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Boyne Mountain Alpine Course Review

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The Alpine golf course, one of two at Boyne Mountain, gives golfers the chance to play up, down, and around a ski mountain.  Ample variety and moderate challenge.


Boyne Mountain was the final stop on my recent tour of Boyne Golf’s three properties.  While the resort’s focus is the skiing and the massive indoor water park, the two golf courses are no slouches.  If you enjoy playing up and down elevation, you’ll have a fun trip around the Alpine course.

Practice Facilities

Boyne Mountain has a very large driving range that’s connected to a sizable short game area.  You can hit chips, pitches, bunker shots, and putts before taking the long drive up the mountain to the first tee.

Beauty & Scenery

As the name implies, the Alpine course at Boyne Mountain has a lot of elevation to play with.  The constant up and down keeps thing visually interesting.

The front nine is tree-lined, in some cases bordering thick forests.  After you make the turn, the course opens up significantly and also gets a bit flatter.

Tee Shots

You’ll start your round at The Alpine from the highest point on the course with a tee shot that plays substantially downhill.  From there, every tee shot presents changes in elevation and direction, but very few will take the driver out of your hands.

The fairways at The Alpine are average in width, and the tree lines are mostly thin.  This is definitely one of the best courses at Boyne for the “hit it hard and go find it” player.


If you’re one of the aforementioned golfers who will be playing from the trees, you’ll find that the recovery options are plentiful.  There aren’t many times when you don’t have some (perhaps unlikely) play to the green, regardless of how wildly you drive it.

The biggest challenge to hitting greens in regulation at The Alpine is the elevation.  With most holes playing uphill, downhill, or both, you need to constantly adjust your yardages.  That said, if you’re playing from the fairway, you shouldn’t have much difficulty getting birdie putts.

Greens & Surrounds

Around the green, most holes offer a bunker or two and the opportunity to run the ball onto the green.  The course doesn’t play fast, so you’ll need a firm touch, but you don’t need an aerial assault to reach the putting surface.  These run ups also provide safe bail out zones for approach shots.

If you miss the green, the penalty isn’t too severe.  The rough around the green is fairly short, and the bunkers are generally shallow.  So long as you avoid the water hazards, you should be able to keep the big numbers off your card.

The greens themselves are average in size, so you won’t have to deal with any mile-long putts.  Where the difficulty comes in is reading the subtle breaks.  Even toward the end of our 18 holes, my group was being fooled by the twists and turns.


Whether you’re preparing for Michigan’s Tournament of Champions or just rounding out an unlimited golf vacation, you’ll enjoy your round at The Alpine.  Its ample space off the tee provides a nice contrast from some of the other Boyne courses, but the constant elevation changes will still test your ability.

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  1. Bob Federspiel

    Nice place. #SecretGiveaway

  2. Neil Shoemaker

    Love the look of this course! Definitely want to keep em straight!

  3. #SecretGiveaway Planning a trip here later this year.

  4. Robb Stradert

    Boyne Highlands looks like a great place to use the #SecretGiveaway club. What a beautiful golf course.

  5. #SecretGiveaway – Matt, I enjoy your golf course reviews. The variety of reviews from clubs to golf courses is one of the reasons I keep coming back to this site.

    Because of your golf course reviews I actually planned a golf outing last year to Spirit Hollow and found it to be one of the best golf courses I have ever played. This course looks interesting as well.

    Keep up the good work, thank you again


  6. Michael Hawkins

    Would love to go there. #SecretGiveaway

  7. Really enjoy the variety of golf matter y’all cover, thanks for the hard work.

  8. Looks like the perfect course for a #SecretGiveaway

  9. S. Fitzgerald

    A fun weekend getaway, especially in the Fall. But make sure you book early as the color changes bring horses of tourists. #SecretGiveaway

  10. Hi Matt,
    Good review. I’d like to make it out to MI. I’ve played Sunday River and want to get to Sugarloaf (Boyne owned mountains in ME).
    Keep up the good work!


    Great review. #SecretGiveaway

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  14. Very informative review, short drive from Southern Ontario and a n abundance of courses . #secretgiveaway this Area would make an Awesome Golf Vacation destination.

  15. Great review of all the Boyne courses. Definitely want to make the trip and use the #secretgiveaway

  16. Regis Sauger

    I built the Alpine Course. Everett Kircher and Chuck Moll hired me while I was building a driving range in Petosky. Bill Newcomb was the architect. I took over the job when the clearing was almost completed. The challenge was the 1st tee. It was high and when you stood on the tee you couldn’t see anything but sky. I designed the ampi-theatre tee so you can see the fairway on #1. I personally contoured every green myself with a John Deere #450 bull-dozer. I also pointed out to Everett that the topo map furnished by Abrams Aerial Survey was 100′ wrong. I am now retired in Florida but I thought it might be interesting to add to the history of Boyne. Everett was my most favorite employer and friend in my life.

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