Test & Review the Edison Golf Pitching Wedge

Test the New Edison Golf Pitching Wedge

The Edison wedge [review HERE] is one of the most impressive new products that we’ve tested in the last several years.  These wedges are so good that they’re in the bags of Matt Saternus and Matt Meeker [check it out HERE].  The combination of the cavity back, high COG, and Koehler Sole makes the short game easier than it’s ever been.

Want to see the results for yourself?  PluggedInGolf and Edison are teaming up to give four golfers the chance to test and keep an Edison wedge.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the specs of the wedge that you’d like to receive (loft and shaft).  This opportunity is focused on the new pitching wedge, so it needs to be 45-48 degrees.

Check out the available shafts HERE

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.  Subscribe HERE

That’s it!  On Friday, April 30, we will contact four golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Edison wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The wedge is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
Matt Saternus


  1. Seth+Peterson

    Seth Peterson
    Baldwinsville, NY
    Index 8
    Would love to test the 45* with KBS tour in stiff flex

  2. Matt Drury

    Matt Drury, Kent, England.
    5 handicap
    45 degree
    KBS Tour 120 regular shaft

    • Carl Carlson

      I would love to try out and review the Edison Forged pitching wedge.
      17 handicap
      Senior flex, Steel shaft, 48 degree

    • Kevin Poppleton

      Kevin Poppleton. Albany, New York
      Handicap 16

      I would love to test and review the new Edison Wedge for you!!
      45 degree KBS Tour 80 Graphite – Reg

  3. Daniel Steiner

    Daniel Steiner
    Boston, MA
    Handicap: 22
    Loft: 45
    Shaft: KBS Tour Stiff


      Graeme Mckimmie
      Inverness, Scotland
      19.3 handicap
      48 degrees
      KBS tour reg

      • Brad S Senter

        I would like to demo your wedge 48 degree with 10 bounce with regular flex graphite shaft that you offer….my handicap range is 12-14….I live in Spartanburg SC. A sincere thanks for your consideration. I hit range balls 4 times a week and play at least twice a week. Golf is my passion and would truly like to evaluate your wedge.o

    • Christopher Hughes

      Christopher Hughes
      Plymouth UK
      Handicap 18
      Loft 48

  4. Hey guys – would love to try this wedge, been hearing good things. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Al Sandrini

      I would love to compare the Edidon wedge against wedges from my other sets. Looking for more consistency.

      45 degree. KBS Stiff

      Thank you.

  5. Ian Perry
    Handicap – 16
    Loft – 46
    Shaft – KBS Tour Stiff

    • Tom Fallin

      Tom Fallin
      Saint Augustine, Florida
      15 handicap
      48 degree wedge, KBS Tour graphite 80 – Regular Flex

  6. Willie Ruiz

    Willie Ruiz
    Atlanta, GA
    18 HCP
    45 Degree with KBS Tour Stiff Flex

    • Ray Torres

      Ray Torres
      Hopewell Junction NY
      11 Handicap
      45 Degree with KBS Tour 105 Stiff Flex

    • Greg Hollis

      Matt have heard good things about these wedges and would be very grateful to have a chance to test this fine product handicap 10, KBS tour regular shaft 45 degree loft. Really enjoy your columns 👍

  7. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin
    Colfax, CA. (Sacramento Region)
    Handicap: 12
    Loft: 48
    Shaft: KBS Tour 105 Regular

  8. Chris Walsh

    Chris Walsh
    Scottsdale, AZ
    16.3 handicap
    45° w/KBS Tour Stiff

  9. Ryan Fallows

    Ryan Fallows
    45 degree and KBS Tour S

  10. Derrick Low
    Bothell, WA
    22 handicap but working hard to improve
    Loft: 45
    KBS Tour 105 Stiff

  11. Peter Smith

    I’m an early adopter. I carry Edison 49*, 53*, 57* KBS Tour 105 Reg
    Edison Wedges truly perform as advertised for me lower ball flight, higher spin, with superior dispersion.
    My 45* is part of my Mizuno JPX 919 HM Pro set.
    If it makes sense for a tester to be a current user of higher lofts, I would be happy to participate.
    16 Index


  12. Wow, so intrigued by these!! Thanks for opportunity to test!
    Josh Giesige
    Edgerton OH
    8 HDCP
    KBS Tour Stiff shaft, and 45* (my current PW is 45, then i go 48 52 56 60)

