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The Expert Golf Golf Guide and Logbook is an app designed to help you find golf courses and keep track of the ones you’ve played.


We play golf for lots of reasons, and high on that list is making memories.  Whether playing with friends, our parents, or our children, there are things about each round that we’d like to hang on to.

That idea is what spurred Yves Ton-That to create the Expert Golf Golf Guide and Logbook app.  This app is designed to help us keep track of our rounds and find courses more easily.

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What It Does

The Golf Guide & Logbook App is has two main features: the Logbook and the Golf Guide.

The Golf Guide helps you find courses and get their information.  You can search by keyword, country/region, on a map, or simply find the courses nearby.  Once you’ve found a club, the guide provides the course’s phone number, website, address, and a rating provided by the other users of the app.

The Logbook is designed to be your golf diary.  Your entries can be simple – the course, date, and rating – or very detailed – the type of round (friendly/competitive), scoring format, photos, scorecard, fellow players, and notes.  As you fill up your logbook, you can sort through your entries chronologically or view your personal “Golf Map.”

Do You Need It?

So, should Expert Golf Golf Guide and Logbook be the next thing you add to your iPhone?  I think that, especially with a price of $0, the answer is yes.

Of all the people I regularly golf with, I’d say that I have the best “golf memory” – I remember the courses we played, what the holes were like, etc. – but even I forget a lot of things I’d like to remember.  Whether it’s the name of a course we played, whether a course was good or bad, or just having a nice picture from the day, the Logbook remembers it all.  It’s also really easy to use – a basic entry can be made in just a few seconds.  There are also some neat features that you only appreciate once you’ve got a few rounds in, such as being able to display all the rounds you played with a particular person.

The Golf Guide may seem less important since we all have Yelp, Google Maps, etc, but I do like the ease of use of the Golf Guide and the fact that it doesn’t give me driving ranges and pro shops when I ask for golf courses.  Also, I tend to trust the ratings more because they come from other users of this app, i.e. serious golfers.

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The Golf Guide and Logbook app is currently available through the iTunes store, and it’s free to download.  If you’re an iPhone user, I’d strongly recommend downloading it, loading in a few rounds, and seeing how it can enhance your memories of your rounds and make finding new courses a snap.

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