Wilson Staff DUO Professional Golf Ball Review

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The Wilson Staff DUO Professional golf ball brings a spin-producing urethane cover to the ultra-soft DUO line.


Over the last few years, Wilson Staff has remained committed to the philosophy that softer is better.  And if you look at other OEM’s ball line ups, you’ll see that Wilson has created many converts.

The new DUO Professional, the replacement for the DUO Urethane, keeps that soft feel but adds a urethane cover to create more spin in the short game


Even though the compression of the DUO Professional is substantially higher than the standard DUO (60 vs. 29), it still has that soft, springy feeling that its fans love.  From wedges to irons to woods, impact is very quiet, and it feels like the ball jumps off the club face.

Off the putter, the difference between the DUO Professional and the DUO Soft is more noticeable.  The DUO Professional is still markedly softer than most Tour balls, but it doesn’t compare to the DUO Soft.

Short Game

If there is a complaint about the DUO Soft, it’s that it doesn’t have a lot of spin with the wedges.  The DUO Professional addresses that problem.  On short to medium length pitches, I found that the DUO Professional spun very similarly to a typical Tour ball.

On full swing wedges, however, there is a gap between Tour balls and the DUO Professional.  The DUO Professional provided significantly more spin than the DUO Soft but was still 10% short of the highest spinning Tour balls.  However, depending on your game and where you play, having lower spin on full wedge shots may be a positive.

Long Game

The DUO Professional is billed as being “as long or longer than any 3-piece golf ball” which is thanks to its low spin off the tee.  Compared to some Tour balls, the DUO Professional cut as much as 300 RPM off my driver.  If you’re a player who fights ballooning tee shots, the DUO Professional is a ball you must try.

With the irons, the DUO Professional claims to create 6% more spin than its predecessor.  I wasn’t able to test this claim, but I can report that the DUO Professional spun only a few hundred RPM less than the average Tour ball with my mid irons.  Whether that slightly lower spin is a positive or negative will depend on your particular needs, but, for me it was not a big enough gap to hurt my ability to hold greens.


The case for the DUO Professional is easy to make and very compelling: you get the soft, wonderful DUO feel with additional spin in the short game.  And for many golfers, the lower spin off the tee will be as much of a selling point as the feel.  No matter your level of play, there’s now a DUO golf ball for you.

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  1. Randy Morgan

    I’ve played 18 with the Duo Professional. Very good. Performance from tee to green was impressive. Long off the tee and with my irons with touch around the greens. I played in 45 degree weather and ball traveled like it was 65 degrees. I played the orange and this was also very easy to see in dormant Bermuda grass as well as track in the air. I highly recommend this ball to all golfers.

  2. Christopher James

    Thank you for the review. I play Callaway SuperSoft as I like the really soft feel and and less spin off the tee. After your review, I plan to grab a dozen Wilson Staff DUO and see how they play. Thanks!

    • Same thought process as you..Like the matte finish and feel of the Callaway Super soft. Have played the Srixon Q Star Tour also as well as the Snell black and red..
      This ball looks promising so picked up a dozen to start using this weekend..

  3. I played a full 18 with one ball and the ball passed with flying colors. Nice off the tee, soft on the irons and a good hop/stop with my wedges. This ball is part of my rotation now. Excellent ball!!

  4. Nice write up. I would like to hear your thoughts on this ball vs the Srixon Q star tour. They seem to be competing for the same type of player. Any thoughts? Anything stand out about one or the other? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is the feel, the DUO is extremely soft, the Q Star Tour feels more “normal.”



  5. Mark Rintoul


  6. I have played the Duo -U for the last couple years . it appears that the professional is 60 compression compared to 55 . Duo – U spins well also. in my mind no better feeling golf ball

  7. Ben Jones

    I use pro v1’s and am a 90mph club head swing.. I’m looking to gain more distance and still have nice feel around the greens. Would this ball help with my problem… I’ve tried Volvik vivid and like the distance and feel like it doesn’t bite as good.. Any thoughts thanks..

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know about the distance piece, but the DUO Professional should offer similar spin to the ProV1 around the green.


  8. Michael 1GolfJones Henkle

    Just played a round with the two W/S Duo’s I received at the golf show, I was so impressed with their distance & feel around the greens I’m switching over from my long time go to Callaway Chrome Softs.
    Wilson really hit the nail on the head, plus the Duo’s are very reasonably priced.

  9. Hi My golf fitter recommended Pro V1 x. My ball flight is a little low. My driver swing speed is almost 100. I played the duo in 2018 and 2019 and liked them. My new clubs are going to be the T300 from Titleist. Not wild about $50 a dozen for the Pro V1x. Any recommendation

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want a ball with green side spin that doesn’t cost a ton, the DUO Professional is good as is the Srixon Q-Star Tour.



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