Golf News – January 22, 2014

Golf News – January 22, 2014


Ping Rolls Out Ketsch Putter, Newest Model With Variable-Depth Grooves

PHOENIX (Jan. 21, 2014) – PING today introduced the Ketsch putter, which the company precision mills at its headquarters to offer unprecedented distance control, extreme forgiveness, and accurate alignment. It is the newest model to benefit from variable-depth grooves, which produce consistent results across the face. A 17-4 stainless steel sole weight creates a high MOI and makes the aluminum, mallet-style head highly forgiving.

The Ketsch is available for pre-ordering from PING-authorized golf shops now.

“What really stands out about the Ketsch is the captured look it provides at address, inspiring confidence and promoting a consistent stroke, the key to holing more putts,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “It has three white, contrasting alignment aids extending from the top of the matte-black crown. The center line runs all the way to the back to make aiming easy. Our research shows that the head shape promotes extremely consistent alignment for the majority of golfers. Those factors, combined with our revolutionary variable-depth grooves and a high MOI, will help golfers putt more consistently.”

Variable-depth grooves milled into the face ensure ball-speed consistency whether the ball is struck in the center of the face, toward the heel or toe, high or low. Grooves are deepest in the center and shallower toward the perimeter, which PING calls True Roll (TR) Technology. PING studies show an increase in ball-speed consistency of nearly 50% compared to a non-grooved face when measured at nine points across the face.

To fit their body type and putting style, golfers can choose a fixed-length shaft (35 inches is standard), or they can upgrade to an adjustable-length version they can modify between 31 and 38 inches prior to a round.

The Ketsch is available in three shaft bends to fit any stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc, or Strong Arc. Results from hundreds of player and robot tests at PING show that golfers are more consistent with a putter balanced to fit their stroke type. The midsize PP58 black rubber grip is designed with a familiar shape, but its larger size quiets the wrists for improved confidence and stroke repeatability.


SeeMore Introduces 3 New Milled Putters In The mFGP Black Gunmetal Series

• The new mFGP cs is a slightly smaller version of the classic FGP.

• The new mFGP Deep Flange is again a new variation on the classic FGP with the profile of a smaller mallet.

• The new mFGP HT Mallet is also inspired by the classic FGP design but in a dramatic new mallet shape.

The new line extensions along with other exciting new putters in the Precision Tour Milled line and milled zSeries and milled Private Reserve line will be featured at this weeks PGA Merchandise Show, SeeMore booth #707, and at the demo day at Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge.

SeeMore Putter Institute
SeeMore has launched the SeeMore Putting system to golfers in the form of introducing the SeeMore Putter Institute (SPi), where golfers and instructors will be able to come together in person and online to share these fundamental ideas about how to improve putting performance.

Pat O’Brien (SeeMore’s Global Ambassador) will be attending clinics Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, for SPi and prospective SPi instructors. Please call SeeMore to inquire – 800-985-8170 or email at  O’Brien is PGA Tour Ambassador who has had his students win over 10 times on the PGA Tour using SeeMore putters, including the 2007 Masters.

Also SeeMore PGA Tour Instructor Ted Gallina will be conducting clinics, as well as SeeMore Lead SPI instructor Cody Hale.  Clinics will be scheduled throughout the show, as well as the demo day.

You can begin your SPi Certification online at  or start the process at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show.  SeeMore will be offering 75-minute PGA Show SPi Seminar sessions at booth 707.  To schedule an appointment for your certifications, please email

Becoming SPi Certified will help golf teachers formulate a complete teaching plan to help their existing students and recruit new students to become great putters using the SeeMore system that has won 2 Major Championships and set numerous putting records on the PGA Tour.  It is a complete game plan, which will give any golf instructor a new level of confidence in the proper teaching and fitting involved in putting instruction. Becoming certified to teach the system initially consists of online training, but also includes personal coaching.

RST Technology SeeMore’s patented RST, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line. This is accomplished by lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line.  The process is like locking radar onto a target.  The two parallel white sight lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.


SkyGolf® Introduces the SkyCaddie® LINX, Golf’s Most Accurate, Reliable, and Fashionable Rangefinder Watch with Bluetooth

RIDGELAND, Miss., January 21, 2014… SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie® the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, will introduce its new SkyCaddie® LINX golf rangefinder watch at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show (booth #1301). The LINX is a fashionable sport watch that comes preloaded with 34,000 high-precision, error-corrected golf courses to provide superior performance for golfers of all skill levels.

The new SkyCaddie LINX watch features a very clear, high-definition, sunlight-readable display with both positive and negative polarity to make it the most legible watch on the market. The LINX is Bluetooth-enabled and when paired with the NEW complimentary mobile app, golfers can upload scores and stats to SkyGolf’s online community for fast and easy review of their rounds without a cable. The Bluetooth connectivity also makes it easy to keep the LINX up-to-date with the latest error-corrected course updates onDemand to avoid the obsolescence of preloads. Using golf’s only ground-corrected precision course maps, the LINX provides dynamic distances to the front, center and back of the green, as well as provides TrueGround layup targets from the tee box through the entire hole with no membership required.