  13. Graydon McNair

    Graydon McNair
    Summerville, SC
    1.0 HCP
    46 degrees with a project x 6.5 x stiff

  14. Drew Koch
    Aurora, IL
    11/12 handicap!
    Loft: 47 or 48 would be great!
    KBS Tour Graphite 80

  15. Colin O'Neill

    Colin O’Neill
    Potomac, MD
    4.9 HCP
    45 degrees, S400, +0.25 length

    • Gabriele Sasso

      Gabe Sasso
      Amsterdam, NY
      Index: 4
      Would love to test 46 degree with KBS Tour Stiff
      Best of luck to all!

    • Bill Bouxsein

      I would like to test the Edison wedge.
      Bill Bouxsein
      Long Lake IL
      Hcdp 28
      48 deg
      Tour 80.reg flex shaft

  16. Daniel Scott

    Daniel Scott
    Jacksonville, FL
    10 HDCP
    45 Degree KBS Tour Stiff

  17. Ben Kozak
    Boston, MA
    Handicap 8
    46 degree KBS tour stiff

  18. Mark Fuqua
    Birmingham, MI
    Handicap: 6.3
    Specs: 46 Degrees, KBS Tour Stiff Shaft

  19. Stephen Gengaro

    Stephen Gengaro
    Boonton, NJ
    Handicap: 4.5
    Loft: 48
    Shaft: KBS Tour 105 Stiff

  20. Andrew Crook

    Andrew Crook
    Concord, NC
    Handicap: None
    Loft: 56
    Shaft: TT Dynamic Gold 105 S300

  21. Chadd Gulch

    Chadd Gulch
    Grand Rapids MI
    Hdcp 3
    Loft 50
    Shaft kbs Tour stiff

  22. Rob Slade
    Wake Forest, NC
    HCDP: 1.5
    Loft: 48
    Shaft: KBS Tour S

  23. Nick Billman

    Nick Billman
    Lake Quivira, KS
    Handicap: 14.4
    46 degree, KBS Tour Stiff

  24. Braxton Tennison

    Braxton Tennison
    Phoenix, AZ
    Handicap: 6
    Loft: 46
    Shaft: KBS Tour Stiff

  25. Corey Albrecht

    Corey Albrecht
    Kansas City, MO
    48°, KBS Tour Stiff, + 1/2”, 1° upright

  26. Dave W
    Roseville, Ca
    Handicap 3.2
    Loft 45*.
    2* Flat if possible
    TT DG105s

  27. Larry Mojica

    Larry Mojica
    Los Angeles, CA
    USGA Handicap 16.3
    Loft 48, KBS tour 105 reg.

  28. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point NC
    45° with the KBS tour reg

    Please and thank you.

  29. Jay Watts
    Fair Oaks, Ca
    Handicap 7.1
    Loft 45*
    Shaft KBS Tour 105 Stiff


    Tyson Bickle
    Portland, Oregon
    45° tour 80 graphite stiff
    Handicap 33

  31. Robert Scott Southern

    Hdp 10
    Kbs tour stiff

  32. If only they came in lefty.

  33. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson
    Sounds like a good opportunity to try out the new Edison.
    I am from Castaic, CA
    26 handycap
    The 45 degree with a KBS regular shaft.

  34. Dave Kim
    Chicago, IL
    8 HCP
    48 Degree with DG Tour Issue S400

  35. Ryan G
    Location – Washington, DC
    Handicap – 11
    Specs – 46* wedge, KBS Tour 105 stiff flex

  36. Ryan K
    Location – Los Altos, CA
    Handicap – 16
    Specs – 45 degree, KBS Tour 105 Stiff

  37. Matthew Jones

    Matt Jones
    Raleigh, NC
    10 Handicap
    48, KBS 105 Stiff

  38. Sam Williamson

    Sam W.
    Richmond, VA
    3.2 hdcp
    45 degree w/ KBS Tour stiff (+1″ if possible)

    • Mark Wallace

      Mark Wallace
      Mt Sterling KY
      15 Handicap
      45 degree, 2 flat, KBS Tour 80 Regular
      Would love the opportunity to have and Edison Wedge in my hand to help lower my scores. Thank you very much!

