Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Review

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The Full Swing KIT launch monitor is a fantastic launch monitor and an amazing value.  Standalone ability.  Very easy to use.  Provides every metric you’d want with strong accuracy.


The first time that the world saw Tiger Woods swinging a golf club post car accident, he had a Full Swing KIT behind him.  You couldn’t ask for a much better production introduction.  The Full Swing KIT, officially endorsed by the GOAT himself, aims to bring Tour-level accuracy down to a price that’s within reach of more golfers.  I tested one to see how to stacks up to the current industry standard.

Set Up & Ease of Use

After charging the Full Swing KIT, position it ten feet behind your hitting location.  You can use it indoors or out, but Full Swing recommends at least eight feet of ball flight.  Power it up, select your club, and you’re ready to go.  You should align the KIT with your target (this can be done with or without the app), but it’s not necessary to be 100% perfect if you’re not concerned with certain numbers.

The KIT has an excellent onboard display, so you can use it without a phone or tablet.  I think most people will opt to pair an iPhone or iPad, but the ability to use it on its own is one of the KIT’s best traits.  The display is amazing indoors, but can be harder to read in bright sunlight.

With or without a connected device, you can customize the onboard display.  Your choices run from having one single metric displayed to showing everything the KIT measures, four numbers per screen.


The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor measures sixteen data points: carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, face angle, face to path, angle of attack, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, club path, apex height, horizontal launch angle, offline carry distance, and offline total distance.  In my testing, both indoors and outdoors, the accuracy was impressive.

I was running it head to head with my Foresight GCQuad [review HERE] and found little to no difference in distances and launch angles.  The KIT was less consistent with spin numbers, but this is something Full Swing is aware of and working to improve.

With regard to club delivery numbers, there are usually differences between radar and camera-based systems.  The differences I saw between the KIT and GCQuad were the same that I see with GCQuad and Trackman.  All that to say, the KIT provided reliable club data even though it didn’t necessarily match the GCQuad perfectly.

Two other things about the KIT impressed me.  First, I tested the KIT with less space than Full Swing recommends but found no real loss in accuracy.  The unit missed a couple shots, but they were very poor strikes that I was happy to forget.  I am not recommending that you use the KIT in non-manufacturer recommended ways or settings, but my experience was that the KIT is capable of more than Full Swing advertises.  Additionally, I found that the KIT was not adversely affected when I, for example, hit driver with 6I as my selected club.


The Full Swing KIT app is outstanding.  It’s intuitive, responsive, and does everything you could want it to.  Through the app you can align the unit, change clubs, modify the onboard data display, and view your numbers.

The app also allows you to see your data from the entire session and watch swing videos.  It is only available on iOS devices (Apple) at the time of publication.

Using the Full Swing KIT app is free.  However, for $100/year, you can unlock unlimited video storage, historical session archives and visualization, historical club averages, and historical session analysis.

Golf Simulation

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor also supports golf simulation.  This is done through the e6 software platform.  For this, you need the KIT, an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), and an e6 subscription.  There are several pricing plans for e6 starting at $299/year for access to over two dozen courses.  I did not test golf simulation with the KIT, but I have used e6 in the past and found the graphics impressive.


The Full Swing KIT launch monitor retails for $4,000.  Please consider supporting Plugged In Golf sponsor PlayBetter.com by buying it HERE.

When it comes to value, the Full Swing KIT is a monster.  It delivers a huge array of measurements and very strong accuracy at a price that’s a fraction of its professional grade competitors.  It’s also really important to note that $4,000 is the actual price.  You don’t have to pay more to unlock features as you do with other launch monitors.

The KIT also comes with an excellent carrying case that stores the charging cable and feels like it could actually protect the unit from an accidental drop.


The Full Swing KIT is 2022’s version of the Garmin R10 [review HERE] – a launch monitor that shatters our preconceptions about how much launch monitor we can get for our money.  This device provides every metric you could want at roughly 1/5 the cost of the established names.  And the accuracy is good enough for Tiger Woods, so it’s more than good enough for you.

Buy the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor HERE

Visit Full Swing Golf HERE

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  1. Richard Barajas

    Great review. Thank you!

  2. Nice review, and it sounds promising, Matt. However, I believe the Garmin r10 has destroyed this category, unless the KIT offers something indispensable the r10 doesn’t. And the r10 built in simulator feature is better too.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Garmin is a great device, but it’s not comparable to the KIT in terms of accuracy.


