Accra Tour Z RPG & TZ RPG Tour Shaft Review

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The new Tour Z RPG and Tour Z RPG Tour shafts from Accra offer players and club builders a unique array of options.  Steady progression of feel across the three shafts.  Strong performers.


If you’re tired of the overheated hype around so many golf products, you’re a ready-made fan of Accra.  Accra rarely advertises.  The names of their products often feel coded, eschewing flashy names for simple alphanumeric designations.  Yet among the best club builders and players in the world, the Accra brand is accorded huge respect because their shafts deliver.  I tested their new Tour Z RPG shafts so you can be in the know the next time you head to your fitter.


The Accra Tour Z RPG shafts are a perfect fit for an Olympic year.  Silver is the base color for the standard Tour Z RPG, and the Tour Z RPG Tour is a rich gold.  Both versions keep things clean with only black and white graphics on top of the base.  One interesting distinction between the two versions of the Tour Z RPG is that the LBP (Low Balance Point) is nearly 50/50 black and silver.  The HBP (High Balance Point) is almost entirely silver.

Graphics on these Accra shafts are bold and straightforward.  There is no “logo down” orientation, but the Accra branding is more prominent on one side, much more subtle on the other.  The “subtle side” is shown above.

Overall, I like the look of the Accra Tour Z RPG, but I love the Tour Z RPG Tour.  Just as in the Olympics, gold is a rare find in the shaft world, and it stands out in a good way.


Let’s start with the two versions of the Tour Z RPG, the Low Balance Point and High Balance Point.  The first thing to know is that these two shafts are not dramatically different in weight – Accra told me that the swing weight difference is only about one point.  This stands in contrast to many counter balanced shafts which aim to significantly lower the swing weight.

Accra recommended that I build the LBP and HBP to the same swing weight for testing.  In an effort to be comprehensive, I did that and also tested them without any head weight adjustments.

I found that the three Tour Z RPG shafts share a common bend point but each has a different level of action in the swing.  The Tour Z RPG HBP felt the most active to me, whether it had a standard or heavier driver head.  Just below the grip, I could sense the shaft load and kick.  The HBP also had a softer feeling from the mid section through the tip.  It wasn’t active or wobbly, but it wasn’t stout either.

The other end of the spectrum is the Tour Z RPG Tour.  This shaft has a small kick below the grip that didn’t seem to change whether I swung easily or all out.  From the mid section to the tip, the Tour version felt very strong.

Accra’s Tour Z RPG LBP was that Goldilocks sweet spot between the other two.  There was a little more kick below the grip than in the Tour version, and the lower two thirds of the shaft felt just stable enough.


A quick note for the number crunchers.  All of the data in this review was gathered during the same sessions, so it can be compared apples to apples.  That said, the numbers don’t tell the entire story of how these shafts worked for me.

I’m going to discuss the performance of the Accra TZ RPG shafts in ascending order of how well they worked for me.  Despite being largely identical in terms of specs to the LBP, the Tour Z RPG HBP was the bronze medalist of this group.  While I enjoyed the active feel of the butt section, I found it too unpredictable for my aggressive transition.  When I timed this shaft well, the ball went forever on a beautiful trajectory.  Unfortunately, those drives were sprinkled among many pushes and pulls.

The Tour Z RPG LBP was significantly more consistent for me.  I didn’t feel a need to time anything or hold back; I could swing naturally a typically get a very nice result.  The ball launched in a great window and bored through the wind.

When I got to the Tour Z RPG Tour, I knew I had found my gold medalist.  This shaft gave me just enough kick with all the stability I need to be confident on the tee.  Even with an aggressive transition, my swing speed is on the low end of what this shaft is built for.  As a result, my spin was quite low.  I prefer lower spin and can live with the occasional knuckle ball.  Players who want to shape their tee shots may prefer the non-Tour versions.  Personally, I was very happy hitting drives that rarely moved off their start line.

It should be emphasized that, as always, these are only my experiences.  Other players will have the exact opposite order of preference.  Still others will find the TZ RPG LBP to be a perfect middle ground.  The key is always to get fit to find what works for your swing. 

The Accra Tour Z RPG shaft comes in three weights – 352, 362, and 372 – translating roughly to 50, 60, and 70 grams.  The 352 is offered in M3 and M4 flexes, approximately regular and stiff.  The 362 comes in M4 and M5, and the heaviest model, 372, only comes in M5.  Each weight and flex is offered in High and Low balance point.  Accra’s Tour Z RPG Tour comes in 462 and 472 at 67 and 75 grams, both in M5+ flex only.


With the new TZ RPG shafts, Accra has given club fitters the ability to dial in the precise feel and performance that golfers want.  Whether you want a more active feel or a shaft that can stand up to your most aggressive moves, you can find it in this new line.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Francisco Badia

    Nice article, can you check the Accra I70 series? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you. I will talk with Matt Meeker about the i70, as he’s the one playing an iron shaft closest to that weight.



  2. Jonathan Kim

    Great review. I’m going to assume this shaft won’t replace your current Tensei 1K.

  3. Those are some good numbers Matt with the tour Z rpg .
    I would love to hit fit in there iron shafts. They are something special I bet .
    Thanks again Matt for another quality review.

  4. Okorie Okorie

    I have the older tour z rpg 472 m5+ do you know how they differ?

  5. Hey mate, love your reviews. Was just wondering what head are you using in all of your testing? Cheers

  6. Thanks for the article! I haven’t been able to find an EI curve on these shafts. Sounds like the HBP and Tour sounds like a “black” profile and the LBP is more of a “blue” profile. Would this be accurate?

  7. Hi Matt,

    Huge fan of your reviews, thanks!!

    Any idea how the Tour Z RPG Tour compares to the previous version- ACCRA TOUR Z 400 RPG.

    I am in debate between a Tensei White, a Hzrdus 6.5 and the ACCRA TOUR Z 400 RPG M5+:, haven’t hit any of them but swing speed is about 117mph and currently too strong for my Hzrdus 6.0 62g.

    Any feedback welcome.


  8. Hit all 3 today and couldn’t agree more. The HBP felt more active then the other 2. The LBP probably felt a little more stable to me than the Tour though numbers wise they were very close. Between those 2 the LA Golf Tour AXS Blue and my current SpeederTR 757 I was splitting hairs. Great read and great shafts!

  9. Matt ellison

    How was the dispersion with the golf tour version, I play the Diamana d+ td so I’m trying to see if rpg would be a better upgrade.

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know if it would be an upgrade for you is to get a fitting.



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