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Bettinardi 2018 BB1 Putter Review

50 Words or Less

The 2018 Bettinardi BB1 putter is a beautiful version of a timeless design.  Very soft edges and buttery feel.


Golfers, particularly those with Twitter accounts, love to criticize the lack of new putter designs.  Putter makers, on the other hand, understand that the classics are what golfers actually put in their bags.

I try not to be critical of companies going back to the classics, but I am picky about how well they deliver on those timeless models.  Bettinardi has created a high standard for themselves, so I was eager to see what they did with their newest BB1.


Soft is the word I keep coming back to when I think about the look of the 2018 BB1.  Every line blends seamlessly into the next.  You can’t find a sharp edge anywhere on this putter.

The proportions of this design are perfect, and it looks phenomenal behind the ball.  It’s both a work of art and a putter that is begging to be in the bag.

Like the other models in the 2018 BB series, the Bettinardi BB1 features a new finish that the company is calling Stealth Black.  This is a matte finish that eliminates glare and provides maximum contrast for the white sight line.  Bettinardi also claims that it will be more durable than traditional PVD finishes.

Sound & Feel

The combination of carbon steel and deep face milling, in a putter as well crafted as the Bettinardi BB1, creates sublime feel.  Off the sweet spot, there’s a soft “tock” at impact as the ball gently rebounds off the face.

What I noticed – and loved – about the BB1 is how it feels on mishits.  There’s a lot of good feedback here both in sound – a louder impact – and in feel.  However, unlike some of Bettinardi’s honeycomb face putters, the feel on mishits is quite soft.  While the BB1 does let you know you’ve mishit the putt, it still gives you a pleasant impact feel.


With a classic, milled Anser-style putter, there’s not a lot of flashy tech to talk about.  The 2018 BB1 weighs in at 350 grams, which is about average for a modern putter.

Bettinardi did make one notable change from previous versions of the BB1: they moved the neck closer to the center of the face.  It’s a very slight difference, done to reduce the toe hang.  This version has 1/2 or 4:30 toe hang, which should be very comfortable for a large number of golfers.

As you would expect, this putter provides some forgiveness on off-center strikes but nothing like the BB56.

Ultimately, your success with this putter is going to come down to how it fits your stroke and your eye.  For me, the BB1 is a style I have confidence in and have putted well with.  When the craftsmanship is as good as it is in this BB1, I know the putter is going to work for me.


The 2018 Bettinardi BB1 is one my favorite new putters in recent memory and is a serious candidate to go in the bag this year.  It doesn’t have a fancy tech story behind it, but it doesn’t need it.  The BB1 is a beautifully crafted classic that I love having in my hands.  It’s also worth mentioning that at $300 for a putter milled in the USA, it’s a very strong value.

Buy the 2018 Bettinardi BB1 Putter HERE

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  1. Have to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have considered this putter before this review, as Bettinardi putters always felt hard and clicky to me. But after this review, I went and tried it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The thing looks fantastic, and feels buttery soft. Already in the bag. Excited to see what you think about this compared to the upcoming Scotty line (solid milled vs milled insert).

  2. Matt,
    How would you say the feel compares to the 2016 BB line and the 2017 Studio Stock?
    And with the neck moved forward, does it look awkward or untraditional at all? The 2016 BB at address lined up really well.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the 2018 BB1 is the best feeling Bettinardi in a long time.

      I don’t find the neck movement awkward at all. In fact, I barely noticed it.



  3. Hi Matt, did you have a chance to compare to the BB29?

  4. As far as putter reviews go, this was as helpful as it gets. picked one up largely based on the review.

    Only thing the review didn’t state was how bright the grip was. WOW! … I had to swap that out for a Bettinardi Gripmaster to give this beauty the amount of class it deserves.

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