billy Croxton

    Billy C – USA

  6. Green?? Cool.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  8. They look awesome! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Would fill out my bag with Nippon Shafts.
    Looking forward to the opportunity.

  10. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Love it! Orlando, FL

  11. Glen Koeske in Bath Michigan. These look awesome.

  12. Dan oswick

    These would look awesome in my bag. They look so cool, great prize keeping my fingers crossed

  13. Huge fan of Nippon shafts. These would look great in the bag.
    Mitchell B.

  14. Nelson Flores

    Wow would love to game these!!
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  15. What a great giveaway!

  16. Brian Kluck

    Brian Kluck – Scotch Plains, NJ

  17. Tom Weirich

    Tom – Cleveland, OH

  18. Love the Nippon Shafts in my Srixon 765 irons and Cleveland wedges.

  19. Show me the green! South Beloit, IL.

  20. Joe Golfer

    I really like that sharp green color as an homage to The Masters.

  21. Brian Smith

    Always wanted to game some Nippon shafts. Let’s hope so.

  22. Very wicked, Mark K, Italy

  23. Love to try me some Nippons!

    Ryan K
    Erie PA

  24. Emma Booth

    ooh fab yes please!!! 🏌 I’m Manchester UK

  25. Rick Talley

    All things Nippon, are the best!
    Rick T
    Granite City, IL

  26. The Real Mitchell B

    Would love to try them out!
    Mitch B.
    Barrington, IL

  27. Great site! Thanks

    John Iski
    Cleveland, OH

  28. What a beauty! It’s master’s week everything should be green! Green grass, green shoes, green shirt and these beauties for the wedges!

  29. Gorgeous shafts-Cleveland, Oh

  30. James Wells

    Love Nippon Shafts in my irons…what a treat it would be to have a special set of shafts for my wedges.

    Your website is a constant source of all the most updated golf equipment news I need to know and I appreciate all your commitment and hard work.

    James Wells
    Detroit, MI

  31. Brad Caruso

    Matt, how do test all these shafts? Do you reshaft you playing or have a test set?

    Thanks for chance to win.

    Brad Caruso

    • Matt Saternus


      For iron shafts, I have a test set of heads. Modern drivers make it easy – pop an adapter on and test away.



  32. Richard Markiewicz

    Love Nippon, what a great giveaway!

  33. Todd Navin

    Great contest

  34. Amazing shafts!!!

  35. Would love to win these amazing shafts!

    Karen G
    Orland Park, IL

  36. Hi! Thanks for the contest!

    I’m in Minnesota and would LOVE those green shafts!

  37. Gerald Lapalme

    These would look sharp in my Cleveland RTX-3’s!!

  38. Abdus Saabur

    Would love to win these shafts

  39. Thanks for opportunity to win these beautiful shafts. I’m looking at new wedges and would love to use those shafts.

  40. Bob Stevens

    Bob, Frankfort, Ky. Just started playing golf again after 20 year lay off. Winning the shafts would be wonderful!

  41. Terence Smith

    Great looking shafts.

    Terry – Birmingham UK

  42. Those shafts would look good in Florida!

  43. Howard Simms


  44. Nick Adams

    Wow! Great looking shafts. These will help get the rest of my golf buddies to switch to Nippon.

  45. The green shafts look awesome. Great Masters tie in!!! They would look good in Alabama.

  46. Great looking shafts! Would look great in my Edel wedges stamped with “Irish”.

    Brian – Northbrook, IL

  47. Elliott Pyon

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, these shafts look amazing!

  48. jake krayson

    well these Nippons are certainly different….from Fairfield County CT

  49. john walczak


  50. Shafts look great! I am sure they would look even better in my bag.

  51. John Harrar

    Very nice looking and i am sure they will be great shafts as i already have Nippon shafts on other clubs. These would really look good with the green lettering and the green grips I have on my newly acquired BombTec wedges. That would be a sweet combination and great look!!

  52. William R Humphrey

    These shafts look Awesome. Gotta have em!!! Thanks :)

  53. Brian Kirkley

    Those are some awesome looking shafts! Congrats to whoever wins! Maybe just maybe they pull my name!

  54. Jon Peterson

    Go Green!

    Jon Peterson
    Grand Rapids, MI

  55. Vincent Watson

    i have a mental picture of these shafts in my mizunos…mmmmm

  56. Andrew Chan

    Going green is the IN thing; the new MODUS operandi.

  57. Sean Daugherty

    Sean Daugherty – Petaluma CA

  58. Brian shanks

    I’m sure these fabulous masters inspired shafts would help sharpen up my wedge play👌🏻⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

  59. Can’t wait to try them out! (If Spring ever gets here)

    Bill L

  60. Josh Giesige

    Great opportunity, thank you!
    Josh G
    Edgerton OH

  61. Gary Hartfil

    Can’t wait to try these babies out !!!!!