  39. Glen Koeske
    Bath Michigan
    Hdcp: 5
    46° KBS tour 80 graphite stiff

  40. Perry Meade

    Perry Meade
    Warrenton, VA
    HDCP: 6
    KBS Tour Stiff

  41. Tom Schlegel

    Tom Schlegel
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    Hdcp: 9.8
    48 degree w/ KBS Tour Stiff

  42. Jason Trombley

    Would love to try the 45 degree wedge with tour stiff shaft. Index 19 Syracuse NY

  43. Christopher Hetland

    Chris Hetland
    Alexandria, VA
    Hdcp: 20
    45 degree w/ KBS Tour Stiff

  44. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith
    Valencia, Spain
    HC – 9.6 (currently going the wrong way.. 😫)
    I’d love to get hold of a 48° KBS Tour stiff shaft, 1″ longer and 2° upright with a midsized grip… Is that too much to ask for? Well if you don’t ask, you don’t get…

  45. Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander
    Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
    45 *
    KBS Tour – Regular

  46. George Nix

    George Nix
    Dacula, GA
    Edison Wedge 45 with KBS Tour 80 Graphite
    Thanks for the chance to demo a Edison wedge

  47. Phil Johnson

    Phil Johnson
    Hugo, Minnesota
    Hncp : 12
    48 degree with kbs tour stiff

  48. Josh Foladare

    Josh Foladare
    Rochester, NY
    Handicap: 20
    DG S300 Stiff Shaft

  49. Brian W. Frazier

    Brian Frazier
    Hanson, MA
    Handicap 16
    46 KBS Tour 80 Graphite Regular

  50. Raymond Norris

    KBS Tour 80 Graphite Regular
    13 hcp

    Vienna, Austria

  51. John Barry

    John Barry
    Hertfordshire England
    Index 19
    48 degree with KBS Tour 80 graphite A Flex

  52. Stephen Cronin

    Stephen Cronin
    Cork, Ireland
    18.3 handicap
    46 degrees w/KBS Tour Reg

  53. Alex Sharpe

    Alex Sharpe
    Roxbury NY
    Handicap. 0
    45 degree KBS tour 80 graphite Reg

  54. George Sabo

    George Sabo
    Malvern, PA
    11 hdcp
    48 deg kbs tour 80 stiff
    I have 3 of the original Edison wedges and I love them.

  55. Tim Robertson

    I’d love to test the 48 degree wedge in regular flex shaft
    Handicap 20

  56. Nate Woznick

    Nate W
    Grand Rapids, MI
    45* with kbs tour stiff shaft, standard length and lie

  57. Grant Chaney

    Grant C
    Franklin, TN
    10 HDCP
    KBS Tour Stiff

  58. Jon H Levenstein

    Jon Levenstein
    Bedford, NH
    45 degree
    KBS tour regular
    18 HCap

  59. Philip J Boyle

    Phil Boyle
    Bluffton, S.C.
    Handicap Index: 9.6
    48 degree KBS Tour 80 Graphite A Flex
    Thanks for the opportunity to be a tester*

  60. Keith Blott

    Keith Blott
    Gold Coast, Australia
    18 handicap
    46 degree, KBS tour stiff shaft

  61. Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson
    Amarillo, TX
    Index 4
    Would love to test the 45* with KBS tour 80 graphite stiff flex

  62. Dan Humboldt

    Dan Humboldt
    Roswell GA
    2.4 handicap
    46 degree with KBS 120 Stiff

  63. Timothy Patterson

    I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on these wedges since I read Matt’s review of them!
    Manchester, NH
    Hdcp: 18.6
    47 Degree w/ KBS Tour Stiff (+1″ if possible)

  64. Tim Chaffee

    Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    HDCP – 21
    48* KBS Tour – Stiff

  65. Rob Carroll

    Rob Carroll
    Manotick, Ontario Canada
    Hdcp: 16.8
    The 48 degree with a KBS regular shaft

  66. Roger Sorey

    I could really use a nice 48 wedge to close gap after my 43 PW. Thanks for doing this!
    Roger Sorey
    Springboro, Ohio
    12.7 handicap

  67. David Ball

    David Ball
    Atlanta, GA
    47 degree, KBS Stiff

  68. Van Fletcher

    KBS Tour graphite reg 80
    Index 4.1
    45 degree
    Nashville TN*

  69. Mark Quick

    Mark Quick
    Spokane Valley, WA
    27 handicap
    Loft: 45
    KBS Tour Graphite 80
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. Gabriel Calvo

    Would love to review one please.

