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Cobalt Q-6 Slope Rangefinder Review

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The Cobalt Q-6 Slope is a premium direct-to-consumer rangefinder.  Top-of-the-line technology, fantastic ease of use, reliable performance.


The only thing worse than being the golfer constantly asking your playing partners for a yardage is being that golfer even though you have a rangefinder.  For a time, that was me because I could only trust my existing laser about half of the time.  The Cobalt Q-6 Slope rangefinder makes that problem a thing of the past.  Now, I’m going to be the one my playing partners ask for distances.

Setup & Ease of Use

Open the packaging, remove the small plastic disc from the battery compartment, and the Cobalt Q-6 Slope is ready to go.  From there, using it is incredibly simple.  The eyepiece can be adjusted to the user’s comfort.  Cobalt recommends that it be fully extended outwards for users not wearing glasses and turned in (as shown below) for those with glasses.  A simple twist is all it takes to adjust.  I found this to work well.

From there, look through the viewfinder and simply press the button on the top of the unit to acquire your target.  If you need to turn off slope mode for competition, flip the switch on the side of the unit.  Turn the blue ring to increase or decrease the brightness of the display.  Press the button inside the blue ring to switch from yards to meters.

In terms of setup and features, that’s really it.  The simplicity is absolutely a selling point here.  Laser rangefinders are complex pieces of technology but they’re made to accomplish a simple task.  For me, it’s nice to know there aren’t a bunch of superfluous features to potentially confuse me when I just want a solid number to the pin.

Accuracy & Performance

PinSense technology is one of the Q-6 Slope’s big selling points.  When you lock onto your target, two brackets illuminate around it in the viewfinder.  This visual cue is accompanied by Surge, a noticeable vibration through the hands.  Hold down the button and feel it pulse rapidly to confirm your target.  In situations where there are objects behind the flag, these features make it clear that you’ve locked on to the right object.  And they do it very quickly, too.

The Scan feature is another highlight for me.  By holding down the button you can move back and forth between various objects.  This is helpful when trying to get a sense of the right club on a par 3 or the optimal target on a tee shot.  The optics through the viewfinder are crystal clear.  The Q-6 Slope features 7x magnification.  The digital display can be brightened or dimmed to suit conditions and the user’s preference.

I’m convinced that, in terms of accuracy, the Cobalt Q-6 Slope is in the top tier of rangefinders available today.  During testing, I repeatedly got consistent numbers.  I also found results consistent with other premium rangefinders.  I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Q-6 feels natural and comfortable in the hand.  Removing it from its case is also very easy.  Compared to a zipper, its bungee pull mechanism is quick and simple.


Cobalt has a direct to consumer business model.  I think often that comes with a dubious reputation for quality.  That is not the situation here.  Cobalt is a joint venture between Laser Technology Inc. and Maven Optics with 25 years of experience making rangefinders.  The Q-6 Slope costs $450 (non-slope version is available for $400).  This is in line with what you would expect to pay for a unit of this quality from the big names.

I’m also impressed by the company’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.  It offers full replacement against legitimate damage and defects – no receipt, warranty, or registration necessary.


The Cobalt Q-6 Slope is a premium direct-to-consumer rangefinder.  There isn’t a huge savings compared to what you might pay for another top-tier rangefinder, but it delivers on performance and quality.  Easy to use, accurate, reliable results, and an unbeatable warranty.  If you’re in the market for a new premium rangefinder, it’s well worth a try.

Visit Cobalt HERE

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  1. Michael Rutledge

    It seems it has all the features of the better known brands, but I like its compact size.

  2. Dan Humboldt

    Looks like an awesome top end range finder. I’ve been through a few and they always seem to disappoint at the end, would love to put this piece of premium equipment in my bag!

  3. Richard Reese

    The Cobalt range finder sounds impressive and is worth checking out. Thanks for the review!

    • Graham Elliot

      From the review this is something I could really do with. From the picture I just want to hanging from the side of my bag.

  4. Jon H Levenstein

    Excellent review.

  5. Andy LaCombe

    I have a Q6 Slope and it has been fantastic. Very fast and accurate – I have totally forgotten about it because it just always works. They are great to deal with as well.

  6. Luke Cureton

    I appreciate the review as I’m in the market for a new range finder. I had come across Cobalt in my research, but I knew nothing about them. Always been a Bushnell customer. Looking forward to something new!

  7. Nice review!! This is an impressive unit, but that unconditonal life time warranty is mind blowing. Definitely a rangefinder I will consider when it comes time to replace my current one.

  8. Bruce Emrich

    Don’t have a rangefinder. Would love to have it.

  9. Sounds like these added features will shorten the battery life. Which usually happens in the middle of your round and leaves you digging through your bag to find your spares. Do they have specs on average battery life/

    • this is truly a precision target device that exceeds quality and happy to hear the quality is top notch. love the simplicity.

