Edgar Evans Edgar 1’s Golf Shoe Review

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The Edgar Evans Edgar 1’s are a unique project in the world of golf shoes.  Modern, sneaker-style design, extremely personal, and very limited.


Edgar Evans Jr. is a young golf pro from Augusta, Georgia currently living and working in Atlanta.  He is an entrepreneur on a mission to bring golf into the lives of underserved populations.  The Edgar 1’s are his first signature shoe, designed and produced on his own.  The shoe project joins his non-profit organization 13 Clubs, TV show Saturday Foursome, and instructional book Flawless in his quest to grow the game.


The Edgar 1’s have a futuristic and athletic look.  Breathable white mesh is accented by gray faux leather.  The toe and heel caps match the sole with a cream-colored rubber.  There are small accents of green, which I take to be a nod to Evans’ famous hometown club.  Overall, it’s unique and eye-catching without being over the top.

You’ll also notice “Psalm 27” written on the tongue.  These are the only words on the shoe.  While it doesn’t hold any great meaning to me, it’s a reminder that this shoe is different from any other golf shoe you may own.


The Edgar 1’s are very comfortable.  The upper and tongue are nicely cushioned throughout.  The shoe is an average width that is a perfect fit for my foot.  The footbed finds a nice balance between cushy and firm.  I find a certain firmness is necessary in order to feel in touch with the ground.  These achieve it without making it feel like walking 18 would be a painful endeavor.


The Edgar 1’s are solid performers on-course.  The mesh helps your foot breathe in warm weather but it probably isn’t the best fit for wet rounds, especially if you’re walking.

Stability and traction-wise, the shoe is very good.  The shoe has a Vibram sole with replaceable soft spikes and raised, textured knobs running throughout.  There’s enough stability in the midsole that you feel locked in while making aggressive swings but not so much that it feels rigid.

Reviewing this shoe has been interesting because it isn’t from a major brand.  As a result, there is nothing in the way of marketing language to lean on.  No “hyper-dry-power-lite-core” technology for me to tell you about.  Suffice it to say, the Edgar 1 is a good shoe.  Nothing fancy but also no glaring flaws.


The Edgar 1’s aren’t cheap.  At $250 though, you realize you are buying more than just a shoe.  You’re buying into Edgar Evans and the things he is trying to do in the game of golf.  The Edgar 1’s are a very limited run and, at the time of writing, only a few pairs in select sizes remain.  Evans has stated that he plans to release a new version each April.  Visit his website at the link below to learn more about the shoe and his other projects.

Visit Edgar Evans Jr. HERE

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  1. Jeff Hemphill

    How does a $250 shoe expand the game? You can get a great pair off shoes for under $200.

  2. 9handicapper

    Yikes…! …. $250.00….?

    In a market where everyone is concerned about the raging price of groceries and the cost of gas on the way to the golf course …. this guy wants $250.00 for golf shoes…???

    — good luck on that one.

  3. Vibram in the sole is a good thing, but for $250 I would expect fully waterproof and BOA lacing. I just don’t see the appeal of these at such a premium price.

  4. Sorry but these are not cool looking shoes, very bland . They look cheap.

  5. Héctor R Fernández

    They don’t look like $250.00 shoes, sorry.

    Good luck with it, but I can buy better for less.

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