Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The latest version of the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood features an invisible slot for improved aesthetics.  Lives up to the Tight Lies name by being incredibly easy to elevate from any lie.  Surprisingly long.


The original Tight Lies is such a great golf club that you can still find it in play on plenty of courses.  Players love the fact that it’s easy to elevate from absolutely any lie on the course: fairway, rough, bunkers, or hardpan.  So how did Adams make this latest version of the Tight Lies better?  They made it long…really long.

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As you can see, the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood combines a clean matte black crown with an appealing pear shape.  What allows for this clean look is the Ghost Slot Technology – this club does have Adams’s velocity slot but it’s filled with a gel to make it look like a traditional club.

The footprint is average to just a touch smaller than average.  The other thing you’ll notice is that the face is shallow which really helps to boost confidence when hitting it from the turf, but may bother some players when hitting from the tee.

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Sound & Feel

The Adams Tight Lies fairway wood has a very nice, traditional sound at impact.  Overall, it’s very quiet and the sound is bass-y.  When you hit it perfectly on the center you get a slight metallic “tink.”

The stock shaft, a Kuro Kage variant, feels pretty stable and holds up well to “all out” swings.  You will notice that the tip is a bit soft, but that’s part of the reason why this club is so easy to elevate.

Adams Tight Lies LM Data


The first thing anyone would want to know about the latest Adams Tight Lies fairway wood is whether or not it’s easy to elevate.  The answer is unequivocally, “Yes.”  In fact, this is the easiest-to-hit fairway wood I’ve ever tested.  I’m not an great fairway wood player, but absolutely every shot that I hit with this club got airborne and went a good distance.  All mishits – thin, fat, toe, and heel – perform really well.

What surprised me was just how far these shots went.  My expectation was that this club would be easy to hit but also high spinning and short.  Instead, I found that this club produces great ball speed and some of the lowest spin I’ve seen from a fairway wood.  In fact, my numbers were closer to driver numbers.  For those that want every bit of ball speed, Adams does have a titanium-faced version of this club, but given how long this is, I’m not sure it could be much better.

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If it’s possible for a club with a famous name to be a sleeper, the new Adams Tight Lies fairway wood is it.  This is a club that every golfer should be demoing this year.  For the high handicap player, it’s easy to hit and easy to elevate.  For the better player, it’s long and versatile.  The new Tight Lies does the original proud.

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  1. Bill DeMello

    How do you hit a Adams fairway wood
    Gator Bill

  2. Dick Tuberville

    I tried this club (S flex) based on this glowing review and found the club’s performance to be nowhere near as good as you indicate?

    Am a 6 HC with a smooth swing and driver ss of 95-105 – did you really have those results?

    after using the club its hard to Bellevue you truly had the performance stated?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I really had the results I discussed in the review.

      If you’ve read any amount of content on this site, you’d see the constant theme of, “Get fit. Clubs that work for one person may not work for you.” It’s really as simple as that.


  3. Hi Matt.

    Great review.

    Was it the 16 degree fairway wood you tested?
    Wondering where to go 16 or 14.

  4. Mort Peddicord

    For accuracy would you buy a stiff or reg shaft I am not concerned with distance in a hybrid club What do you think Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The best shaft for accuracy is one that fits. Stiffer does not necessarily mean more accurate.



  5. Great review, Matt!
    I had the Tight Lies Titanuim Version of it and I love it.
    So easy to launch from all kind of surfaces.
    Unfortunately my 5-wood broke yesterday and the Titanium is no longer available in the shops, so I ordered the stainless steel version.
    I hope this one will perform similar… :-/

  6. Matt,
    Were there any different testing conditions when you tested this than other models? Your swing speed stayed right in that 95 mph range like all fairway wood tests before and since (95.2) but this launched higher 14.5 and total distance (269.1) than anything else you’ve tested. I’m not asking if I should go buy one, just curious if there were other variables.
    The SLRDs was 95.3/10.9/254.8 and M2 was 96/11/258 and I was originally deciding if I should bother with the upgrade from my RBZ (which I couldn’t find a link for- probably too old, found the stage 2)…. But so I literally went and checked every wood you reviewed (bush swings too fast) and this was off the charts. Any idea as to why?
    Thanks as always! This site rocks.

    • Matt Saternus


      We always emphasize that while we try to hold testing conditions as consistent as possible, the numbers from one review should not be compared apples-to-apples to numbers from other reviews.
      I don’t have any special recollection of the testing for the Tight Lies, but I would suspect the numbers were a result of A) a day when I was swinging well and B) a good fit between me and the club.



  7. I’m surprised you were getting such high distances. I found the TL2 16* was noticeably shorter than other fairway woods, by as much as 20 yards. I’m using the XTD Ti in 15* set to 16.5*, and that was higher launching with a longer carry distance. The TL2 16* in regular flex was very low launching for me and very short.

  8. TigerMoods

    Review is spot on
    8 years later the club is a machine for me.
    260m off the tee
    Playing partners were not happy
    Still my 1st Tee off club .,just for the crowd
    Adams is the real deal

  9. 188 meters out 5 wood to 2 ft I love the 5 wood in this version

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