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The Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 putters offer alignment and set up help in a variety of head and neck designs to fit a variety of golfers.


If you scan the putter landscape, you’ll see loads of putters that try to help golfers with their alignment.  The Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 putters are among those, but they also help with consistent set up and eye position.  Is I-Lock Technology the way to more one putts or just another buzzword?  We’ll answer that and more in this review.

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The Vizor Level 2 line up has 4 different models, each one featuring the I-Lock Technology.  For this review, we tested the M1 which is the most traditional looking putter of the lot – it’s essentially an Anser with an extended sight line.  The M2 and M3 putters are rounded mallets, similar in shape to a traditional 2-Ball putter.  The M4 is a center-shafted mallet with “wings” similar to Odyssey’s popular #7 head.

Each model has a low-glare silver finish, a red urethane face insert, and the large black I-Lock stripe.  As you can see in the pictures above, the stripe is solid black when you’re in the correct position, and it’s mixed with white when it’s out of position (I’ll talk about this in more detail later).

Overall, I think the Vizor Level 2 family offers a nice variety of shapes and is well constructed.  While I doubt that the hardcore traditionalists will be lining up for them, I think most recreational players would be happy to have one in their bag.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 putter has a firm feel and sound somewhere in between a “click” and a “thock.”

One area where the Vizor Level 2 excels is in feedback.  Putts that are hit perfectly get a solid feel and sound.  When you move off the center of the face, the feel and sound get a little harsh – a good reminder to hit the next putt pure.

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The first question that must be answered is, “Can the Vizor Level 2’s I-Lock Technology help golfers?”  The answer is “Yes, but…”.  Let me start with the “Yes” part.  It is clear to me that the stark contrast between the black and white stripes will help golfers to get into a consistent address position.  If you’ve ever watched the average golfer putt, you know this is definitely the kind of help that they need.  Now the “but.”  If you’re going to have maximum success with I-Lock, you need to make sure the putter is fit to you and your stroke.  If you buy a putter that is too long or too short, you can line up the stripes perfectly and be in a bad position.  Similarly, you’re going to want to have the putter’s lie angle bent so that you can line up the stripes from your optimal address position.  For me, I’d like the putter a little more upright; others will need it a touch flatter.

As for the putter itself, it performs well on the greens.  The M1 is not the most stable putter on mishits, so if that’s a major concern you should opt for one of the mallet head shapes.

I do like that Wilson Staff offers a variety of neck styles and toe hangs in the Vizor Level 2 line: the M1 has a plumbers neck, the M2 and M3 have double-bend shafts attached at the heel, and the M4 is center-shafted.  Again, make sure that your fit to the best model for your stroke.

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With the always-true caveat that fitting is critical, the Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 putters offer a really smart bit of design that will help golfers improve their consistency.  The Vizor Level 2 family offers enough head and neck styles that you should be able to take advantage of this technology no matter what your putter preferences are.

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