    Gabriel Calvo
    Arlington, VA, USA
    Hcp: 5
    46 degrees in KBS Tour Stiff.

  71. Rick Larocque

    Rick Larocque
    Ottawa, Ontario,Canada
    18 handicap
    48 degree with KBS tour 80 reg
    Thanks for the opportunity

  72. Charles Wilson

    Presently playing Cleveland wedges and would like to compare the Edison.
    East Jordan, Michigan
    Hdcp: 83
    48 degree
    Kns tour stiff

  73. Paul Leahy

    Name: Paul Leahy
    Location: Galway, Ireland
    Handicap: 5.4
    Specs: 45 degree, KBS Tour – Stiff

  74. Mike Mcferron

    Mike McFerron
    Bradenton, FL USA
    Hdcp index 8.2
    46 degrees with KBS Tour 80 graphite (reg)

  75. Mike Finnerty

    Mike Finnerty
    47 degrees
    + .25 inches length
    KBS tour reg
    Handicap: 9.6

    • Mike Finnerty

      My apologies for not including this comment in my original post. Thank you for the opportunity to try the Edison wedge. Due to a recent purchase of a new set of irons, I now have a big gap between my current PW at 43 and my gap wedge at 52. I’ve been interested in the Edisons because they claim to have a lower ball flight. If it works, I’d like to replace my 52 as well. I would be happy to write a review of the Edison’s.

  76. Michael Pasvantis

    Michael Pasvantis
    Boca Raton, FL
    47 Degree KBS Tour 105 Stiff

  77. Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson
    Grove City, Ohio
    Handicap 13.7
    48 degree tour 80 senior graphite

  78. 46
    KBS tour R
    HI 2.9

  79. 46 degree
    KBS Tour R
    HI 2.9
    Moravian Falls, NC
    70 years old, playing for 55 of them.

  80. Todd Brindley

    Todd Brindley
    Lincoln, NE
    26 Hncp
    KBS Tour-Stiff

  81. Greg Moline

    Greg Moline Mequon
    Kbs tour 80 graphite regular
    12 handicap


    Steve Maragakes
    Doylestown, PA
    Hcap: 8.9
    48 Degree
    KBS Graphite R 80; excited for this opportunity!

  83. Jeremy Reil

    Jeremy Reil
    Florence, MA
    Hdcp 9.4
    45 Degree
    KBS Tour 105 Stiff

    Currently in the market for a whole new set of wedges, so while I said 45 degrees any of the lofts between 45-48 would be fantastic. Thanks!

  84. christopher costa

    Chris C.
    New Jersey USA
    17.5 HDCP
    45 degree
    TT Dynamic Gold Wedge (tour issue please)

  85. daniel bratlie

    Daniel Bratlie
    League City, Texas
    HDCP: 10.6
    48 degree
    KBS 105 Tour stiff

  86. John Witherspoon

    I am a very active golfer playing 120 plus rounds annually. The Edison PW 45 degrees , KBS tour 80 A flex would be great to compliment my current wedge group. Wedges save the day.

  87. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown
    Sheboygan, WI
    Hdcp: 9
    KBS Tour Regular
    48 degree

  88. Joseph Lopiccolo

    Joseph Lopiccolo
    Kenner Louiisiana
    8 HCP
    48degree KBS tour 80 Graphite*

  89. Randall Siedschlag

    Randy Siedschlag
    Hillsboro OR
    30 handicap
    Kbs tour stiff

  90. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson, Eureka MO
    8 handicap currently gaming MG2 Wedges and P7MB PW
    48* and KBS Tour – S

  91. John Witherspoon

    As an 11 handicap at Spring Creek GC in Central Virginia we welcome everybody to this great course.

  92. David Magill

    Currently playing Mizuno 919 tour PW which is 46 degrees. My next wedge is a 52 Cleveland. I’d like to try the 48 degree with KBS tour 80 reg.
    I am in the UK so I’m probably not going to be invited to try these wedges due to location.

  93. Raphael Godinez

    Hi i would love to try out your new wedges. Thanks for the chance.
    15 hcp.
    kbs tour 105 reg.