“The LINX comes preloaded and ready to use,” said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. “Following the same methodology that PGA Tour Caddies use to provide information to their Players, only SkyCaddie uses course maps that we have error-corrected from the ground, using survey-grade GPS equipment. This information alone allows golfers to arrive at the first tee with confidence, ready to go with critical yardages they can trust.”

The LINX is upgradable to allow golfers to receive optional features and benefits including IntelliGreen® technology which provides actual green shapes and pin targeting for precise distance to the hole. Upgrades also include a TrueGround® Target List with up to 40 hazards, carries and layups per hole.

“Not only is LINX the most accurate and reliable rangefinder watch on the market, it’s also the most fashionable and functional to make it a great every day watch,” added Edmonson. “With a removable band and bezel, the LINX offers 6 different band and bezel colors to choose from so golfers can easily personalize their watch with their look. And because it’s Bluetooth-enabled, they can use our complimentary smartphone or tablet app to upload and track their golf scores and stats immediately without having to locate a cable. And if golfers choose, they can turn on the option to receive alerts if they miss a text, email or phone call.”

The SkyCaddie LINX features easy-to-read, accurate front, center and back of green distances and precise layup targets from anywhere on the course dynamically from any angle of approach. The LINX finds the course automatically so golfers are ready to play on the first tee and it advances to the next hole automatically so they can stay focused on their game.

In addition to time and golf, fitness features included in the LINX make this not only an every-day watch but also a fully functional watch for multiple sports. A built-in odometer tracks location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace and calories burned during walks, runs or bike rides. All data can be uploaded to an online account to track progress.

SkyCaddie LINX Optional Upgrade Features Include:

IntelliGreen® Technology – SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen Technology displays the exact shape of the green from your angle of approach to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity. Get front carry, back of green distances, and use the up and down button to move the crosshairs on the green to dial into the pin or any other point on the green with IntelliGreen’s pin targeting feature.

TrueGround® Target List- The TrueGround Target List provides golfers with the critical distances they need to up to 40 hazards, carries and layups, even if they can’t see them! Golfers can scroll through the TrueGround Targets manually, or let the SkyCaddie automatically update the list of targets as they move from tee to green.

Digital Scoring and Stats – Track your score for every round with the SkyCaddie’s Digital Scorecard, plus see key stats like greens in regulation, fairways hit and total putts with ease. Using the SkyGolf mobile app and Bluetooth, sync scores and stats with SkyCaddie’s online community for the most comprehensive round analysis in the game. All options and upgrades are available with nominally priced membership plans. No memberships are required for basic functions.


Bushnell Golf Introduces Pro X7 Laser Rangefinders

World’s most powerful laser rangefinder now features JOLT technology

Overland Park, KS, January , 2014 – Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, today introduced its latest innovative laser rangefinder – Pro X7. In an effort to continue catering to over 90% of PGA Tour pros and top amateurs who trust Bushnell laser rangefinders, the Pro X7 has been engineered with incredible ranging capabilities of up to one mile (550+ yards to a flag), Vivid Display Technology, 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology.

“We are proud to continue our decade of dominance in professional golf, but we wouldn’t be as popular among the pros if it were not for continued advancements in our rangefinding products,” said Scott Peterson, Bushnell Product Manager. “The introduction of the Pro X7 further enforces our commitment to providing innovative products, which are not only required by TOUR players, but also by recreational golfers everywhere who demand accurate yardage readings on the golf course.”

Continuing the trend of evolving precision through industry-leading technologies, Bushnell Golf is proud to introduce JOLT Technology in their new line of Pro X7 Laser Rangefinders. When the golfer aims the Pro X7 at the flag, JOLT Technology will provide short vibrating bursts to reinforce that Bushnell’s advanced PinSeeker Technology has isolated the target and locked onto the flag. The vibrating bursts provided by JOLT Technology will now eliminate any and all doubt and assure the golfer they have the exact distance to the flag.

The Pro X7 laser rangefinder offers Vivid Display Technology. Created specifically for Bushnell’s premium rangefinders, this optical enhancement improves contrast, clarity and light transmission dramatically for enhanced use. The brightness of the digital display has also been increased, providing rapid, positive identification in all lighting conditions. These enhancements are offered with four user adjustable intensity settings, allowing superior rangefinding performance for any golfer.

Also new to the Pro X7 is 2nd generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision) technology. E.S.P. provides yardage five times faster and more accurately than ever before. Not only has the acquisition speed been increased to a lightning fast level, E.S.P. provides 1Ž2 yard accuracy from five to 125 yards, and the distance is displayed to 1/10th of a yard. Having more accurate distances enables the golfer to strategize and hit every approach shot with confidence.

Engineered for golfers who play competitively, the Pro X7 is legal for tournament play (all Bushnell laser rangefinder models, except the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope and Bushnell Tour v3 Slope are legal to use when USGA rule 14-3/.05 is in effect). The Pro X7 Slope has the same features as the Pro X7, plus Slope Technology that provides compensated distances based on elevation changes.

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