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The Golf Slot Machine Review

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50 Words or Less

The Golf Slot Machine is a training aid designed to help you hit draws by diagramming the “correct” takeaway and swing path.


For the average weekend golfer, hitting a draw is the holy grail.  Not only is a draw the opposite of their hated slice, but they’re told that draws go farther, too.  The Golf Slot Machine is another one in a long line of training aids that promise to be a one-way ticket to Drawsville.  Does it deliver or is it just another one-armed bandit?

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Ease of Use & Setup

The Golf Slot Machine is simply two pieces of cardboard that can be used in two different configurations.  For training, connect the pieces to form a backwards “L”.  From there, the whole thing is self-explanatory: diagrams show you where to set the ball, your feet, and how to move the club head.  You can also place the two pieces into a straight line to work on your ball position and alignment.

Overall, the Golf Slot Machine takes virtually no time to set up and is very easy to use.

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As you can see in the four pictures above, the concept of the Golf Slot Machine is to get you to take the club back straight down the target line, then swing “in to out” in an exaggerated fashion.  As with any swing change, you exaggerate the change in slow motion so that you can execute 25% of it at full speed.

I think the Golf Slot Machine can be effective if the player is willing to put the time into practicing with it.  It’s not any better or any worse than any other cue for swinging to the right, but the consistency that it imposes on your set up is valuable.

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The Golf Slot Machine is small enough that it can live in your golf bag, which is a big boost for longevity.  That said, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using the “training” side for more than a couple months (assuming you’re practicing regularly).  The ball position/alignment feature does add some longevity, but overall I think the Golf Slot Machine is just average in this regard.

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The Golf Slot Machine retails for $90 + shipping.  While I’m not a reductionist when it comes to training aids, this price does seem pretty high for two pieces of cardboard.

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If you’re desperate to hit a draw and want to see the step-by-step instructions laid out for you, the Golf Slot Machine will be right up your alley.  I think you can get similar results from alignment rods, but there is something to be said for the consistent set up that this training aid will provide.

Buy the Golf Slot Machine HERE

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