2018 TPT Golf Shaft Review

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TPT Golf has expanded their shaft line to fit more golfers.  Impressive technology story and incredibly consistent performance.

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At the 2017 PGA Show, the world was introduced to TPT Golf and their line of high performance shafts.  I had a chance to review one and came away very impressed.

Since then, a lot has changed for TPT.  They’ve racked up wins on professional tours across the globe and built a strong network of fitters/dealers that includes Club Champion.  They’ve also cut the price of their shafts in half.  I decided it was time to check back in to see what’s new.

Check out the new TPT Red Range Shafts HERE


TPT has maintained a consistent look from their launch last year.  The shaft appears to be a matte black, but a closer look reveals a detailed wood grain pattern.

The TPT branding is done in an eye-catching green with the specs laid out on a block of blue.


As I noted last year, what makes the feel of the TPT shaft unique is the sensation at impact.  Nothing I’ve ever hit feels quite so solid and connected.

During the swing, there’s very little action in the MKP (Mid Kick Point) shaft.  It’s not a harsh, boardy feel, but there’s not much kick, either.  If you want to feel the shaft work, you should opt for the LKP (Low Kick Point) models.


I visited Club Champion to be fit for a new TPT Golf shaft.  Since I last checked out TPT, they’ve made a new addition to their 15 Series – a lighter, lower torque model for the fast swinger who doesn’t want a stiff, heavy feel.

One interesting thing about TPT Golf is that they don’t use traditional flexes like “stiff” or “regular.”  Instead, they use numbers – 15 to 19 – so that golfers will select the right shaft rather than picking with their ego.

My fitter, Chad, started me out in the 16 Series, but we found I was losing too many shots to the left.  My preference is for a shaft that keeps me off the left side, so we shifted to the 15 Series.  We tried different models, but ultimately settled on the same one that worked for me last year: 15-MKP-MT-SW.  All those initials translate to Mid Kick Point, Mid Torque, and Standard Weight.

Throughout my fit, I was impressed with the consistency of each shaft that I tried.  Even the ones that didn’t fit produced the same result and feel over and over.  Clearly I’m not the only one who’s been impressed with TPT as their shafts racked up 6 professional wins over the last year and a half.


With an increasing network of fitters and a price that’s more in line with their competitors, TPT Golf is poised to make a major impact in 2018.  You don’t need to understand the technology story behind these shafts to appreciate the number of fitting options and stellar impact feel.

Matt Saternus


  1. TPT probably is a good shaft but at $499 per shaft, somehow I don’t think that the cost/benefit is there, at least for me.

  2. Michael Cook

    It would be nice if TPT would let me a make a purchasing decision about buying their shaft without using one of their fitters.

  3. I’ve heard a few have snapped in testing and in play, if so what’s the company’s explanation for this?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t heard any formal explanations from the company about the breakage. To my knowledge, they haven’t publicly addressed it.



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