Dunning Golf Fall 2015 Apparel Review

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The Dunning Golf Fall 2015 apparel is true to Dunning’s reputation for quality.  This line features slightly bolder looks than in the past, but the apparel is still timeless and highly functional.


From the trendy, “Look at me!” colors to the enormous logos, many PGA Tour pros look more like NASCAR drivers.  Then there are the pros sponsored by Dunning Golf.  They’re the guys that you think of as looking sharp week in and week out – Charles Howell III, Roberto Castro, and Nicolas Colsaerts, to name a few.  If you want to steal their classic style, check out the company’s Fall 2015 apparel.

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Style & Fit

Dunning is well known for their classic looks, but the Fall 2015 apparel definitely adds some more colorful touches.  Whether it’s the contrast stripes on the Fine Stripe Polo or the bold chest stripe on the Two Tone Stripe Jersey Polo, Dunning has stepped beyond the solid staples without venturing into trendy territory.  While my favorite piece is the grey quarter-zip sweater, I do like the bold pink highlights on the pullover as well.

When it comes to fit, Dunning does tend towards being roomier.  I typically wear either a medium or large golf shirt, depending on the brand, and I find that a Dunning medium fits perfectly.  One small detail that I really like it the length of the shirts – they’re very long which allows them to stay tucked in throughout the round.

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While Dunning apparel doesn’t have the look of being “high tech,” it performs on the course as well as any clothing line you can find.  This all comes down to two things: cut and materials.  Though their shirts tend to be cut a little larger, there isn’t any excess material in places that will hinder your swing.  Even in a shirt that’s a size larger than I prefer, I can play comfortably without constantly pulling at my sleeves or rearranging the shirt.

Another thing you’ll notice about Dunning’s polos are that they come in two varieties: jersey and pique.  While both feel very good, the pique is lighter and better suited for higher temperatures.  I prefer the jersey material because I like the heavier weight – it just feels high-quality to me.

As good as the polos are, Dunning really separates themselves with their pullovers.  Again, the cut is king: they easily accommodate layers underneath and a big back swing, but they don’t get in the way.  The sleeves are long enough to keep you warm, but they’ll stay in place if you roll them up, too.  The high quality materials – be it merino wool in the sweaters or the technical blends in other pieces – make them versatile.  They’re heavy enough to keep you warm, but they breathe well enough to keep you from overheating.

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Though Dunning Golf carries a well-deserved reputation as a premium apparel brand, their prices are very reasonable in comparison to other manufacturers.  The polos are, on average, about $10 more than some of the brands you’ll find in the big box stores, but the difference is longevity.  Other brands have a short shelf life either due to lack of quality or the look becoming dated; Dunning apparel is meant to be worn for years.

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If you’re looking to invest in some great new pieces for your golf wardobe, you’ll definitely want to check out the latest from Dunning Golf.  This apparel not only looks great, it also performs on the course, and you’ll be wearing it for many seasons to come.

Matt Saternus

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