Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Model Putter Review

Bettinardi Matt Kuchar #1 (16)

50 Word or Less

Classy result of partnering one of Tour’s best putters and one of planet’s best putter makers.  All business looks, solid performance.  A definite must-have for arm-lock putters or anyone thinking of trying Kuchar-style putting.

Bettinardi Matt Kuchar #1 (8)

Recommended For:

Players looking for an answer to the belly putter ban.

Golfers looking to have something in common with one of the world’s most consistent Tour players.

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This past spring, one of the PGA Tour’s best, most consistent players, Matt Kuchar, made official his partnership with Robert Bettinardi, one of the best putter makers on the planet.  Together they introduced the Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Models: two designs that are available in both standard lengths and arm-lock/Kuchar-style lengths.  Just like every Bettinardi putter, they are 100% milled and 100% made in America.

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Just like Matt Kuchar’s game, this putter is all business.  At address, the classic lines allow the golfer to align the putter easily and focus on getting the ball in the hole.  The Pewter PVD finish is not only glare-free, it’s also maintenance free.  The putter’s sole features enough branding to let you know this is not your run of the mill putter, but it’s not over-the-top or garish.

The one place where the putter gets a little flashy (in a good way), is in its face milling.  The middle of the face features Bettinardi’s FIT Face milling, and the heel and toe have the classic Bettinardi honeycomb milling.  The level of precision and detail are hypnotic: you could stare at this putter for hours admiring the craftsmanship.

Finally, the package is brought together with a eye-catching headcover, stepless shaft, and matching grip.  The headcover has a neoprene closure which some people don’t like for smaller putters, but for this mallet is fits perfectly.  The rubber Lamkin grip matches the color scheme of the putter and has a firm feel that compliments the putter nicely.  This kind of attention to detail is exactly what you would expect from Bettinardi.

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Sound & Feel

In the hands of a lesser putter manufacturer, the combination of carbon steel and deep face milling would lead to a mushy, unresponsive feel.  Bettinardi, however, has taken this combination and created a putter that feels very soft but does not lack responsiveness or feedback; you can tell immediately on impact if you missed the sweet spot or not.  Hitting a putt pure delivers a very satisfying soft click that you want to feel over and over.

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On the course, the Matt Kuchar Model #1 performs as well as its namesake.  More than anything else, the balance of the putter is what stood out to me: the 350 gram head felt substantial but not overly heavy.  There was enough heft to keep the putter stable on short putts, but not so much that I was timid taking a big swing at longer putts.  The face balanced design promotes a smooth, steady stroke that is best suited to golfers with straight-back-straight-through motions.

Bettinardi Matt Kuchar #1 (4)


The Matt Kuchar Models are a great addition to the Bettinardi lineup.  Whether you’re a dedicated arm-lock putter, someone looking to give it a shot, or, like me, someone who putts conventionally but appreciates a beautiful flat stick, this is definitely worth a look.

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Price, Specs & Manufacturer Notes

The Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Models are available through authorized Bettinardi dealers for $375.

Features of the Kuchar Model 1

• Heel Toe Weighting – A beautiful heel toe style putter that gives the player a confident look at address! This 100% precision milled putter features a wide body that maximizes the sweet spot and gives incredible feel and consistency throughout the stroke.

• Face Milling – The face of the Model 1 is Bettinardi’s patented F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face. This delivers an extremely solid yet soft feel on every putt.

• Pewter PVD Finish – Durability of the pewter PVD finish allows for an excellent feel on the Soft Carbon steel head.

• Milled In The USA – Made in Tinley Park, IL

Kuchar Style (Arm Lock)

Weight: 400G

Loft: 7° Lie: 71°  Length: 42”

Material: Mild Carbon Steel   Finish: Pewter PVD

Grip: Gray 19” Lamkin


Weight: 350G  Loft: 3° Lie: 71°   Length: 35”

Material: Mild Carbon Steel   Finish: Pewter PVD

Grip: Gray Lamkin

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  1. Bill Janes

    Does Matt Kuchar use a straight back/straight through putting motion or an arch with his arm lock putter. Thanks, your video was very informative. I have ordered one of the putters.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know what Matt believes he is doing, but every player has some amount of arc in their stroke.



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