  94. simon dunberry

    simon dunberry
    St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada
    11 handicap
    47 degree
    KBS Tour 80 graphite regular
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  95. Ed Bradley
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    Handicap 20
    Kbs tour 120 stiff
    Would be happy with any loft between 45 and 48. Thanks

  96. 47* A Flex Graphite Shaft

  97. Vince Selca

    Vince Selca
    Romeo, MI
    10.7 handicap
    46 degree
    KBS tour stiff shaft

  98. Charles Prokop

    I’d love to replace my worn-out Vokey with a new Edison.
    48 degree
    KBS Tour Reg.
    Handicap index 6.7
    Bandera, Texas

  99. Andrew Malkin

    Andrew Malkin
    Bromley, Kent, England
    Hcp: 10.4
    48 degrees
    KBS Tour 105 Stiff (+0.5 inches), Lie 2 degrees flat

  100. Edward Hsu

    I’m currently playing a Mizuno gap wedge but I’m having a tough time dialing it in.

    Eddie H
    Lenexa, KS
    Index: 14
    47 degree
    Kbs tour 105 stiff

  101. James Cowley

    James Cowley
    Buffalo NY
    Hdcp 20
    45 degree
    KBS 80 graphite Regular

  102. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    HDCP 12
    45*, KBS Tour Stiff

  103. Randy Burchell

    Abilene Country Club, Abilene, TX, Hdcp: 14
    Would love to play the 48 degree with any graphite shaft, regular flex

  104. Mitchell Hobbs

    Thanks the a great chance to try something new.
    48 degree reg shaft( you pick)
    15 and getting better. These would help, I am sure.
    Mitchell Hobbs
    Varna il*

  105. Jerry Payne

    Would love to try the 45 degree with the senior graphite shaft. I’m a 12 Handicap. Short game is my weak link – so, I would love to try it.*

  106. Kevin Wood

    Kevin Wood Boise Idaho 22 Handicap 48 degree KBS Tour Graphite regular flex

  107. Gary Genest

    Would love to test the 45 degree Edison wedge with the KBS Tour 80 Graphite in R-flex.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Larry Hill

    I would appreciate the chance to evaluate a wedge from Edison
    Larry Hill
    Pittsburg KANSAS USA
    handicap 12
    48° KBS Tour 80 Reg

  109. Dave Lake
    West Boylston, MA
    Handicap: 19
    Loft: 45
    Shaft: KBS Tour Stiff

  110. James Manning

    Jim Manning
    Portsmouth, RI
    12.2 index
    48 degree KBS Tour105 R

  111. Robert Cooke

    Would love to test the wedge as this is my weakest club. Love the forged aspect for the feel it gives at contact.
    Hdcp 9.3
    48 degree with KBS graphite Reg tour 80
    Thanks for the opportunity to test the club.

  112. Daniel Shepherd

    Dan Shepherd
    Hillsboro, Virginia
    Hdcp: 16.3
    48 degree
    KBS Tour Reg

  113. Allen Bird

    Allen Bird
    Madoc, Ontario Canada

    7 Handicap

    48 degree kbs tour stiff

  114. Bill Brosky

    Bill Brosky, Sunset, SC 9.0 index KBS Tour 80 graphite, regular. Would like to compare to my AP3 pw! Thanks, BB*

  115. Alan Bronstein

    Alan Bronstein
    Bridgeville, De
    HC: 18
    45 degree
    KBS Tour80 Graphite Reg

  116. John Lyle Reedy

    John Reedy
    Bellevue, NE
    Index 17.1
    loft 45, kbs tour 105 stiff

  117. Howard Saul

    Howard, Doncaster England. 10 handicap, would love to try a 45 degree version of this wedge in regular shaft.
    Thanks Howard.

  118. Charleston SC
    6 hdcp
    46 degree
    KBS Tour 105 Stiff

  119. Jason Holzemer

    Jason Holzemer
    Shakopee, MN
    Handicap 11
    47 degree w/ KBS Tour 105 Stiff

    Thank you!

  120. Daniel Griffiths

    Dan Griffiths
    Pebble Beach, CA
    5 hcp
    I’d love to try the 46deg with a KBS tour stiff to compare with the z785 wedge I currently play – thanks for the opportunity.

