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The Callaway XR OS irons are a great set for the mid to high handicap player seeking huge forgiveness and distance.

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Golf is hard.  The Callaway XR OS irons are designed to make it easier.  But, unlike many other super game improvement irons, they do it without screaming to everyone on the course, “This guy’s a chop!”  I’ll explain that balancing act in this review.

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Even beginning golfers have egos.  While they may know that they need help, they also want clubs that look good in the bag.  Callaway clearly had that in mind when they designed the XR OS irons.

When I first put my set of XR OS irons into my bag, I thought, “These look really good.  The cavity doesn’t look that deep and the soles are wide but not huge.”  Then I set them down at address and saw all the hallmarks of a super game improvement iron: lots of offset, a very thick top line, and a big face.  I love this blending of elements: giving the player a confidence-inspiring look at address and a sharp look in the bag.

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Sound & Feel

That combination of elements carries over from the look of the Callaway XR OS irons to the feel.  At impact, these irons feel solid regardless of where the ball hits the face.  That’s a great thing for the high handicapper looking for more confidence.  However, that’s not to say that the XR OS lacks feedback.  When you hit the ball perfectly, you hear a click-y, slightly hollow sound that tells you to look up fast or the ball will be too far away to see.  Miss the sweet spot, however, and you get a firmer sound.  Again, the XR OS irons blend what high handicap players need with what they want.

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Callaway touts two key traits of their XR OS irons: a wider sole for high ball flight and Face Cup technology for huge ball speed and distance.  Both of these characteristics were on full display from the first time I put these irons into play.

My notes from that first session read, “Every shot, even ones off the bottom groove, got up in the air with speed.”  I tried to make the XR OS irons hit a worm burner, but I couldn’t.  With some effort I was able to flight the ball down, but these irons simply want to launch the ball high and straight.

The other thing that must be emphasized is the forgiveness.  On the launch monitor, I was able to see how, even on toe and heel shots, the ball speed stayed consistently high.  On the course, I saw something much more satisfying: mishits ending up on the green instead of being short.

The XR OS irons can be ordered in virtually any set make up that you prefer, including a mixed set with the XR OS hybrids.  As always, we strongly recommend working with a qualified Callaway fitter to find the best shafts and set make up for your swing.

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If you like hitting iron shots high in the air and really far, the Callaway XR OS irons should be on your demo list.  While they’re certainly designed for players with higher handicaps, I think that even mid-handicap players would do themselves a favor by allowing the XR OS irons to make the game easier.

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  1. Raymond Levato

    From the review:
    “Then I set them down at address and saw all the hallmarks of a super game improvement iron: lots of offset…”

    What does ‘lots of offset’ mean???

    I’m under the impression that more offset makes the ball draw or hook. Am I correct?
    I like these irons but don’t want to be always seeing the shots go left off the clubface!
    I currently hit my older King Cobra Oversize irons straight and I like that as it is very predictable.
    Aim for the pin. Then they go there!

    • Matt Saternus


      Offset is the distance between the hosel and the leading edge of the club.
      Offset can cause some people to hit a more right to left shot, but it’s not inherent in the design.



  2. I’m struggling with my Callaway XR os irons I can’t hit then clean regular I’ve come from a set of brosnan swale sole Hercules saying extra large impact zone with plenty of forgiveness about 25 years old Not sure I like the offset on my Callaways. I like the price and look of the Callaway brand. Any suggestion

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