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Armaid is a good at-home therapy option for anyone suffering from hand and forearm pain or looking to prevent it.


Surprisingly, grabbing a metal club, gripping it as hard as you can, and slamming it into the ground repeatedly isn’t good for your body, and many golfers end up with substantial pain in their hands, arms, and elbows.  Even those who don’t have chronic pain have experienced the occasional soreness or tension after hitting off mats or playing in the cold.  For all those golfers (or anyone else who uses their hands), Armaid offers a simple, at-home therapy option that provides pain relief and improved performance.


How It Works

Armaid is certainly an odd looking device, but once you have a picture of how it works, it’s very simple to use.  Armaid attaches to your leg for support, then you insert one arm into the rollers (see above), and use your other hand to control the pressure with the handles at the top.  There are four sets of rollers available so that you can choose the level of pressure you’re comfortable with.

If you’d like to see Armaid in action, head over to their website and check out their videos.



Armaid’s website states that it’s proven to rapidly relieve pain.  While I don’t have any chronic pain in my hands or arms, I did find that using Armaid gave my arms a fresh, energetic feeling similar to a good massage.

If you watch the instructional videos for Armaid, you’ll notice that you’re frequently asked to “explore” how your arm feels rather than simply being told “Do ____ for 30 seconds.”  There are some good, clear guidelines for how to attack certain types of pain, but the overall message of the videos is for the user to figure out what works best for them.  Some people will prefer this self-guided approach while I’m sure others would like step-by-step instructions.  If you do want those specific instructions, you can contact a therapist through Armaid’s website.



The use of foam rollers has become commonplace in gyms across the country because they can loosen muscles and provide pain relief.  Armaid allows you to get similar results for your hands and arms.  With packages priced as low as $70, I think Armaid is a good investment for the regular golfer.

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