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The Swing Plate is a training aid designed to give you precise control over your drill set up.  Has many applications.  Easy to use.


The humble alignment stick is the best training aid in golf.  For everyone from the PGA Tour Pro to the 30+ handicapper, it serves loads of functions [learn more HERE].

The Swing Plate is a training aid designed to supercharge your alignment sticks.  With a heavy metal base and the ability to lock in specific angles, it opens the doors to tons more creative uses.  I tested The Swing Plate to see if you should add it to your practice arsenal.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Swing Plate is ready to use out of the box.  Slide an alignment stick or two (you need to provide your own) into the sleeves, and you’re ready to go.  You can adjust the “arm” without tools, but a wrench is included if you want to lock it in a position semi-permanently.

The only learning curve with The Swing Plate is figuring out all the uses.  There is a good website full of short videos HERE which details a number of possible uses, but you’re only limited by your imagination…and safety considerations.


The Swing Plate unlocks many uses for your alignment sticks.  Possible uses, some of which are shown in these pictures, include setting a stick to swing under or over, correcting your weight shift, and keeping a steady head.

There will be some who are about to post comments saying, “You can do those things without The Swing Plate – just push the stick into the ground.”  I certainly won’t argue with you.  However, the value The Swing Plate provides is threefold.  First, you can set these drills up indoors and on mats.  Second, you can set up the angle of the sticks with more precision.  Third, if you’re hitting iron shots and taking divots, you can more easily move to fresh turf.

Getting back to effectiveness, I always like to consider feedback clarity in a training aid.  With every drill that I’ve done with The Swing Plate, the feedback is very clear.  If you’re swinging under or over an alignment stick, there’s no question whether or not you hit it.  If you’re trying to move your body into a stick or stay away from it, again, there’s no doubt about success or failure.  Clear feedback is critical to improvement.

The one thing I would like to see in The Swing Plate 2.0 is markings on the “arm” so that you can set it up precisely.  The value of The Swing Plate is in setting up your drills accurately, so knowing the exact angle for your favorite backswing drill would be valuable.


Will The Swing Plate last?  Yes, it’s solid steel, heavy, and feels like it could withstand serious abuse.

Is The Swing Plate portable?  Yes, but it’s heavy enough that  I wouldn’t store it in my golf bag for fear of ripping a pocket or zipper.

The Swing Plate can be used indoors, on mats, and on grass, which gives it a ton of flexibility.  It has applications from putting through driving.  Add to that the multitude of drills you can do with it and the quick set up and you have a trainer with very high longevity.


The Swing Plate retails through this website HERE for $90.

For a teaching pro, this is a no brainer must-have.  For a recreational player, I would ask how often you set up different drills in practice.  If one of The Swing Plate’s drills is a go-to for you, I think this is worth buying.  If you aren’t a serious range rat or have other trainers you rely on, the cost is probably too high.


Adding more consistency and precision to your practice is almost always worth doing, so I think The Swing Plate is a training aid that definitely merits consideration.  This is a versatile tool that you can use to improve every phase of your game.

Visit The Swing Plate HERE

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  1. I just ordered one. I have been using a basket of balls with an alignment stick inserted to practice getting on plane, it worked but not very well. I expect this to get used quite a bit. I have a buddy who is always coming over the top and he is already asking to borrow it, LOL!

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