GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Watch Review

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The GolfBuddy WT4 is extremely easy to use, accurate, and has great battery life.  This is the best golf GPS watch I’ve used.


Pace of play is one of golf’s biggest problems.  My solution?  Give everyone a GPS watch.  I never play faster than when I get my yardages from a watch.  I love my laser, but for speed and simplicity, a GPS watch can’t be beat, and the best I’ve tried is the GolfBuddy WT4.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The set up required for the GolfBuddy WT4 is charging it and turning it on.  That’s it.  You don’t need to pair it with your phone, sync it with your computer, or give it your social security number.  Once it’s powered up, simply flip it into golf mode and it will identify the course you’re on and give you accurate yardages.

The WT4 has only four buttons and navigating the menus and functions is easy.  I took a short glance at the manual before heading out for my first round with it and found that to be more than enough.  Any accidental button pushes can be easily remedied, often by simply pushing the button again.  The WT4 is the easiest-to-use GPS watch that I’ve tried.

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Accuracy & Performance

Since there isn’t currently any golf being played in Chicago, I tested the GolfBuddy WT4 in Florida at Streamsong.  I pitted the GolfBuddy WT4’s accuracy against two reliable sources: my Leupold laser rangefinder and one of Streamsong’s professional caddies.  All three consistently provided the same yardages, and the WT4 stomped the other two when it came to speed.

One major concern with many GPS devices is battery life, and I found the WT4 to be excellent in this regard.  It powered through over 8 consecutive hours in golf mode and still indicated 1/4 battery life.  I will admit, however, that the WT4 was not on my wrist that entire time.  It’s a larger watch designed to be wearable on and off course, and I found that after 18 holes it was a bit uncomfortable.  Obviously, comfort and fit are going to be different for each person, but it’s something to seriously consider when making a purchase.

The WT4 does provide a lot of information beyond yardages to the front, center, and back of greens.  First, it provides distances to a variety of hazards.  Because it doesn’t provide an overhead view of the hole, the WT4 relies on images to identify different hazards and “R” and “L” to indicate which side of the hole they’re on.  On most holes this system works very well, though it can get confusing on holes that play at odd angles or  that have numerous hazards.  Additionally, the WT4 features “Dynamic Green View” meaning that the yardages are adjusted based on the angle from which you’re approaching the green, and it can measure the distance of your shots.  Finally, the WT4 gives you the ability to input the location of the flag to get a more precise yardage.

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The GolfBuddy WT4 retails for $250, making it GolfBuddy’s premium GPS watch offering.  I think that it’s equal to or better than any golf GPS watch on the market, so it’s worthy of the premium price.  The one included accessory that I particularly like is the wall charger which allows you to charge the watch without your computer.

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If speed and convenience are your top priorities, you want a GPS watch, and if you want a GPS watch, you need to seriously consider the GolfBuddy WT4.  It’s incredibly easy to use while also being very accurate and long on features.

Matt Saternus


  1. Your review is very detail and informative. Thank you so much.

  2. Does the WT4 carry any guarantee and if so for what period?

  3. Seems Golf Buddy works well if you are a man. Doesn’t work for ladies as picks up only from men’s tees. I’m very disappointed with mine – other brands work perfectly from ladies tees.

    • Matt Saternus


      Really? That’s a very interesting issue, and one I will be sure to add to my testing protocol for future GPS. Thank you for the comment.



  4. finally got a range finder and had a tough time locating and hold steady. The WT4 by Golf Buddy has solved most of my problems. Now to learn how to hit it straight! Noticed that when a hole is adjacent or dog- legged yardages can get messed up. It works!

  5. Where can I find a replacement charging dock for my Golf Buddy WT4?

  6. Deeb Azar

    Do you know how to find a charging cable for Golf Buddy WT4 type DSC GB900. thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      If the adapter is proprietary, I would suggest contacting Golf Buddy directly.



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