  10. Looks like a nice rangefinder. I wish there was a way to see what the display looks like looking through it.

  11. Scott Kefalas

    Have read several other great reviews of this unit as well. I personally love the controls being on the exterior of the unit. An old Bushnell I once used became useless on a few occasions after somehow getting switched to meters and not being able to switch it back during the course of play.

  12. I’ve never been one to use a rangefinder. I use the GPS on my golf app as I approach my ball but there are times that’s just not a great solution. Reading your review actually highlights where I would find the best usage and anything that might shave a shot off…well why not! The real reason I’d use one is to slow me down. I’m a “fast” player, says everyone I play with, and I can see taking an extra moment might be beneficial to my game.

  13. Rick Larocque

    Looks like an awesome rangefinder. I have been thinking of changing from my gps watch to a good rangefinder. Definitely more accurate .

  14. Richard Leichman

    When in the process of short gaming, I have enough to think about and consider.
    This rangefinder, with it’s user-friendly access, looks to be the one to assist, not distract.
    Its all about quick info. Looking forward to using one.

  15. Given that it’s DTC, I would have expected a lower price. What it is the expected battery life?

  16. Patrick Burke

    Great review. Thanks for the detail.

  17. I’ve been using a GPS range finder, but often wonder about it’s accuracy. The Cobalt sounds as if it’s simple and easy to use with proven accuracy. I’ll take a look. Nice review.

  18. Jonathan Blum

    Love to try it

  19. Jerryal Ingram

    Totally overpriced. Golf is gonna keep on until it prices it’s self right out of business.

  20. Dave Sanguinetti

    Have been a GPS guy always, but I think range finder exacting yardages might help me now. This would be a great product to test

  21. Does it have a built in magnet so it can stick to a golf cart ?

  22. This is a great example of where product reviews are our (consumer’s) only chance to truly know if one brand is comparable\better than another in a similar price point. This product seems LOADED with tech, but so do other well known rangefinder manufacturers that are similarly priced. Love the look & feature lineup of this one (read more on their site as well) and hope to give it a whirl myself during my own rounds and practice rounds with my HS golfing daughter. Thank for the review!

  23. Nice review, but some discussion of durability of materials and construction would be helpful…especially at this price point.

    • I’ve owned the Cobalt for 8 months – toss it around the cart, dropped a few times on the turf. Materials and Construction – no issues. Still looks new.

  24. Todd Williams

    The Cobalt rangefinder looks like it should go on shopping list. Pretty sweet looking too.

  25. Sounds like a quality product that I would like to try

  26. Chris Wheeler

    Looks great.

  27. Never used a range finder I have a garmin watch it’s been very solid for yardages

  28. Thanks for the review. Hope to be the lucky person that wins one of these.

  29. While I do a passable job of distance guessing I still ask partners for yardage, This unit is pleasing to look at. I see some units that require the particular course maps to get accurate readings and I didn’t see that here in the commentary.

  30. Darrell Hook

    Sounds interesting, would be fun to try out

  31. Ernest Broxton

    Wow, sounds like a really nice range finder

  32. Joseph Zaremba


  33. Jeff Eslinger

    My home course is very flat, so when playing courses with more elevation change, that slope feature would be very helpful. I just don’t get enough practice adjusting for elevation.

  34. Great review…and exactly what I am looking for in a rangefinder. Just give me a solid number to the pin and let me see what I can do with it!

  35. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Very intriguing option in the range finder market. First time I hear about this brand. Looks great.

  36. Cobalt looks to be Crystal clear! Never owned a RF!

  37. Great review. Just curious, do you use a GPS device and a rangefinder, or just a rangefinder? I have been using a phone-based app for course yardages and wonder if a rangefinder would add benefit or is unnecessary.

  38. GREAT REVIEW! Love the look of this! Way different that what I’ve seen out there!

  39. Go Cobalt

  40. This looks super premium!

  41. The ability to adjust the brightness of the digital display is nice feature. I wish my rangefinder had that.

  42. Randy Siedschlag

    Sounds like a great range finder. Been hunting for once since I stopped Arccos and this might be the ticket.

  43. I use a voice caddy T8 watch after reading your review and love it. Just bought a Bushnell V5 on-sale for $240 so this seems way overpriced. Will see how Bushnell performs compared to very old Leupold that is a little hard to get a stable read with.
    Good review, thanks!

  44. I wear glasses and always had a concern about my glasses getting smudged and blurred my vision. The game is difficult enough and having blurred vision can’t help but after this review I’d be willing to give it a shot.

  45. Great review and I really like the comments made by Andy LaCombe – customer endorsement is always a BIG plus. I play with many who use range finders and, at times, 2 different range finders come up with different distances. Add this to the reading on my GPS watch and it becomes a lack of confidence. Based on the review, it appears this is a product to have complete confidence in.