  62. Love Nippon product! Have them on my Mizuno Jpx’s. Can’t wait to shaft the wedges!

    Clay Causey
    Titusville FL

  63. Eloy Paulin Jr

    Id love this green shaft on one of my clubs! Long beach CA

  64. These look great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Sid Hopson

    Simply Awesome! I need the GREEN!

  66. Bob Newton

    Beautiful shafts. Would love to own a set of those!

  67. Keith Parker

    Lush Green. Would complement the green dots in my PM Callaway wedges. Luck of the Irish?

  68. Rhonda Lockwood

    Would love to win these for my son!

  69. Wayne Lockwood

    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  70. There could be some really cool grip choices for these! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  71. Charles W Bartholomew

    Wow! These would make me look like I’d been to the Master’s! Love ’em.

  72. Marty Boxer

    Sweet prize. Here’s hoping

  73. Grady Malachowski Sr.


  74. Ken Varisco

    Cool looking shafts. Great give away.

  75. Hay I’m Irish, so this great green colour just naturally will make my game get a whole lot better lol.
    Watch out PGA ,,, I’m coming for you!

  76. Scott K. Giles

    Solid performance and would help my game…Goodyear, AZ

  77. Noel Guillaume

    Wow – would nt these look good in my bag – thanks for the opportunity.

  78. Bob Brenner

    I would absolutely love these shafts!

  79. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    North Carolina

  80. Robert Eardley

    My best friend just got a set of Apex CF16 with this shaft, I would love to upgrade my wedges with that this shaft…

  81. Love the green!!!

  82. Man, those look amazing! Yes, please!

  83. gorgeous shafts, thanks for the contest and good luck all!

    Chris from Toms River, NJ

  84. Craig Goodwin

    Been wanting to try some Nippon Modus shafts before buying new irons. Winning a set would be a great opportunity and look good doing it!

  85. Paul Fisher

    Amazing looking, they would go so well with the lovely green hills in the background of my golf course in Herefordshire, England.

  86. Don Borgo

    I am a senior golfer and rely heavily on my wedge game to make up for lack of distance off the tee. These wedges should really have my playing partners talking to themselves.

  87. Tim Scholze

    Awesome giveaway! Nippon makes a good product. Wish I could get these for all the girls on my golf team.

  88. Ben Ashton

    These Shafts look absolutely epic. Keep up the good work guys your articles have helped me drop from shoooting over 100 to 88 at my beautiful course Staffordshire, England.

  89. Michael Woods

    If I won these shafts I would give my old ones the shaft

  90. Ivelisse Woods

    These shafts are super sweet!

  91. Jeremy Girard

    Jeremy G – Wisconsin

  92. Tom Cafferty

    Very nice promotion


    These are nice shafts they would good on my irons

  94. A very hot look on the course

  95. Tom Liggett

    Nice giveaway! These would stand up nicely with my 105’s that are in my Mizzy’s!

  96. Dean Greenbean

    Beauty! My favorite color.

  97. Rudyard Caddle

    I am looking a shaft that makes a difference. These are beautiful and would like to see if they are different.

  98. Hal Perison

    Nice looking shafts. Thanks for the opportunity
    Didsbury, Alberta, Canada

  99. Douglas T Cooper MD

    WANT THESE!!!!!!
    St Simons Island, GA

  100. Love the looks of the green shaft. Thank You Nippon for the giveaway!

  101. Zack S. – Chicago, IL

  102. James Pierce

    Sure would love to take these out for a test run or two…

  103. Jason Howard

    Jason in Georgia ..

  104. Great giveaway and a great shaft. Thanks and fingers crossed

  105. Tom Duckworth

    Hope I’m not too late

  106. Scott L Schultz

    Ready for Captian America to have his first major


  107. Love to put these bad boys in play! Awesome looking shafts

  108. Paul Drury

    These shafts are awesome looking products!

  109. David Anderson

    Have the blue wedge 105,s and love them would love to have the green

  110. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kevin, CT

  111. Allan Kim

    Amazing giveaway 👍👏🤙👊🤞

    Allan K.
    Leonia, NJ

  112. Doug Winter

    Very nice giveaway.

  113. Chris Collier

    Some japanese shafts to go in my otherwise japanese wedges. Lovely.

    Chris, CO

  114. Phillip Shilling

    Phillip- Orland Park, Illinois



  116. Bill Vostinak

    Nippon Modus shafts have been verra verra good. To me!

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