Test & Review Duca del Cosma Golf Shoes

Test Duca del Cosma Golf Shoes

The PGA Tour season is winding down, but another Plugged In Golf Reader Review test panel is just warming up!

For this round, we’re giving four golfers the chance to step up their style with Duca del Cosma golf shoes.  Our staff has done several reviews of Duca del Cosa [find them HERE], and we’ve found them to be among the most distinctive shoes in the game.  If you’re ready to break out of the box, scroll down and enter to be among those chosen.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the shoe (model and size) that you’d like to receive.

Men can choose between the royal blue Churchhill HERE and the white/navy Flyer HERE

Women can choose between the navy Caldes HERE and the white Bellezza HERE

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the Plugged In Golf newsletter.  Subscribe HERE

That’s it!  On Friday, August 5, we will contact four golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the shoes and fill out a short questionnaire about how they performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The shoes are yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.  Please choose from the shoes listed.  Choosing a different pair will void your entry.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    Stokesdale, NC
    Churchhill in 12
    Please and thank you.

  2. John Sparkman

    Would love to test these shoes. I’m 59 years old and walk an average of 36 holes per week so comfort is paramount. Particularly interested in how they compare to my Adidas Tour360 XTs and G/Fore Longwing Gallivanters. The Churchill is a knockout in terms of style. Thanks, Matt!

    John Sparkman
    Great Barrington, MA
    2.1 Index
    Shoe size 10.5 / royal blue Churchill

  3. Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson
    Amarillo, TX
    White/Navy Flyer size 11

  4. Scott Kefalas

    Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

    Scott Kefalas
    Thomasville, GA
    7.5 handicap
    White/Navy Flyer in size 9

    • William Gilstrap

      Senior men loves playing golf My shoe size
      Is 14 any color
      Who Love to try your shoes handicap 26

  5. Chris Riggs

    My name is Chris Riggs from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am 34 years old and an avid golfer of 20 years! I would be absolutely thrilled to test Duca del Cosma’s Royal Blue Churchhill as it is a shoe I find very suiting to the eye and along the lines of the shoe type I prefer to wear. I am a shoe fanatic, from my excessive number of golf shoes to even leather soled European dress shoes you’d most likely expect to see with a suit. Quality shoes are something that I truly appreciate. I believe I am very capable of providing thorough and relevant feedback from being a trial “wearer” as I have not only the experience with a variety of shoes, I am also a graduate of the Univ of Colorado where I hopefully learned to convey my feedback in an understandable and relatable manner for the general public. It would truly be an honor, however I most certainly thank you PIG for all that you do and for providing the best service out there for golfers seeking information.
    Best Regards,
    Chris Riggs

  6. Chris Riggs

    Shoes Size 11 through 12. Handicap of 4. Despite realizing I just disqualified myself, I cannot accept not still trying! I’d be more than happy to show my golf shoe collection, other shoes, and the extensive golf gear I experiment with (namely upper end aftermarket shafts currently)

    Please forgive my excitement.

  7. Richard Headley

    I would love to test a pair of your white and navy Flyers. My name is Richard. I live in Canada. I’m a 16 handicap. I wear a size 7 shoe.

  8. Dylan Link

    Dylan Link
    Ebensburg PA
    Churchhill 9.5

    • Keene S Ferrer

      I am 75 years of age, my index today is 5.3 and I walk 18 holes four to five times a week using a Clic Gear push cart. I value the importance of good shoes on my feet because I was an infantry soldier in vietnam, a letter carrier for 35 years and a marathon runner. I would opt for the blue shoe and my size is 10 and 1/2 medium wearing a FootJoy.

  9. Jeffrey Swanson

    Jeff Swanson, Nampa, ID size 10 royal blue Churchill

    • Shawn Cavanaugh

      Thanks for the opportunity to try these out. Would love to see how these compare to the Gfore shoes I’ve been wearing.