  3. $500 vs $4000. Come on. R 10 !!!

    • Matt Saternus

      I love the R10. I wrote a glowing review. But it’s not professional grade in terms of accuracy.


  4. 20K for GCQuad vs. 4 for Full Swing KIT – no contest!! Unfortunately, I still can’t afford it … LOL
    Thanks for the great review

  5. Bob Williams

    how would you compare this to the Mevo + with propackage. About the same cost

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d take the KIT all day, every day. Far superior user experience plus the standalone ability is excellent.



  6. I’ve read other reviews and data on the lesser priced monitors and my issue is accurate yardages particularly towards the top end of the bag. That’s first and foremost is I want to know how far I hit my clubs. The other data is frosting on the cake. I wonder how this model does?

    • Matt Saternus


      As I said in the review, the yardages are very accurate. The only issue is the spin, which is something they’re working on. There’s video of Tiger using this at The Masters. There’s no way he would be doing so if the yardages weren’t on point.


      • Thanks Matt, must have missed that part reading through skeptical lenses. Now I’m interested. Maybe if I’m allowed to take the plunge the spin issue will be resolved. My G80 has a practice feature which is nice but accuracy at the top end of the bag isn’t there. Good review.

  7. Bob Williams

    Matt, would you elaborate on the “ease of use” vs Mevo Plus, please.
    not sure what you mean.
    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus

      Primarily, the app is better and more intuitive.


    • Ram Mudiyam

      Are firmware upgrades free or will there be an additional charge each time?

      • Matt Saternus


        There is no indication that there will be a charge for firmware updates.


        • When comparing the R10 can you be more specific in relation to the inaccuracies you found in the R10. I’m in the market and and accuracy is a key factor for me.

          • Kevin,

            The R10 is great for the price point, it’s just not a professional grade launch monitor. The variance is larger, and it produces more “bad” numbers.


  8. How does it compare to the GC3 in your opinion?
    They are semi close in price.

  9. Damian Glaze

    Sucks that they are only putting this out the App for Apple users. Won’t be interested until it is out for Android.

  10. Matt, how good is the face data including face angle and face to path?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s comparable to any of the top radar units. As I said in the review, the numbers will be different than a camera based system, but they’re largely consistent.


      • Matt,
        I have a Skytrak simulator setup now and I’m thinking of changing to something with more data. What’s your thoughts compared to Skytrak? How much room do you need behind the ball and how much between ball and screen.?

        • Matt Saternus


          I think the KIT is superior to the Skytrack across the board. Skytrack is good for the price, but the KIT is professional quality.
          I don’t recall the distances exactly, but I think it’s along the lines of eight feel each way.


  11. Thank you for the review. I’m definitely in the market for this little guy after seeing many others reviewed. Once you do review the GC3, would you please compare the types of data points each one tracks? Not that the average Joe needs 16 data points but at at half price…

    Either way the KIT looks like a steal compared to the other big names, especially with the e6 software option.

  12. Would it be worth getting the Titleist RCT balls to help with the radar if hitting into a net?

  13. Are data saved on the app ? Can you download data to an IOS device ?

  14. You have stated the cost is $4000 and almost every site I have viewed selling them the price is $5000 but for $1 so I guess all the sites are trying to cash in with a crazy mark up

    • Matt Saternus

      It’s possible that the price increased since the review was published.


    • Stephen Lilly

      When I first saw the Full Swing it was $3999 but within a month or so it went to $4999. I guess they realized they could charge more for it after some nice reviews.

  15. Does the Full Swing measure all club days that Trackman measures (angle of attack, swing direction, swing path, etc)?

  16. For those wanting to utilize their Launch Monitor to play simulated golf courses (including putting/chipping) and perhaps even play in simulated tournaments, where does KIT fall in regards to the others such as GCQuad/Trackman/etc? I THOUGHT somewhere I read that it had issues with putting (or maybe that was the Mevo+)?

    • Also, to note, my simulator set-up will be outside utilizing an Impact Screen Enclosure (Net Return Signature Series, for example) as well as a ground projector.

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test the KIT’s putting, so I can’t speak to that. On short pitches, I found it to be good, but I don’t know how short you can go while keeping strong accuracy.


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