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Fujikura Motore Speeder 474 Shaft Review

Fujikura Speeder (8)

50 Words or Less

The lightest member of the new Speeder family.  The Speeder 474 also features the most active mid and tip sections of any shaft in this line.


Lighter clubs and shafts has been one of the major ongoing story lines in golf equipment for the last few years.  From drivers that weigh well under 300 grams to shafts breaking the 50 gram barrier, light weight has been a key for some players to regain their lost distance.

The Speeder 474 is Fujikura’s top-of-the-line entry into the light weight market.  At just under 50 grams, this shaft is targeted towards players with lower swing speeds who still want to benefit from Fujikura’s Tour-proven technology.

Fujikura Speeder (4)


At just 49 grams, the Speeder 474 is the lightest member of Fujikura’s new Speeder family.  This offering gives players who like ultra-light shafts access to the smooth feel and stability of the Speeder line.

During the swing, the butt section of the 474 feels very smooth, and it’s exceptionally easy to load.  In the downswing, there’s a pronounced kick, the strongest of any Speeder.  Additionally, the tip section is the most active.  Overall, this is a shaft that smooth swingers are going to really enjoy because they won’t need to stand on it to get it to load and kick.

Fujikura Speeder (1)


The look of the Motore Speeder 474 is an updated homage to the original.  While the dark grey base color has been replaced with white, the dozens of tiny “Speeder” logos remain.  The primary logo is a dark cherry red that really pops.

The coolest visual element of this shaft is the large, grey “Speeder” logo that hides under all of the smaller logos.  It was hiding in plain sight until I set the club at address the first time, then it jumped out at me.

Speeder 474 LM


Two notes to start: the Speeder 474 is only offered in regular flex and R2 (light regular).  This is a clear indication that it’s not meant for players with higher swing speeds or aggressive transitions.  I tested a regular flex and tipped it 1″ to get it closer to a stiff flex.  Additionally, as I said in the review of the Speeder 569, my numbers are only my numbers.  They are not meant to indicate how the shaft will perform for you or anyone else, nor are they to be taken as a statement on the overall quality of the shaft.

In testing the Speeder 474, the first thing that I noticed was how well balanced the shaft felt.  I’ve tested a number of light weight shafts and most feel too light in either the head or the butt.  The Speeder 474 manages to be light weight while still giving the golfer some weight in their hands and a good feel for the head.

On the launch monitor, my numbers were among the best I’ve put up with any light weight shaft.  Due to the balance of the shaft, I was able to consistently find the center of the club face, something that I typically can’t do with a sub-50 gram shaft.

In comparing the Speeder 474 to the other shafts in the Speeder line, it is higher spin and higher launch, which I anticipated based on the feel.  The accuracy was not as good either, but, again, context is important: comparing the 757 to the 474 is apples to oranges since they are on two different ends of the fitting spectrum.  For players with lower swing speeds and smoother transitions, the Speeder 474 will be much more accurate than the 757.

Fujikura Speeder (6)


Though not necessarily a great fit for me, the Fujikura Speeder 474 will find a receptive audience in the thousands of golfers who prefer a light weight shaft in their driver, but don’t want to sacrifice performance.  The Speeder 474 is one of the best shafts I’ve ever tried in the sub-50 gram range in terms of maintaining good balance and providing stability during the swing.

Price, Specs, and Manufacturer’s Notes

The new Speeder series retails for $350.

The four profiles are, from heaviest and stoutest to lightest and most flexible, the 757, 661, 569, and 474.  The 757 is available in S and X flex, the 661 in R, S, and X, the 569 in S, R, and R2 (light regular), and the 474 is available in R and R2.

According to Fujikura, these shafts feature Triax Core Technology, ultra high modulus materials, and unparalleled feel and stability.

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  1. Buying 915D2.
    Want speeder load feel for 95mph CLUBHEAD speed. Launch with New Callaway alpha speeder 565 was 14* launch, with 2300 spin.
    Will 569 give me great load like the 565 in the Alpha.
    Are there different tip selections for this series of shafts that I need to designate to the Titleists custom/Exotic/group.
    Pls advise

    • Matt Saternus


      The 565 is a bit softer and with higher torque than the 569.
      I’m not sure what you mean by “different tip selections…”. Are you referring to the adapters? You can install any adapter on these shafts.



  2. bill.dakers

    I have a Matrix LV 4.5 shaft in my Callaway but I have been considering changing the shaft. My average distance is less than 200 yards ( I am 79).
    and would benefit on my course with an additional 15 yards as I am unable to get home now at most of the holes. I have been looking at the Fujikura 474 and the Aldila Phenom 5o shafts. Both are expensive and I don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Difficult question but what do you think. My flight is mid to high.

    • Matt Saternus


      Not a difficult question, but the answer probably isn’t what you’re looking for: get a fitting. You’re talking about spending $300-$400 to get those last few yards and only a top end fitter like Club Champion can do that for you.



  3. Recently picked up a gently used 569 shaft R flex from the net for a low price. Does a great job controlling side spin on FW shots. Is there a much less expensive option that is similar. I’m afraid you might mention you get what you pay for.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re a smart man, you answered your own question! The alternative would be to go for a fitting and see if a less expensive shaft could offer similar performance.



  4. Fernando Ledesma

    Hi Matt : I bought A Fujikura regular shaft 40 grams install on a Callaway Maverick Sub Zero driver my swing speed is between 84 to 94 mph actually I am hitting a lite fade with it; what would you recommend to me in the Fujikura line of shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      No one can credibly recommend a shaft based on swing speed alone. If you want to improve your results, the best thing to do is to get a fitting.



  5. Will speeder 474 triax engine shaft fit into Ping G410 head?

  6. Matt, did you by any chance also have a review of Speeder 474 TM-40 model ? Thanks.

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