      Shawn Cavanaugh
      Lewisville, NC
      +1.6 Index
      Size – 12

      • Shawn Cavanaugh

        Royal Blue Churchill

        • Stefan Kwasny

          Hey I’m Stefan Kwasny. I live in Johns Island SC. I am a 2.5 handicap. I would like to try out the Royal Blue Churchhill size 13. I have not seen or heard of these shoes they look pretty sweet.

        • James Ralli

          I must own 12 pairs of golf shoes from Eccos, Foot Joy’s, Sketches, Pumas, etc so to be honest I don’t need another pair of golf shoes but if you want a true and honest opinion I would say that I am your guy! Three things that I look for are comfort of course, Weather waterproofing, and last but not least weight, I always look for something lightweight!

  10. Wade Waters

    What a great idea! Hopefully get an opportunity to test these shoes out. As a PGA member of Canada I haven’t seen this brand before and I love shoes. Thanks for what you do! Cheers!

    • Matt Meeker

      You may want to revisit the requirements for entry Wade.

      – Meeks

      • Héctor R Fernández

        Hector R Fernandez
        Festus, MO
        Handicap: 13
        Churchill, Size 13

      • Gene Loiselle

        71 years old and play 6 times per week and carry a 3 handicap. But I do have sore feet. Would be interested in trying the royal blue Churchhill to see if they help?
        Gene loiselle. Kimberly Wi 54136

  11. Craig Tucker

    Would like to try these shoes
    Craig Tucker
    Handicap 12
    White/Navy size 10

  12. Chris watts

    Chris, Washougal WA. 8 HC. White/Navy Flyer size 13.

  13. Daniel Haga

    Daniel Haga, Concord NC. Hcp: 7
    White/Navy Flyer Size: 43 Euro, 10 US

  14. Josh GIesige

    Thanks for opportunity!
    Josh Giesige
    Edgerton OH
    HDCP 9
    White/Navy Flyer, size 12

  15. Ken Chinn
    Bellevue, WA
    royal blue Churchhil, size 9

  16. Paul Kenyon

    Hi, I’d love to test drive these shoes for you in British weather at Carnoustie and Hoylake (upcoming trips) as well as local courses
    Paul Kenyon
    North West England
    Hcap 9

  17. Gregory Wheeler

    Greg Wheeler
    Shiloh, IL
    HC 8.7
    Royal Blue Churchill Size 13
    I have had my eye on these for a while – would love to test them out and give some feedback

  18. Brandon Cobb
    5 HC
    Royal Blue Churchill size 10
    Always looking for something stylish and comfortable! I only walk 18 a week but play a bit more than that.

  19. Stan Fiorito

    Stan Fiorito
    Manhattan Beach, Ca
    GHIN 9.9
    Churchill Size 11
    Thanks gents.

  20. Erik Ferner

    Great contest!!
    Erik Ferner
    Frisco, TX
    Handicap: -19
    Shoe: Churchhill
    Size: 10

  21. Ryan K
    Los Altos, CA
    HC 12.8
    Royal Blue Churchill Size 8
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. John Anderson

    John Anderson
    Minnetonka, MN
    17 Handicap and trending lower
    9.5/White-Navy Flyer
    Would be an awesome birthday gift (8/14)
    Thank you

  23. Adrian Mitchell

    Hi I am Adrian Mitchell and live in Southampton England. I would love to try White/ navy flyer size 8 and my WHS index is 22.3.

  24. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos Moreno
    Mazatlan, Mexico
    HC +2.2
    Churchill size 10

  25. Thomas Hanson

    Hi, Tom here, hoping to win some waterproof golf shoes. I am from Wisconsin, early morning tee times. So, always wet, except for most greens. Currently at a 12 handicap, working on that. Royal blue Churchill, in an 11, would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance.

  26. Paul Stephens

    Flyer – UK size 10 – South Wales UK – handicap 9 – play average 3 rounds a week – current shoes Ecco

    • Mr Ramess Chandro

      I would love to try the Royal blue golf shoes comparing to my present golf shoes I am using I am 76 years old with a bilateral knee operation and back problem I would lime to see the shock absorbing and comfortability of the shoes. I used shoes size 9 and I play golf 18 holes 5 days a week and I would like to test the waterproof Ness of the golf shoes

  27. Dennis Whitehead

    Dennis Whitehead
    Fitchburg, Wisconsin
    Handicap 11
    White / Navy Flyer size 91/2
    I am 80 years old and walk 18 holes 4 times per week.