  46. Love the look and design of this rangefinder, well done!

  47. Richard Barajas

    Can’t beat unconditional lifetime warranty.

  48. Bring a caddie and one of the most prestigious clubs it’s important to give the correct yardage and gain member confidence. This unit is a beauty and looks like a professional tool to get the job done expertly. Well played!

  49. This would be great for me. My current rangefinder died on my last golf trip, and until then, didn’t realize how much I rely on it for club selection.

  50. Rick Gallard

    These are a game changer for me the first time I tried one so love one of my own..

  51. The simpler the better! Looks like a great range finder!

  52. Hector R Fernandez

    Very nice review. I don’t own a rangefinder, by choice, but I wouldn’t mind giving this a try.

    I use yardage books to make the game a little more challenging, but this rangefinder could change my mind.

  53. Lasse Koskela

    I’ve tried GPS on the phone and the wrist many times over the years and they have their advantages, especially phone apps and in particular when playing a strange course and trying to recover from the usual wayward drive back onto the correct fairway… Still, after all these years I’m still reaching for the good ol’ Bushnell 99% of the time and when my Bushnell finally dies on me I’m undoubtedly going to replace it with another rangefinder. The main issue I have with the vendors’ offering is that they’re mostly adding features I couldn’t care less about and doubling the price in the process. What I really want is accuracy and speed, that’s all. All the adjusting, slope, built-in GPS, etc. is just in the way.

  54. Perry Albert

    A lifetime warranty on electronics is almost unheard-of. The company must be confident in the product it is offering.

  55. A simple to use, top tier, slope rangefinder? Count me in! The review details really helps to sell the features. Like the black and blue colors as well.

  56. The best piece of this kit is the fact it is easy to use and confirms you are locked on to the target. Worth paying that bit extra.

  57. Conor Oneill

    I’m interested in how a direct-to-consumer product like this will manage to compete against the big brands like Bushnell, when it’s the same price. Great review!

  58. R. V. Prokopchuk

    It looks like it should meet various needs for all golfers.

  59. Patrick Meyer

    I like the look of the range finder and it looks like it has all the necessary features. I think it would be worth the purchase

    • Robert Butcher

      The adjustable lens 4 those of us who wear glasses is excellent feature and bungee cord opening will not get stuck like zipper case can. Excellent review. Thanks

  60. Excellent review!

  61. John Kraichely

    Nice looking with great features and a fantastic warranty. Good review. I will definitely consider the Cobalt Q-6 for my next rangefinder. Thanks.

  62. It definitely looks to be a top tier rangefinder. I prefer mainly just glancing at my GPS watch, but a laser rangefinder can be useful so I do have a Shotscope Pro L1 that I use once in a while.

  63. As technology advances, it often becomes harder to figure out. It is nice that this one makes things easier for the user while keeping the quality top notch.

  64. Curt Backhaus

    Nice review. I like the idea of the PinSense feature with the brackets around the target. It would be fun to see how that really works out on the course.

  65. Can’t wait to try it!

  66. Big coffee drinker, with shaky hands. Would like to try the Cobalt, with flag locking feature.

  67. Sounds like a great product!

  68. Robert Slater

    My current rangefinder is eight years old. Looks like the Q6 is well worth trying.

  69. Would love to try this out!

  70. Great to see competition … I have used Bushnell and currently have older Leupold which lense is now fading out … definitely will be looking at Cobalt as all the trigger points look easy to use and like the idea of extra movement around the target … this might be the one for me !!!
    Great color with good looking case.

  71. Great features, well designed, at a competitive price.

  72. It’s a mental thing for me. Whether from a range finder, yardage marker, book or course feature, I must know yardage for fairway shots. This looks like a fine upgrade to my current arsenal.

  73. Great explanation on range finders for those who don’t use them. Very helpful.

  74. Cobalt has been around while?
    This is the first time I ever heard.

  75. Nice to see the lock on feature to insure on the right target.

  76. David Rynerson

    Never heard of them before, but sounds like a quality product. Good to know.

  77. Wynn Obermeyer

    Never heard of the company will definitely check it out as it has all the features I am looking for.

  78. I’m not proud of this but I’m punch drunk. My hands shake . This sounds like a good fit.

  79. Great review, maybe some day I will own one, this one has all the best features and looks sweet.

  80. Looking at purchasing this range finder. Like how you can turn slop on/off for tournaments and looks super durable.

  81. Way Overpriced for an unknown DTC brand.

    No reason to pay the same as a Bushnell for this rangefinder.

    And if you want a Bushnell alternative, Nikon rangefinders are cheaper. And DTC brands like BlueTees and Precision Pro make top line models which are even less expensive.

