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Bettinardi BB55 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB55 (11)

50 Words or Less

Big.  Extremely forgiving.  Loads of alignment help.  Superb craftsmanship that you rarely see in high MOI mallets.


There are plenty of putter manufacturers who take the easy road: crank out mountains of Anser knock offs, stamp or finish them differently, and sell as many of them as they can.  Robert Bettinardi is not in that group.  While offering his customers plenty of classic head shapes, Mr. Bettinardi also offers a new innovative head shape nearly every year.  The BB55 is his latest attempt to give golfers an easier way to get the ball in the cup.  With extremely high MOI and a shape that promotes good alignment, the BB55 putter is a beautiful brute that might even persuade some traditionalists to put it in the bag.

Bettinardi BB55 (8)


Let’s start with the obvious: it’s big.  The BB55 is over 4” from heel to toe and over 3.75” from front to back.  If you’re looking for a bigger putter to boost your confidence, this is it.

Where the BB55 separates itself from other high MOI putters is in the craftsmanship and design.  The BB55 is 100% milled from aircraft-grade aluminum.  It’s designed to give you all the benefits of advanced weight placement but without a cluttered look at address.

For alignment, the BB55 has two sight lines on the topline which frame the golf ball perfectly.  A long single sight line runs the length of the flange and is perfect for those that like to use a line on their golf ball.

Bettinardi BB55 (9)

Sound & Feel

Due to the different material and a different face milling, the feel of the BB55 is unlike any other putter in the 2014 BB Series.  At impact, you get a soft “thud” without any click at all.

As you would expect from a high MOI putter, mishits are hard to notice.  There is a slightly different tone at impact, but there is virtually no twisting of the putter head.

Bettinardi BB55 (7)


The performance of the Bettinardi BB55 delivers in every way.  As soon as you set it down, the large, forgiving head instills confidence and aids alignment.  At impact, you can hit the ball nearly anywhere on the face and get predictable results in terms of both distance and direction.

The BB55 weighs in at 358 grams, a little heavier than some of the other putters in the BB Series, but because the weight is so precisely distributed, it does not feel too heavy to swing.  This is a face-balanced design, so it will work best for players with a straight back, straight through stroke.

Bettinardi BB55 (16)


Thanks to the Bettinardi BB55, players who want more help from their putter are no longer stuck using ugly, mass produced flat sticks.  While offering all the forgiveness and alignment help that you could want, the Bettinardi BB55 also delivers a refined look, superb craftsmanship, and extremely soft feel.

Price and Specs

The 2014 Bettinardi BB Series retails for $299.  The CB (Counter Balanced) models retail for $349.

The available models are the BB1, BB1F, BB1 CB, BB32, BB32 CB, BB43, BB55, and BB55 CB.

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    Does this putter have adjustable weights?

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