  28. Hi my name is Martin . My handicap is 13 . I play golf 3 time a week. I would like a pair of your Churchill royal blue size 11 . I love in Birmingham uk

  29. Mark Sauka

    Would love the chance to review these. Really like the design and am intrigued to feel the quality of Duca del Cosma shoes.
    Mark Sauka
    Ebensburg, PA
    Churchill 10.5

  30. Clark Bending

    clark bending
    white blue size 13
    12 handicap

  31. John Sweat

    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    Handicap 15
    White/Navy Flyer size 9
    The Deuca Del Cosma shoes have been on my radar for a bit now and this would be a real treat to test out.

  32. Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    HDCP 12 ish
    white/navy Flyer US 12

  33. Michael Maroney

    Appreciate your generosity and would love to try and review these attractive golf shoes.
    Mike Maroney
    Chicago, IL
    CDGA Index 9.3 (ugh)
    Shoe size 10.5 / royal blue Churchill

  34. Andrew Rush

    What a good looking shoe!

    Andrew Rush
    Spartanburg, SC 29307
    9.7 index
    White/navy flyer US12

  35. Robb Nunn
    Troy, MI. 48099
    6.0 index
    Shoe size 9.5/ Royal Churchill Blue

  36. Matt – Rhode Island
    Churchill- Size 12

  37. Steve Combs

    Steve Combs
    Medina, Ohio
    Size 10
    White/Navy Flyer

  38. Brian Muscat

    Would love to try a new shoe in blue

  39. Rick Nelon

    Rick Nelon
    Lake Lure, NC 28746
    18 handicap and going lower
    White/Navy Flyer size 12
    Appreciate your need for reviews and marketing. I have a captive audience on two local courses.

  40. Chris Sego

    Chris Sego
    Batavia, IL
    16 HDCP
    White/Navy Flyer size 14

  41. Steve Pokora

    Steve Pokora
    Annapolis, MD
    10 hdcp
    Flyer size 9.5

    Playing Bandon end of August (7 rounds in 4 days) so I could give these a good workout!

  42. Richard Hong

    Richard Hong
    Oklahoma City
    3 handicap
    White/ Navy flyer size 10.5

  43. John Ammons

    John Ammons
    Pinehurst, NC
    7.1 GHIN
    Churchill Royal Blue size 12 medium width
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Chris Hebert

    Chris Hebert
    Crossville, TN 38558
    HDCP 12
    Shoe size 11/Royal Churchill Blue

    I would love to compare these shoes to my new Sqairz shoes that I just got.*

  45. Warren Boyle

    Would like to try these shoes on our wet winter courses here in Tasmania.
    Warren Boyle
    South Arm, Tasmania
    Handicap 14
    White/Navy Flyer US size 10

  46. James Lee
    Morristown, NJ
    Flyer – White/Blue – size 10
    HDCP – 12

  47. Darrell Hook

    These shoes look very nice. love the white. They look soft on the feet and would love a chance to see if they are and if they can withstand the Midwest heat.
    Darrell Hook
    Wichita KS
    15 Handicap, so would be on the course for a while…
    White Navy Flyer, Size 10.5
    Thank you for the consideration!

  48. Terry McCabe

    Terry McCabe
    McCormick,SC 29835
    Handicap 26 at home course index 28
    Churchill royal blue size 10
    Started playing 3 years ago. Play 3-4 rounds a week. Getting better. Feel that a good shoe would improve my stability thus improving my game. Thanks for the opportunity to test the shoes.