  82. I have a decade old basic range finder. It still works ok. I’ve been looking at the current models. The two lock on target feachers stand out for me. No more false readings. The warranty is also a positive feacher.

  83. Looks like a super easy to use and reliable range finder. This will be on my radar since I need one.

  84. Have been looking at acquiring a Range Finder for a while now but must admit a bit confused with all the information available. Found this review easy to understand and written for the average golfer. Besides all the features available, the warranty is outstanding.

  85. Steven Walton

    I have a low cost range finder. It is accurate 75 percent of the time. I would love to have a simple premium model such as described. Thank you for the review.

  86. Jim Dolliver

    Looks like a really good product. I could see it replacing my older Garmin.

  87. Chris Coleman

    Looks great

  88. Nice review

  89. Greg Bankston

    Where is the entry route to win?

  90. Ian Attwater

    This looks perfect

  91. Definitely impressed. Looks amazing and the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty is a big plus.

  92. Mark Thompson

    I’ve grown to like a rangefinder more than a gps watch. This looks like a contender for my next upgrade.

  93. Great review. Compact and accuracy win me over.

  94. Great reviews aways…loove to give this a go.

  95. Lloyd Hendrix

    For a mid level golfer with this device that has features that are outstanding with little practice can help you move to the next level in your game.

  96. All the features that you would expect from a high level range finder

  97. Michael Close

    Looks to be a significantly impressive unit, love the idea of the brackets on target as it is very easy to occasionally ping the tree behind the pin which does not lead to good results.

  98. Seriously intrigued by this rangefinder. I have a friend who loves his, but I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet.

  99. Impressive! I’m in the process of buying my first laser range finder. Been using my phone for yardage for years and it probably costs me a few strokes per round. I’ll have to give the Cobalt Q-6 slope a closer look!

  100. Interesting! Great review. It’ll be interesting to see how this does at the price point.

  101. Darryle Kenyon Kenyon

    It looks very easy to use and would be a lot better than my gps.

  102. David J Sell

    Very sharp looking. Been using a hand held GPS unit for years, and love it, but I often wonder if having a rangefinder and an exact distance might be better ?????

  103. Greats review!

  104. Lawrence Prystalski

    Ok, I hate to admit it but I’m the guy who is always asking their partners for the correct distance to the hole. As a newly retired golf fanatic, I know this beautiful Cobalt Q6 rangefinder will be the envy of my group. I hope to be the one in my senior group who has all the answers!

  105. Great looking! Won’t be surprised if this brand becomes a bigger player of the quality matches the looks!

  106. The cobalt sounds like a winner!

  107. This is a very helpful review. The features and ease of use sound like what I need. You’ve sold me.

  108. I like a range finder over GPS. I can shoot any object that I want. My current range finder is about 15 years old and still going strong. Timewise, it might be a good idea to get info on a replacement. This one looks good.

  109. Michael Loftis

    Looks like a solid rangefinder. For me the unconditional lifetime warranty is awesome unlike my Nikon. It developed what appears to be brown oil drops inside the viewfinder. When I sent it to Nikon they said it’s not covered and will cost $385 to repair. Might as well get a new one

  110. I like teh easy slope feature. I always have to remember which “mode” is slope or not

  111. Wow, need this to quit driving into sand traps and going over and short of uphill par threes. Thanks for review

  112. I find rangefinders hard to use because my hand is not that steady. Plus, at $450 retail, that seems a bit pricey for a non big brand name. But, if it’s something that could compensate for my shaky hand, then I’d be all for it.

  113. I like the slope switch on the side. Looks like a very solid rangefinder.

  114. Mark Ecklund

    Great review, I currently don’t have the slope feature on my rangefinder and this would be nice for hilly courses.

  115. Nice review. Sounds like a great product!

  116. Love the look of the Cobalt Q-6 Rangerfinder especially the blue accent. Thanks

  117. It would definitely look good in my hand at good old HHCC. Nice review

  118. Danny Hartline

    nice feature for eyeglass wearers to costly for my pay grade

  119. Mike Rietzel

    Great looking and full featured machine. I’d love to put it through it’s paces.

  120. I’ve owned the Cobalt with Slope since November and it has the distance so quick I can’t believe it. Quick and accurate, great scanning, optics, and ease of use, Not too small or big and feels substantial in the hand so you are steady. Best RF I’ve owned and I’ve owned several since 1998.

  121. Does it have a Magnet so that it sticks on the cart ?? Bushnell has it and its a GREAT feature.

  122. Gil Brocanier

    I like the lock in feature that eliminates background targets and the price is right.

  123. Fritz Flokstra

    It looks like a sweet rangefinder. I have trouble with yardages and this would help so much.

  124. Fritz Flokstra

    Nice looking rangefinder. I could use one .

  125. james jaworski

    That does look like a simple and effective rangefinder. Like the review and ease of use.

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