Cherokee Valley Golf Club Review

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Cherokee Valley Golf Club is a well-conditioned course that offers great value.  Designed to be welcoming to all handicap levels.


A family-run golf course conveniently located near a myriad of other destinations in northern Mississippi, Cherokee Valley is a fun addition to any trip.  With wide fairways and inviting greens, this is a course that’s playable by golfers of all ability levels.

Practice Facilities

Whether you’re warming up for your round or putting in the time to improve your game, Cherokee Valley has everything you need.  The driving range can accommodate over a dozen golfers hitting off either grass or mats.  There’s a substantial short game area and mid-sized putting green.  All the practice facilities are located near the first tee.

Customer Service & Amenities

The pro shop at Cherokee Valley focuses primarily on soft goods and essentials like tees and balls.  They do have a strong selection of logo apparel as well as gear from the local universities – Memphis and Ole Miss.  The snack bar sticks to the basics – hot dogs and hamburgers – but it does them well and at a good price.

What stands out beyond the tangible elements is the hospitality.  The people who work at Cherokee Valley take obvious pride in their course, and they work hard to make sure you enjoy your time there.

The fun in northern Mississippi extends far beyond the golf course.  Learn all about why you should consider the Mississippi Delta for your next trip HERE.

Beauty & Scenery

The opening nine at Cherokee Valley puts the visual emphasis on elevation changes.  There are no flat holes; most take you from an elevated tee box to a lower fairway back up to an elevated green.

When you move to the back nine, water takes the place of rolling hills.  Most of the holes on the back are fairly flat, but five of the first six holes feature substantial water hazards.

Tee Shots

Cherokee Valley was designed to be an inviting course, and that starts with the tee shots.  The fairways are wide, and there are very few trees in play.  The two hazards you’ll see from the tee are water and fairway bunkers.  Water comes into play on five holes, but there’s always plenty of room to steer away from it.

There are four sets of tees with total yardages of 4,449, 5,406, 6,067, and 6,761.  While I’d really like to see an option around 6,300 yards, the amount of elevation on the course makes the blue tees at 6,067 plenty of golf for the player with average length.

Approach Shots

If you’re hitting your approach shots from the fairway, things are quite straightforward.  Particularly on the back nine, the fairways provide flat, even lies.  Many of the approach shots on the front nine play uphill, but the greens are large, inviting targets.

When you hit your tee shot into the rough, you’re risking real trouble.  The rough isn’t overly thick, but it’s wiry and long in spots.  Sometimes your ball will sit on top of the grass like it’s on a tee.  Other times it will sit down, forcing you to take your medicine and chop it out.

If you find one of the fairway bunkers, your approach shot is almost guaranteed to be difficult.  These bunkers are the course’s best defense.  Most of them feature tall lips which can force a lay-up even when you’re close to the green.

Greens & Surrounds

Cherokee Valley completes its player-friendly approach with accommodating greens and surrounds.  Much of the shaping around each green is designed to aid the golfer, particularly those who hit their approach too long.

Around each green, there are two distinct cuts.  There’s the standard rough described earlier and a fairway-like cut.  The latter is not uber-tight like a links course, but you can putt on it.  Having a little extra grass under the ball in these areas will give the average player more confidence to try riskier pitches and chips.

Once you’re on the large greens, putt boldly.  Each green has no more than one significant ridge or tier.  If you’re competent with your distance control, three putts should be very rare.

Favorite Holes

Hole #7 – Par 3 – 155 Yards

One of only two holes with water on the front nine, this is one of the prettiest holes on the course.  The green is almost 40 yards deep, but it’s narrow in the front and back allowing for tough pin positions.

Hole #8 – Par 4 – 526 Yards

This reachable par 5 starts out with an inviting tee shot.  Staying left off the tee shortens the hole a bit and allows for a better angle, but it also brings the tree line into play.  This is one of the smaller greens on the course, and it’s well defended with mounds.  If you have an eagle putt on this hole, you’ve earned it.

Hole #12 – Par 4 – 343 Yards

The dogleg on this hole is so severe that it makes the green driveable for the bold player.  Attacking the green from the tee brings water into play, but there’s plenty of room to be short of the green and dry.


With a weekday rate of just $27, Cherokee Valley is a no-brainer addition to your golf itinerary in northern Mississippi.  This is the perfect course to start or end your trip with due to the wide fairways and generous greens.  Just make sure you leave time for a replay – making birdies is fun.

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