  49. Dan Humboldt

    Dan Humboldt
    Roswell, GA
    1.9 handicap
    Churchill Size 11

  50. Alex Sharpe

    Alex Sharpe
    Roxbury NY
    8.6 handicap
    Royal blue Churchill size 10m

  51. David Heiser

    This is David Heiser of Lincoln, Nebraska, 68520. 11.2 index. Shoe size 11. Royal Churchill Blue

  52. William Amos

    Will Amos
    Summerville, SC
    White/Navy Flyer Size 11

  53. Trevor Brown
    Houston, TX
    15 handicap
    White/Navy Flyer size 10

    I am 29 years old and currently wear the True Lux Sport. I’d enjoy reviewing the Flyer to see how the technology, fit, and performance stack up. I’m particularly interested to see how they’ll do in the Texas heat and how the waterproof sock system technology performs. It’s an excellent looking shoe that I’d be happy to try on or off the course. Looking forward to seeing the reviews!

  54. Richard Sleece

    9.6 handicap
    Williamsburg, VA 23185
    Shoe size 9/White/Navy

  55. Billy Maguire
    Antrim NH
    Index 8.6
    I play 5 days a week. The Churchill Royal Blue look beautiful.
    Size 11

  56. Sam Argersinger

    Sam Argersinger
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Cap: 1.3
    White/Navy Flyer size 12

  57. Larry Chopchik

    Size 11.5 Churchill Royal Blue
    Carry a 10 index
    Great looking shoe
    Happy to give an up front review

  58. Scott Rogers

    Scott Rogers
    Glassboro, NJ
    Churchhill in 8
    Good luck to all!

  59. Mark Hollingsworth

    My name is Mark Hollingsworth. I am 65 years old…playing competitive golf for 47 years. I am a rare breed in that I walk most of my rounds, so shoes are VERY important to me. I would love to try these Duca del Cosma’s royal blue Churchhill shoes. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Mark Hollingsworth
    age 65
    index 3.6
    location: Bluffton SC 29910
    Royal Blue Churchhill size 10

  60. ronald james

    what a great looking shoe -if they perform as good as they look will be a winner

    navy blue size 10

    Cardiff Wales uk.

  61. Tom Cafaro

    Hi. My name is Tom Cafaro. I play to a 6.9 index and live in Virginia Beach, VA. I travel to many golf courses where walking is required and am always looking for comfortable shoes. I would need a size 13 of the blue Churchill shoes. Thanks in advance.

  62. Jordon Ross

    I’m expecting delivery of my 1st pair of Duca del cosma 👞 tomorrow am
    .I play 5 times per week . I will write a comment next week. I am size 10 and prefer the royal blue Churchill

  63. Sean Fitzgerald

    Sean Fitzgerald
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Handicap: 5
    Royal Blue Churchill
    Size 12

  64. Andrew Spevack

    I’ve been seeing these lately. Very interested now because I also walk all my rounds.
    Churchill Royal Blue in 7
    Metuchen, NJ
    8 hcp

    Andy Spevack

  65. John Griesau

    I’m excited to participate.
    John Griesau
    2267 Sunset Ridge Drive
    Crossville, TN 38571
    Royal Blue Churchill- Size 10


    Handicap 16 White/navy Flyer 8.5W
    Thank You!!!

  67. Wouter van Kempen

    Walter Vankempen
    Denver, CO
    9.3 index
    Royal Blue Churchill, size 9

  68. Stephen Kreager

    These look very stylish, comfortable and look like they’ll last a long time. So that said I need to test them out. Thank you.
    Stephen Kreager
    Rochester, MI
    10 handicap
    Mens White/Navy Flyer size 9

  69. Jeff Richard

    Jeff Richard
    Saco, ME
    Royal Blue Churchill size 11

    • I’m a bit of a shoe junky and I would love to test out those babies. Could definitely give a great comparison review to most of the current shoe line ups as I have just about all of them.

      Ahmad Chappell
      Columbia South Carolina
      10 handicap
      Royal blue Churchill size 12

  70. Karl-Henrik Hofmann

    I’m retired and play 3×18 holes a week, I don’t think you want to send a pair of white shoes size 8 to Sweden, but if you want, I’ll gladly accept them handicap 23.

