Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 brings the price of rangefinders down to a level that virtually everyone can afford.  No need for expensive specialty batteries.  Strong performance.


A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder [review HERE].  At just $99, it became our top choice for value in this product category.

Today’s review looks at its linemate, the Gogogo Sport VPro GS24.  With a very similar array of features and an equally attractive price, the GS24 has the makings of another tremendous value.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Just like its brother, the Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 rangefinder comes with all the things we’ve come to expect.  There’s a cleaning cloth, carrying case, instruction manual, and a carrying strap.  Batteries are not included, but the GS24 runs on AAA batteries, so it’s likely you have some of those at your house.  To me, the use of normal batteries is one of the most appealing things about the GS24.

In action, the GS24 operates like most rangefinders.  One press of the power button brings up the aiming crosshairs, and a second press gets your distance.  The Mode button cycles through the three different modes and a long press will change it from yards to meters.  Finally, there’s a slider on the side that turns on the slope adjustment.  Like the GS03, the Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 rangefinder is straightforward and easy to use.

Accuracy & Features

The Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 is extremely similar to the GS03, so I’m going to start by outlining the differences.  First is the battery – the GS24 uses AAA, the GS03 uses CR2.  The other notable difference is the size and shape.  The GS24 is about an ounce heavier and 3/4″ longer, however, I find the GS24 more comfortable in hand because of the “thumb notch” and the more heavily rounded bottom of the case.

When we get past those two things, the GS03 and GS24 are nearly identical.  Both rangefinders perform very well in comparison to lasers that cost three or four times more.  They’re accurate and as quick as almost any rangefinder you can buy.

Like the GS03, the VPro GS24 has three modes of operations, though only two are relevant to golfers.  In M1, the device gets straight-line distances at blazing speed and can scan as you aim at different things.  M2 activates the pin lock, vibration alert, and the possibility of slope adjustment.  To get slope-adjusted yardages, you need to be in M2 and have the slider pushed forward.  A red light below the slider lets you know if you’re in slope mode or not.

Gogogo Sport didn’t go cheap on the extra features, either.  The GS24 has a strong cart magnet and 6X magnification.  Its maximum range is 650 yards, so you can get a precise number on the longest par 5s.  Finally, it’s rated IP54 meaning that it can handle a small amount of water – light rain or splashing.


At the time of this writing, the Gogogo Sport VPro rangefinder retails through Amazon for $109 [please support Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE].  That low price alone makes it a strong contender for best value, and that’s only enhanced by its use of AAA batteries.  If you want to get into a rangefinder without spending a ton of cash, this is one of the best options available.


With two very solid rangefinders priced around $100, don’t be surprised if Gogogo Sport becomes a more common site at your golf course.  The Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 is a strong performer that gives you the benefit of using standard batteries.  You can spend more for some top end features, but this device gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Buy the Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 Rangefinder HERE

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  1. Craig Schade

    My Pro-GS24 is not showing the yardage numbers, in fact, the numbers or vibration aspect both quit working just yesterday. Even after putting fresh Duracel batteries in it, the results were the same. I did notice that on the M1 and the M3 function the lightning bolt appeared, which is said to be the Laser Indicator. I’ll assume that means the laser is not finding it’s target, or there is a problem with the GS24 itself. I did not see the Lightning Bolt when using the M2 function, and I did get the flashing circle. But it did not register any numbers. Just blank lines appeared. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice would be to contact the retailer or the manufacturer for a return or warranty repair.



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