  121. Curt Carlson

    Curt Carlson
    West Palm Beach, FL
    8.8 hdcp
    46 degree with KBS Tour 105, regular flex


    I don’t carry a handicap anymore. When I used to play tournaments I was an 8. I am 73 and just play for fun. Still shoot in the low 80’s and get in the 70’s several times a year. I am not a long hitter but very accurate. My playing friends call me down the middle Dan. I have won closest to the pin contests. My pitching wedge is my favorite iron. I use it for chipping as well as my 120 yard shots. Strangers have watched me chip and ask how I am consistently accurate. So would love to test your pitching wedge to see how accurate it is. Senior flex. Would follow your suggestion on loft.

  123. Really cool opportunity Matt, thanks! I’d love to see how this wedge performs against my set GW which is the same loft (49 bent to 48).

    Bryan Pluta
    Bellingham, MA
    6.4 handicap

    48* wedge, KBS Tour Stiff


    I don’t carry a handicap anymore. When I used to play tournaments I was an 8. I am 73 and just play for fun. Still shoot in the low 80’s and get in the 70’s several times a year. I am not a long hitter but very accurate. My playing friends call me down the middle Dan. I have won closest to the pin contests. My pitching wedge is my favorite iron. I use it for chipping as well as my 120 yard shots. Strangers have watched me chip and ask how I am consistently accurate. So would love to test your pitching wedge to see how accurate it is. Senior flex. Would follow your suggestion on loft.
    No Handicap
    Senior Flex
    Shaft, your suggestion

  125. Matthew Vargos

    Matthew Vargos
    Chicago, IL
    Hdcp: 19
    45 Degree
    KBS Tour Stiff

  126. Will Sablan

    Currently playing the Callaway Mack daddy series.
    Very interested in a side by side comparison.
    Spokane, WA
    Handicap 14
    48 degree
    Right handed
    KBS tour stiff shaft*

  127. Nello Buratti

    Would love to try your wedges. Would like to try a 48 degree with KBS tour graphite-regular.
    Nello Buratti
    7 Handicap

  128. I like more traditional lofted clubs, so the 48* would be my club of choice, I don’t need a set with a 42* PW, a 46* approach wedge and a 52* gap wedge. I play to about a 10 handicap in western PA and a regular flex steel shaft would suit me just fine.
    Thank you………………………….. J.B.*

  129. Randy Smith

    46* regular steel. Shaft
    Hdcp: 19
    Thanks for the chance*

  130. Jack O'Neal

    Jack O’Neal, california, 7.7 ghin
    45° KBS Tour 80 graphite right hand

  131. Robert Titchmarsh

    Bob Titchmarsh
    East Yorkshire, England
    Handicap: 19.9
    48 degree
    KBS Tour – Regular

  132. Rod Gardner

    Great Prize
    Brockville Ontario
    46* with KBS Tour 80 Stiff

  133. Jonathan+Blum

    Jon Blum Shavertown,Pa.
    48, graphite 80g. Would love to try

  134. John Robin (JR) Stewart

    John Robin (JR) Stewart
    H.I. 13
    Austin, TX
    46 degree
    KBS Tour Stiff

    I’ll be playing lots of golf over the next few months and would love to try this wedge out and document the review on Instagram. I’ve played KBS Tour C-Tapered (115 and 125) shafts for 6 years and could definitely see this wedge slotting in to my bag seamlessly. Just tuned in to the IG live by the way -keep up the good work!

  135. Bern Wydo
    Uniontown, PA
    Hdcp: 5
    KBS Tour 105 Reg.
    2 degrees flat

  136. Travis Smith

    Travis Smith
    Zionsville, IN
    HDCP – 6.3
    46 degree
    KBS Tour Stiff

  137. Herb Strachman

    Herb Strachman
    Portland, Maine
    Senior, high handicap,
    I heard about the clubs on a podcast and I knew I had to try them
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite- A Flex

  138. Nancy H
    San Diego, CA
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite – A Flex

  139. Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL
    HDCP Index: 18.4
    46 degrees
    KBS Tour 105 Regular

  140. Tom Weirich

    Tom W
    Cleveland, OH
    45 Degree
    KBS Tour Stiff

  141. Brian Woo
    San Francisco Bay Area, California
    8 handicap
    45 degrees, 1 degree flat (if possible)
    KBS Tour 105 Stiff
    Thanks for the chance!