  71. How timely! Been looking for new shoes and equipment as I am new to the great Game and have a high handicap. I play twice per week and enjoy every day – I have a very short memory (for bad shots/lost balls) but tell my wife each time I am a broken clock or a blind squirrel!

  72. Joe Marques

    Really nice looking shoes.
    I would love to try them
    Joe Marques
    Old Bridge NJ
    12 HDCP
    SIZE 11
    Royal Churchill Blue

  73. Edward Darr

    Edward Darr
    Belmont, MA
    15 handicap
    Churchill, size 9

  74. Dr. Robert Bassett

    Dr. Robert Bassett
    River Forest, IL
    16 HC
    White/navy Flyer, size 12.5

  75. Rick Saunders

    Rick Saunders
    Churchill – Size 10
    7.8 Handicap Index
    Classy shoes, would be proud to try them out! Thanks for the opportunity.

  76. I’m always looking for the right shoes. Haven’t found it yet.
    Vernon Hills, IL
    Royal Blue Churchill

  77. Mike Dunlap

    Mike Dunlap, Chillicothe Ohio, 14.1 handicap index. I’d like to receive the Royal Blue Churchill in size 11.*

  78. Jeff Greenop

    Jeff Greenop
    Grand Rapids, MI
    HDC 26
    Churchill size 10

  79. Uday Varde

    Would love to test these shoes. I walk an average of 36 holes per week at 65 years and I have flat feet, so comfort is very important.
    I will compare them with my Sketchers. The Navy Blue Churchill is excellent in terms of style. Thank You
    Uday Varde

    Uday Varde
    West Bloomfield MI
    Handicap 15
    Shoe size 10
    Royal Blue Churchill

  80. Richard Robertson

    73 years old, walk 18 holes twice a week. Have a handicap of 15. Always seeking a decent pair of golf shoes.
    Hinesville, Georgia
    Size 13

  81. I’m always looking for the right shoes. Haven’t found it yet.
    Vernon Hills, IL
    Royal Blue Churchill, size 9

  82. Lloyd Earnest

    I play about 3 times a week and am 76 years old. My handicap is around 15. I have been playing about 6 years and walk 2 of the 3times. I have tried 3 different shoes and have not found one I like yet. Thank you

  83. Kenneth Wood

    Hello, My name is Kenneth Wood from Salisbury, NC. I am a 10 handicap. I’m 68 yrs old and play weekly. Shoe comfort is even more important as I’ve gotten older and I would really appreciate trying out the MEN’S CHURCHILL ROYAL BLUE GOLF SHOE size 11. Have a great day and thank you for this opportunity! I enjoy your website content and information. I recently purchased a Callaway Epic Speed 3 & 5 wood. Your review of them was spot on.*

  84. Shane Powell

    Shane Powell
    Columbus, ohio
    Mens navy/white flyer sz 11
    Us high handicappers need good shows too!!!! Lol

  85. Ray Mazurek

    I would like the Royal Blue in size 12.
    27 handicap

  86. Bruce G Butts

    Bruce G Butts
    Columbus, Ohio
    handicap > 30
    size 12
    Royal Blue

  87. Michael Loftis

    Michael Loftis
    1415 Paris Drive
    Franklin,In 46131
    Royal Blue Churchill

    I’m always looking for a comfortable shoe as I’m a full time walker.

  88. Geoff Lockwood

    I would like to test the Duca del Cosma shoes. I have some Footjoys and some Skechers, but both have some drawbacks.
    Geoff Lockwood
    Valrico FL
    White 10.5 size
    12 handicap
    Thanks, Geoff Lockwood

  89. Bob mcgrath

    Bob McGrath
    Orland Park IL
    18 hdcp
    12W mens white/navy flyer

  90. Thomas J Johnston

    66 Living and Playing in Bulgaria ,Golf gear is not easy to get except by third party at greatly inflated prices .
    Would love the opportunity to try and review the shoes in NAVY Size 9 ( 42-43 EU ).

  91. Steve Doyle

    Steve Doyle
    Chicago, Illinois
    17 hdcp
    Mens white/navy flyer size 9.5
    Thank you!

