2023 Adams IDEA Driver Review

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The 2023 Adams IDEA driver is a solid option for the new or higher handicap player.  Strong draw bias.  Good forgiveness.  Adjustable hosel is a nice addition to help this club grow with the player.

2023 Adams IDEA Driver crown


The driver is the most important club in your bag [more on that HERE], so every brand needs a great driver if it’s going to be considered a first tier OEM.  You can have all the “Tour validation” in the world, but if your driver doesn’t have any pop, you’ll always be a second choice.  With that in mind, I was eager to see what the new incarnation of Adams Golf brings to the table.

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2023 Adams IDEA Driver address


At address, the 2023 Adams IDEA driver has a large, rounded footprint that tilts slightly toward the heel.  There’s a subtle carbon fiber texture in the black portion of the crown, but, as you can see above, it’s not very prominent.  The leading edge is light grey with an “AG” alignment aid in white.  Despite being a draw-biased driver, the IDEA sits square in the neutral setting.

Flipping the driver over, you’ll find a sole with a mix of different elements.  There’s a carbon fiber patch toward the toe opposite the “Precision Draw” weight in the heel.  The Adams and IDEA branding streak prominently across the middle of the sole.

One area where the 2023 Adams IDEA driver goes well beyond its price tag is the head cover.  It’s soft and flexible with a leather look to it.  The Adams logo calls to mind the NASA font and ideas of cutting edge technology.

My favorite part of the head cover – and something I don’t see very often at any price – is the printed lining.  It’s a small touch that makes this feel like more than budget golf club.

2023 Adams IDEA Driver face

Sound & Feel

The 2023 Adams IDEA driver will give players a jolt of confidence with its loud “thwack” at impact.  The sound is metallic but low in pitch.  When you crush a shot, that big sound will be music to your ears.  However, it doesn’t change much on mishits, so it’s going to announce your mishits loudly, too.

Pure strikes feel thin and very fast in the hands.  All the feedback on strike location and quality comes through feel, so you need to pay attention if you want to know how you’re hitting it.


The 2023 Adams IDEA driver leans on a handful of well-known, time-tested technologies to drive its performance.  The one that jumps out most in looking at the club is the Velocity Slot on the sole.  It looks huge – seemingly bigger than any other I can recall – which makes me think it has immense potential for adding to the ball speed, particularly on those low strikes.  Additionally, this driver features variable face thickness, something used by every major OEM to increase the effective size of the sweet spot.

In my testing, I found that both of these features work well to give the 2023 Adams IDEA driver solid forgiveness.  Ball speed on center is good, if short of elite, and it stays fairly strong across the face.

Turning to launch and spin, both were lower than I would have expected.  In the larger context, I would say this is a mid-low launch driver with mid-low spin.  Both numbers were robust throughout my testing.  I didn’t see wild fluctuations, which made the ball flight and distance very predictable.

My findings about launch and spin need to be connected to another element: the draw bias.  Adams calls this out right on the sole with the “Precision Draw” weight near the heel.  I found the draw bias to be fairly strong, which is part of why my launch and spin were lower than normal.  I could manufacture a straight shot with some effort, but this driver really wants to go left.  This strong draw bias makes sense given that this driver is targeted toward newer players, most of whom fight a slice.

Finally, Adams gave the IDEA driver an adjustable hosel.  This gives players the ability to change the loft across four degrees – two up or down from the stated loft.  Changing the loft will also modify the face angle, which will help the driver to grow with the players.  When you start, you may need to close the face to add even more slice busting.  As you improve, you can open the face slightly to counteract the internal draw bias.

2023 Adams IDEA Driver sole


With a price of $299, the 2023 Adams IDEA driver is half the cost of drivers from some OEMs.  The price will get players to take a look, but the solid performance will keep the club in their bag.  This driver has good forgiveness and a strong draw bias that will make the game more fun off the tee.

Visit Adams Golf HERE

2023 Adams IDEA Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review. Great to see a “new” club option for those players who don’t want to invest in a new OEM driver or search eBay to find a prior year bargain. I know several relatively new golfers who like the game (but don’t necessarily love it at this point) who have outgrown their uncle’s “spare driver that had been in the basement for 15 years but don’t want to drop $600 on a new OEM club.

  2. I’ve always been a huge Adams Golf fan, so I welcome them back with open arms! I look forward to seeing more from them in the future. Tim Reed was their design guru so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back I’m the saddle again!

  3. Adam smith

    Good to see more valur for money drivers hitting the market.
    Not everyone either has the money or the skills to buy a brand new $600 driver

  4. Armand deBlouwe

    This is one GOOD LOOKING Driver!!

  5. Randy Strickland

    I’m still getting used to it, but had my best drive ever today with it. Bought it direct from Adams golf.com to replace a starter Top Flight Gamer.

  6. Most important club in the bag? Uh-uh. Don’t think so. Any short game club is vastly more important, especially for geezers like me. I’ll buy one of these, though.

  7. Can you get fitted for the driver

    • Matt Saternus


      The only options are loft and flex, and it’s sold direct to consumer, so the short answer is no. That said, they come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can buy, try, and return it if you want different specs or just don’t like the driver.



  8. Jack Spinella

    I signed my email up and received my discount code but when I tried to apply it and buy my driver it kept saying that my code couldn’t be accepted. Waiting to hear back why.

  9. Peter shotlander

    Can we buy this in the uk

  10. Neil O'Brien

    You shared how far you hit it but you didn’t say how that compared to other drivers? (Unless I missed it!)

  11. Randy Strickland


    The Idea Adams irons, driver and hybrids are now available from PGA store and Worldwide Golf. I have the irons and driver and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  12. Proud new owner with a Christmas gift to myself of a complete set of Adams Idea clubs (D, 3F, 3H, 4H, 5-AW & SW). Got them at what I feel was a very reasonable price at PGA Superstore. I probably would have never considered Adams clubs except that I am a loyal and very satisfied owner of an old and well used set of Adams Golf Ovation 2 clubs. Got out yesterday to play a round using the new clubs and I am very satisfied with the look and the feel, plus the hybrids now fill a gap at 180 to 200 yards that always existed in my old set. I believe the new clubs will help to make me a better golfer, but unfortunately probably still won’t get me near the PGA tour. That’s ok because as long as they help me beat my golfing buddies, I am happy!

  13. Bill Burford

    What about the shaft. I bought the regular shaft and not sure what SF3 means. Never heard of Helium but hit it solid at golf store.

    • Matt Saternus


      The shaft says 5F3, not SF3. 5 is the weight class, around 50 grams. F3 is the flex – equal to a regular flex.


  14. Will you guys take trade-in on older Adams clubs. I have a 9 degree 360 cc driver that was one of the first to come out. Can I trade this in on the new driiver, also have a 3 and 5 wood from adams.

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