  142. Richard Ertel

    Would love to try forged wedges for the first time in my life.
    Racine, WI
    Hdcp: 15
    48 degree
    KBS regular*

  143. Robert Slater

    Robert Slater
    Dublin, OH
    17 index
    46 degree
    KBS Tour 80 graphite regular

  144. Al Bogert
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    Handicap 20
    Would love to test the 46 degree, graphite A-Flex shaft.
    Desperately need a new wedge – these look great.

  145. Tony Bumstead

    I have wanted to try one of the Edison wedges for a while, especially having Reid Lockhart wedges in my bag Hope this gives me the opportunity. Hcp 14
    Need a KBS graphite 80 gm A Flex, 48*

  146. Andy Litchfield

    Andy Litch
    West Midlands, England
    WHS Index: 2.8
    47 degrees with KBS Tour Stiff (preferably +1/2″)

  147. Aubrey King

    Presently playing Callaway Apex and Wilson Fat Shaft wedges. Handicap 15
    Kind tour stuff w/ 48 degree loft

  148. Always looking for help to improve my game.

  149. Alan Olson
    Monterey Calif
    21 handicap
    48 degree
    KBS Tour Reg
    I would love to test it out on the courses here.

  150. Brad SharpE

    Always inspired by the Non big name wedge candidate brand names. The Edison lines look clean and remind me of old MacGregor tools. Nice looking and would be honored to see how they perform. 5 Hdcp, R Flex 80/90 g 48 degree. Pls & Ty.

  151. Luke Fromkin

    Luke Fromkin
    Tucson Arizona
    Will it surpass my Mack Daddy
    KBS 80 graphite senior shaft*

  152. James Stephens

    I have always wanted to try one as I have the Score wedges from Terry
    15 Handicap
    Atlanta Georgia
    KBS Stiff 45 degrees

  153. Lisa O'Brien

    Hello! My name is Lisa O’Brien. I am located in Honey Grove, PA and my handicap is 27. Specs 48 degree. Anxious to find a pitching wedge for a 5’ 10” female. Thank you for the chance!

  154. Richard+Bernard

    Richard Bernard
    Viera, Fl
    Handicap 10
    48 degree
    Kbs stiff 105
    Right handed

  155. Jerry Dushane

    Jerry Dushane
    Kansas city, Missouri
    Hdcp 13
    45 degrees
    KBS Tour graphite 80 reg

  156. Tony O'Connell

    Tony O’Connell Louisville, Ky

    I’m 70 and have a 24 handicap. I just can’t seem to get close to the pin with my current pitching wedge and would love to try an Edison 45 degree wedge with an A-flex shaft

  157. George Pleschakow

    would love to try this wedge, my wedge is not cooperating this year

  158. Kevin Zis
    Los Gatos, CA
    Handicap 8.8
    45 degree
    KBS graphite 80 Stiff

  159. George Pleschakow

    would love to try this wedge, my wedge is not cooperating this year. 8 hdcp, 45deg KBS Tour 105 Stiff Oxford, Michigan*

  160. Jason Z Taylor

    Jason Taylor
    Wichita, KS
    HCP 12
    46 degree, KBS Tour Regular
    Thanks for the opportunity

  161. Joe Nixon
    New York City
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite Stiff

    Need this to complete my Edison set!!!

  162. BJ Johnson
    Syracuse, NY
    Hdc[: 20
    48 degree
    Shaft KBS Tour 80 Graphite

    Like to experience the high COG, rounded front edge to eliminate chunking my wedge into turf but still getting spme back spin.


  163. Mitch Weigand

    Mitch Weigand
    Liverpool, NY
    Handicap: 1
    46 degree with KBS tour stiff shaft

  164. Scott McHardy

    Would love to test the Edison pitching wedge

    Wellington, New Zealand
    Handicap, 4
    48 degree
    KBS Tour Stiff +0.25”

  165. David Evans

    I would love to try the 45 with KBS Tour Regular shaft

  166. George Clougher

    Would love to try the 48 degree with the KBS Tour 80 shaft. I am a 17 handicap.
    Schaumburg, IL

  167. Russell+Avery

    Russell Avery
    Clayton, NC
    12 handicap
    46 degree
    Kbs tour regular

  168. Steve Pagett

    Steve Pagett
    Wiltshire England
    Handicap 46
    46 degree with KBS Tour 80 Reg Flex