  92. Jerry Hon
    Lawrenceburg, IN
    Royal Blue Churchill size 10

  93. Hmm those White and Navy Flyers are sweeeet! It would almost be a shame for my horrific golf in their presence.
    James Pickering
    handicap = 18
    I live in Oxfordshire, UK and I take a size 10.5

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  94. Chris Hanson

    Chris Hanson
    Hudson, FL
    20 HC
    Royal Churchill size 8
    Would like to see if these help with a consistent stance and comfort while walking through around

  95. I play golf year round in Gainesville, FL (walk in winter and ride in summer), playing 36 holes per week. I would like to see how these shoes hold up in Florida’s heat and humidity and the traction available in pine straw mulch. I currently like Ecco and Footjoy shoes. This would be an interesting comparison.

    Stan Kiser
    14 handicap
    Churchill, size 10.5

    • Brendan Yepa

      Would love to give these a try. I okay 2 times a week and usually wear adidas but would love to try something different.

      Brendan Yepa
      Roseville CA
      10.5 Handicap
      Royal Blue Churchhill size 11

  96. Patrick Blain

    Would love to test the Royal Blue Churchill, size 11, 12 handicap, walk 54 holes per week. Located in London Ontario

  97. Don’t have a BLUE pair !

    13 handicap
    74 YRS YOUNG
    play approximately 110 rounds per year in Ft Wayne, In & Ft Myers, FL
    Royal Blue Churchill Size 9 M

  98. Terry VanMeter

    Terry VanMeter
    Campbellsville, KY
    Mens White/Navy Flyer size 11
    Excited to try this shoe. I generally wear Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and Curater. Always looking for the best shoe. A recent stress fracture on my trail foot has made footwear even more important to me.

  99. Lloyd Davis

    Lloyd Davis
    College Station, TX
    12 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchill size 10
    I play weekly and look for a balance of style and comfort.

  100. Joe Cochrane

    Perhaps your shoes might give some relief from the peripheral neuropathy which causes pain in my feet and legs when I play golf. It is difficult for me to walk 18 holes so I typically walk 9 then ride the back 9. But there are courses on my bucket list that require walking so your shoes would be a welcome addition to my golf wardrobe allowing me to play Bandon Dunes, Sand Valley, etc.

  101. They are very eye catching and distinctive in appearance.
    George Bell
    Westchester, NY
    Churchill, size 12

  102. Bill Hunter

    Bill Hunter , Turner, Maine 15.0
    Royal blue Churchill, size 9
    I’ve been looking at shoes for a couple of weeks. Great opportunity and perfect timing. Thanks for it

  103. Steve Ober

    Steve Ober
    white Flyer size 10
    handicap 10

  104. Current handicap – 2
    Have never worn a “spikeless” shoe and played a round of golf. Would like to try the royal blue Churchill, size 12. They look interesting.

  105. Hans van Pelt

    Thank you for the opportunity, these would be wonderful to test here as we move towards the Australian spring and summer seasons. Thank you too for sorting my newsletter receipt. These shoes look great and I’d happily report on them from Down Under!
    Shoe size US13.0 / royal blue Churchill

  106. Jon H Levenstein

    Jon Levenstein
    18 HCp
    Bedford, NH
    Blue Churchill Size 10

  107. Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Handicap 10.8
    Churchill in size 9.5

  108. Barry Fish

    cool shoes! wht/nvy Flyer
    sz. 11

  109. Tom Rumely

    The shoes look great! I am 63 years old with a 6.7 handicap. I walk 18 holes 3-4 times per week. I am interested in these shoes because I have orthotics I wear for plantar fasciitis and have difficulty finding shoes that wear well and last. I tried FootJoy, Adidas, Callaway and Asics and am still searching for the optimal shoe. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Tom Rumely
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Royal Blue Churchill
    Size 12*

  110. Ben Wiltfong

    Ben Wiltfong
    Edmond, OK
    No handicap but it would probably be 12-20 range.
    White/navy flyer size 12
    I have fallen arches so a good comfortable pair of shoes would be nice. My feet could use the “vacation on my feet”.
    Thank you.

