GolfBuddy CT2 GPS Review

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The GolfBuddy CT2 GPS is a tiny GPS unit that’s quick, accurate, and surprisingly rich in features.


Like every other type of technology, golf GPS units have gotten smaller over the years, but the GolfBuddy CT2 sets a new standard.  At approximately 2″ square and weighing under 2 ounces, this micro GPS packs in an array of features and solid accuracy.

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Setup & Ease of Use

Setting up the GolfBuddy CT2 consists of charging it and turning it on.  Once the unit is powered up, getting it into golf GPS mode requires going to the menu and selecting the “Golf” icon.  The satellites take about a minute to find the unit, and from there you don’t need to touch the CT2 again – it recognizes the course and hole automatically.

If you do want to get into the “extra” features on the CT2, they’re very easy to use.  The unit has just 4 buttons,  and they’re well-labeled and intuitive.  With minimal effort, you can measure your shots, get distances to hazards, and keep your score.

One major positive for the CT2 is the battery life.  GolfBuddy claims it can last for up to 17 hours in golf GPS mode, and my testing bears that out.  This is important because no one wants to be without their GPS, but it’s easy to forget to take it out and charge it between rounds.

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Accuracy & Performance

The first thing I noticed while using the GolfBuddy CT2 GPS is how quickly the distances update.  The yardages changed with each step I took, and when I stopped, the correct yardages were displayed.  This sounds like it should be the expected performance, but many GPS units lag, which leaves you waiting for the yardages to “catch up.”

The accuracy of the CT2 is good.  I tested it against other GPS units, course markings, and a laser rangefinder, and the distances were consistently +/- 2 yards.

Perhaps the best feature of the CT2 is its dynamic green view.  This changes the yardages based on your line of approach to the green.  I’ve made a graphic below to better illustrate why this is valuable.

You drove it here

Beyond good accuracy and dynamic green view, the CT2 does some valuable things.  It allows you to measure your shots, or, my preferred use, to measure the distance between your buddy’s drive and yours.  The CT2 also gives you the distances to hazards and allows you to move the flag on the green for more precise distances on your approach.

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The GolfBuddy CT2 Micro GPS retails for $150 which is competitive with similar GPS units and watches.  Based on ease of use, accuracy, and the quality of the extra features, I think the CT2 is a good value.

The one caveat I would offer is that you need to figure out how you’re going to carry and display the CT2 before you purchase it.  I found that it was perfect for use with my push cart – I clipped it to the scorecard strap on the console so that it was visible and the buttons were accessible.  If I were walking without a pushcart or riding, however, I’m not sure the best way to use it.  There are plenty of options – in a pocket, on a towel strap, on your belt – but you need to find one that’s convenient to you.

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If you’re in the market for a GPS unit that will give you accurate yardages while allowing you to play faster, the GolfBuddy CT2 is a great choice.  It has well designed, intuitive features, and dynamic green view is one of the best aspects of any GPS unit that I’ve tested.

Buy the GolfBuddy CT2 GPS HERE

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  1. Is it preloaded with courses or does it just work like GPS?

  2. Steve Hall

    Can you load exra courses if there are some missing
    Will it work with Mac Book Pr0

    • Matt Saternus


      Good questions. I’m not 100% sure, so I would suggest contacting GolfBuddy direct.



  3. does it require annual subscription like my skycaddie?

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