  169. Fritz Flokstra

    Fritz Flokstra
    Greensboro, NC
    25 handicap
    46 degree KBS Tour Stiff

  170. Douglas Mael

    Doug Mael
    Langhorne, PA
    14.3 USGA Handicap Index
    I would love to try and review the 45* Edison PW with KBS Tour Graphite shaft in stiff flex

  171. Rob Bacher

    Evans City Pa
    HDCP 20
    45 Degree
    KBS Tour 80 A-Flex

  172. Jon C.
    Rowayton, CT
    HCP Index: +2.3
    47* KBS Tour Graphite 80 Stiff
    1 Degree Flat
    Midsize Grip (Lamkin Crossline)

  173. Erik Antener

    Austin, Texas
    20 hdcp
    45 degree
    KBS Tour 105 Regular

  174. Rich Patrick

    I really like the clean look of the Edison wedges. Always looking for a way to improve
    Handicap – 16
    48 degree
    regular shaft

  175. Would like to evaluate the 48 degree with KBS Tour 80 Graphite.

  176. Robert Mason

    Robert Mason
    Phoenix Arizona
    48 degree wedge
    KBS Tour 120 regular shaft

  177. Al Bendix
    Mississauga, ON, CANADA
    14-16 HCP
    Will gladly test a 45 Degrees , 35.5 ” KBS Tour 120

  178. Dan McKinney

    Lansing, Michigan
    Hdcp: 9
    I would like to try the 46 degree,
    KBS Tour 105 stiff shaft
    Thank you.

  179. Have MD5 46, 50, 54, 58. Aerotech steel S110 tipped. Still struggling to keep flight down. If COG is higher to keep flight down I would love to knock them around
    HC 9.4

  180. Dave Jillson

    Looking for a great gap wedge to blend with my new 921 Hot Metal Pro irons.
    Munster, In
    8 HDCP
    48 Degree
    KBS 80 Tour Graphite – Regular*

  181. Mick Woolston

    Mick Woolston
    London, UK
    25 Handicap
    48 degree
    KBS Tour stiff

  182. Patrick Gondek

    Currently playing 49* PXG Gap wedge, and a 58* Cleveland RTX Zipcore. This would be a good comparison.

  183. Brian Pimpinelli

    Edison 48 degree KBS 105 Stiff, love to review a great wedge!

  184. David Oh
    Los Angeles, California
    7-9 handicap
    KBS Tour Stiff

    Thanks so much

  185. David J Sell

    Waterford WI Handicap 18
    Noticed you each had them in your bag about a week ago and thought that was interesting. Would love to try one out in WI. 45 degree with the KBS Tour 80 Graphite stiff shaft.
    Good luck to all !

  186. Phillip Barrett

    Phillip Barrett
    Melbourne, Australia
    12.9 handicap
    46 degrees
    KBS tour reg

  187. Jim Schneck

    18 Handicap, 45 degree, KBS 105 Stiff. Current PW is PXG Gen 3 P

    Naperville IL

  188. Mark Dophied

    I want to try one. Mark Dophied 8 handicap Bonham TX 45 deg. Kbs tour stiff

  189. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti
    Modesto, CA
    10.7 index
    KBS Tour Graphite 80 A Flex 1″ over 36 and 1/4″

  190. Greg Edwards

    Greg Edwards
    Wilkesboro, NC
    Handicap 1
    48 Degrees
    KBS Stiff

  191. Bud Anderson

    Bud Anderson
    Grand Rapids, MI.
    48 degree, KBS senior flex, steel shaft
    I would like to try out and review the Edison wedge.

  192. Chris Hoffman

    Chris Hoffman
    Miami, FL
    24.3 handicap
    48 loft
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite – Reg

  193. Paul Rattenbury

    Hi guy’s.
    Paul Rattenbury
    Devon, UK
    Hcp 7.7
    A 48 degree fitted with a KBS Tour regular [-1/2 “and 1 deg flat if poss], would compliment my current set.
    Appreciate the opportunity, thanks.

  194. John Monnig

    I;m an 8 Handicap and Play 3 Rounds weekly, Living in St Petersburg, Florida. Currently Utilizing a Clevland 60 Degree. I would give the Edison 60 Degree Forged Wedge with the KBS Tour 80 Graphite with Regular Shaft a great workout. Currently Utilize Mizuno Forged 900 Tour Irons so a Forged Wedge would be a benefit.

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