Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder is the most affordable laser we’ve ever tested.  Good accuracy and excellent speed.  Quality features like a strong magnet and 6X magnification.


Pulling out a rangefinder was once a major flex.  Now, everyone has one.  While the price of lasers has steadily dropped, when I saw the $99 price tag on the Gogogo Sport VPro GS03, I did a double take.  I asked myself the obvious question, “Can that thing be any good?”  Then I tested it to find out.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Unboxing the Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 reveals the normal array of items: a carrying case, strap, battery, instruction manual, and the rangefinder.  The battery door is on the back of the laser.  Once you install the included CR2 battery, you’re good to go.

There are two buttons on the top of the GS03 and a slider on the side.  Pressing the power button brings up the aiming reticle, and a second push gets your distance.  The Mode button toggles between the three modes and a long hold switches the unit of measurement from meters to yards.  On the side of the rangefinder is a slider that turns the slope adjustment on and off.  Overall, this rangefinder is easy to use.

Accuracy & Features

The Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder has three modes.  M1 provides unadjusted distances at lightning quick speeds.  I was genuinely shocked at how a $99 rangefinder could keep pace with some of the faster lasers that I’ve tested.  This mode can also scan (hold down the power button) which updates instantaneously as you move the device.  M2 turns on a pin seeking mode, vibration, and the ability to adjust for slope.  This does slow things down a bit, but the GS03 is still quick in M2.  M3 is a speed measurement that doesn’t have real golf application.

I tested the VPro GS03 against two other rangefinders that cost over four times more and come from established brand names.  On non-adjusted yardages, the GS03 was consistently within one yard of the other rangefinders and often produced the same number.  With the slope adjustment turned on, there were discrepancies as large as five yards over longer distances (200 yards or more).  This isn’t unexpected as companies use different formulas to adjust for slope.  What’s more important is that the GS03 was internally consistent throughout the testing.

Not only does the Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder stand tall in terms of accuracy, it packs in a number of quality features.  It has one of the strongest magnets I’ve found on a rangefinder – no amount of crazy driving would shake this loose.  It also has 650 yards of range.

Another thing I like about the GS03 is the layout of the viewfinder.  With the slope adjustment turned on, both the adjusted and raw numbers are easily visible.  The display is black only, but you can’t expect red optics at this price.  There is 6X magnification and an impactful focus adjustment on the eyepiece.

My other major concern going into this test was how this rangefinder would feel.  At $99, I expected a hollow, cheap feel, but the GS03 surprised me.  While it’s not a tank like the Bushnell X3 [review HERE], it feels more substantial than some rangefinders at twice the price.  The button presses feel good, and I particularly like the snap of the slider.  This laser is also IP54 rated, meaning it’s not truly waterproof but it can take a light rain or splashing.


The Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder retails for $99 [please support Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE].  This is the most affordable rangefinder I’ve ever tested – at least $40 less than the sale prices I’ve seen from other makers – which immediately puts it into consideration for delivering high value.  Given that it scored well for accuracy, construction, and features, I can’t do anything but give it an A+ for value.


With the price of so many things going up, it’s nice to be able to report a win for consumers.  The Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 rangefinder has set a new standard for combining an ultra-affordable price with very strong performance and features.  If you want to get the most for your money in a rangefinder, this is very hard to beat.

Buy the Gogogo Sport VPro GS03 Rangefinder HERE

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  1. Charles Hamilton

    Did you by chance test the laser while wearing glasses? Eye relief can be an issue with these devices, and other monocular and binoculars.

  2. Charles Hamilton

    A value added service for future reviews would include this. Have someone else do that specific evaluation? I would venture to say large numbers of golfers wear glasses. As a starter, I see it all the time. Thank you!

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