2023 Adams IDEA Irons Review

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The 2023 Adams IDEA irons are quality game improvement clubs at a very reasonable price.  Good distance and strong forgiveness.  Smart sole design.


New for 2023, Adams Golf has been reborn as a value-priced, direct-to-consumer brand with a full line of clubs designed to get more people on the golf course.  As someone whose website receives loads of comments about the increasing price of clubs, the timing seems perfect.  In this review, I’ll take a look at the 2023 Adams IDEA irons, a set that costs less than half of what what many other OEMs are charging.

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There are irons that photograph really well and those that look better in person.  To my eye, the 2023 Adams Idea irons are in the latter group.  I don’t think they look bad in the address shots above and below, but in person the top line looks much thinner, which I prefer.  There is a good deal of offset in the long irons, but that progresses to a more modest amount in the short irons and wedges.  The blade length and face size are about average for a game improvement iron.

In the cavity, the IDEA irons have a whisper of yellow, which will remind longtime gear heads of the classic Adams IDEA hybrids.  Beyond this subtle nod to the past, these irons look like any other hollow body GI iron with modest branding and a blend of chrome and matte finishes.

Sound & Feel

For a hollow body design, the 2023 Adams IDEA irons are fairly quiet.  Particularly in the scoring clubs, these irons produce a quiet, dull impact sound and feel soft in the hands.

As you move into the mid and longer irons, the feel and sound change slightly.  The feel gets a little firmer and quicker.  The sound shift toward a “click” that’s more defined.  What I also found in the longer irons is a little extra reward for those perfect strikes.  There’s a bonus sensation of speed and connection, and the sound adds a small, snare drum “snap.”


Ranging in price from $500 to $800, the 2023 Adams IDEA irons are a fraction of the cost of irons from some of the big names.  This leads to an obvious question: how much performance are you sacrificing?  The answer, pleasingly, is not much.

Every golfer – new or seasoned – wants to hit the ball with or past their friends, and the Adams IDEA irons have that potential.  Throughout the set, the ball speed they produce on center is good.  There are faster irons, but you’ll be paying a lot more money for fractionally more ball speed.

To complement that strong ball speed, Adams gave the IDEA irons fairly strong launch angles through the set.  The lofts are strong but well within modern standards.  I found the spin to be fairly high in the scoring clubs, a little low in the mid irons, and slightly above average in the long irons.  Your mileage may vary depending on your swing speed and club delivery.  For me, the IDEA irons produced sensible distance gaps through most of the set with the mid irons being longer than average.

One recommendation I would make for almost all new golfers is to avoid the 4I.  This is not a particularly high launching iron, and with only 20 degrees of loft, it requires a strong strike to create a meaningful distance gap to the 5I.

In addition to being fairly long, the Adams IDEA irons are quite forgiving.  The ball speed is robust across the face, and the spin numbers are consistent even when your strike is not.  Also, the Tri-Sole Design is very effective at keeping the club out of the dirt.  There’s a lot of margin for error with this sole, but it doesn’t feel overly bulky because much of it is slightly recessed.

Finally, these irons are built to help golfers hit a draw.  For me, I had to put some effort into hitting a straight ball and significant effort to hit a cut.  That said, the draw bias is not extreme, and it does moderate as you move into the short irons.  Overall, I think this is a very smart design to help newer players enjoy the game.

Learn to hit the draw on command HERE

Zooming out, the Adams Golf website is focused on being accessible to the new golfer.  In addition to individual clubs, they sell three different packages that have everything you need to get on the course.  While it’s not a substitute for a real professional fitting, they do offer a fitting tool HERE that can help new golfers get into the right ballpark for their new set.

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For the new or budget-minded golfer, the 2023 Adams IDEA irons are poised to be a hit.  You get very strong performance and a known brand name at a price that leaves some money for green fees.  These are available solely through the Adams Golf website, but they come with a 60 days risk-free trial.

Visit Adams Golf HERE

2023 Adams IDEA Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review Matt. I think this is a great choice for a beginner who has definite interest in the game & either doesn’t want to buy a set of used irons or doesn’t want to spend twice as much on an OEM brand.

    For most folks who buy this set, I’d also recommend not buying the 5 iron. At 23°, most beginners / newer players aren’t hitting that club well either. A hybrid would be a much better choice.

  2. Glenn Green

    I am trying to find out if these irons are forged?

  3. Week Store

    This review of the 2023 Adams IDEA Irons is informative and helpful, particularly for budget-minded golfers. The author highlights the reasonable price of these game improvement clubs compared to other brands. The design of the irons is visually appealing, with a hint of yellow in the cavity that pays homage to the classic Adams IDEA hybrids.

    In terms of performance, the IDEA irons offer good forgiveness and sensible distance gaps throughout the set. The ball speed remains consistent across the face, and the spin numbers are reliable even with off-center strikes. The review also mentions the draw bias, which is beneficial for newer players.

    I appreciate the additional recommendation to avoid the 4-iron for new golfers due to its lower loft and the suggestion for readers to explore fitting options on the Adams Golf website. This review caters to both beginners and budget-conscious golfers, providing valuable insights into the performance and appeal of the 2023 Adams IDEA Irons. John Tucker

  4. Im hitting an old set of adams tight lies and I absolutely love the ball flight and distance i get..are these adams idea going to give me the same ? I’m 53 trying old and hit a 7 iron 155 yards so just dont wanna lose distance on my next set thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know what your current specs are, but modern specs likely have stronger lofts, so it’s unlikely you’ll lose distance.


  5. I currently play Adams A7os hybrids (3-5) They hit the ball long and HIGH which is what I want for long approach shots. I have tried hybrids from all the major brands the last few years and none can compare with the Adams A7os hybrids, Sure some of the new hybrids hit the ball a few yards further but all of them just seem way too light for me to control. I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. That being said, I think these new Adams irons look fantastic! Very modern and clean. I just picked up a set with very nice UST Helium graphite shafts on ebay for 200 bucks and will pair them with my hybrids. Can’t wait to get to the simulator since It is snowing in Ohio right now!. My handicap has been between 7-12 for the last ten years and Adams clubs just work for me. I can play with player irons and would be able to shape shots more but I have found that clubs that hit the ball dead straight are best for my game.

  6. According to an email from Taylor – Made the Adams clubs are being sunsetted on the website but will be available through resellers such as the PGA Superstore. The “add to cart” has been removed from the website.

  7. It’s sad that Taylormade ruined the Adams brand, I had two different sets ( a12os, a3 ) and one set I bought for my dad. If you leave your ego at the door , the early Adams were great clubs. Easy to hit, forgiven and long. The company jump started the Major brands to address the weekend golfers. When it comes to iron tech the Adams older line, could compete what there putting out today . Taylormade couldn’t beat them so they bought them.

  8. Ron Eddins

    Just got the new Adams Idea irons 5-A in Senior flex Helium shaft. Played 2 rounds and love them. I’m 78 with 9 index. Solid good sound fell length and everything. Bought at PGA Superstore on sale. They look really good.

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