  111. David Barr

    David Barr handicap 3
    Flyer please in US 9 – happy to test in the wilds of Scotland

  112. Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark
    Cleveland, TN
    Churchill 13

  113. Jennifer Greenop

    Jennifer Greenop
    Handicap 23
    Bellezza 9

  114. john bickham

    Interested to see how these compare to footjoy and nike
    Canal Winchester Ohio
    10 handicap
    Size 8
    Royal Blue*

  115. Greg Edwards

    Greg Edwards
    2 Handicap
    Churchill Royal Blue Size 8

  116. Mike Fugatt

    Mike Fugatt, Maidens, VA
    10.6 hdcp
    royal blue Churchhill (size 9.5)
    What I really like is the red/white/blue (All American) look of this shoe.

  117. Amy Gonzales

    Amy G
    Taos, NM
    Handicap Index 16
    Women’s Navy Caldes size 9
    I don’t see any women commenting yet, so I thought I’d give it a try! I have high arches and bunions, so comfy shoes are important. I buy bigger to accommodate feet. If these run large, then 8.5 might be better. Thanks for all the good, USEFUL info in the newsletter.

  118. Patrick Burke

    Pat Burke
    Castle Rock, CO
    6 handicap
    Size 10

    Rocky Mountain terrain awaits

  119. Brad Johnson

    Love this!

    Brad Johnson
    8 handicap from St Louis, MO

    White/Navy Flyer – sz 8.5

  120. Andy oexmann
    5 hdcp
    White navy flyer size 11*

  121. Patrick Burke

    Sorry, Royal Blue Churchill for this guy please.

  122. Rudy Mauritz

    Rudy Mauritz
    West Haven, CT
    5 HC
    Churchill Size 11
    Great looking shoe. Would love to give them a spin as I begin my first season coaching high school golf!! Thanks for the offer.

  123. Allan Chandler

    Allan Chandler
    Charlotte NC
    3 hcp

    Churchill in a size 13

  124. Kevin McCabe

    Kevin McCabe
    Charlotte NC
    9 Handicap
    white/navy Flyer Size 9
    Walking more the last few years so shows have become more important than ever. Playing Caledonia next but doubt they arrive in time :)

  125. Joe Donchess

    Handicap 16
    Home course is Golf Club at Dove Mountain
    Size 11w
    Blue Churchill
    Joe Donchess
    I golf three times a week and need a comfortable shoe. I look forward to resting this shoe on my home course.

  126. Randy Siedschlag

    Randy Siedschlag
    Hillsboro, OR
    Navy blue Churchill 10 (according to their sizing chart)

  127. Joseph Greenberg

    Joseph Greenberg
    Hollywood SC
    6 handicap
    Churchill Size 11
    Been wanting to try these shoes since seeing them on DP World Tour. Bella!

  128. Darrell Overturf

    I’m a year round golfer in the Orlando, FL area and walk many rounds with my sons. I would love to give these shoes a test. I’m currently a Jordan ADG wearer and these look to be in that same comfort level.

    Darrell Overturf
    Apopka, FL
    5 handicap
    Churchhill size 11

  129. Barbie Perkins

    I live and play at the Dominion in San Antonio, Texas, play year-round, even when it’s HOT. My handicap index is. 20.3. Just got some women’s Ecco’s, would love to compare. Plus, August 5th is my 70th birthday. this would be a nice present. My size is 8.5 in women’s USA sizes.

  130. William Gallagher

    I am 75 years old.Iwalk 36 to 45 holes a week in Pgh. Pa.I presently wear Footjoy Series X.Very satisfied.Cannot fond any shoes comparable.William Gallagher.

  131. Steve DeMond

    Age 75, (7.8 index) and still walking the course here in Delaware. Those Churchills (10.5) look great.

  132. Fernando X Palos

    Fernando X Palos
    San Antonio, TX
    Men’s Churchill Royal Blue
    Size 9

    I try and play twice a week and I would like the opportunity to test these shoes. For me here in South Texas, heat is a huge issue when it comes to clothing and especially shoes. I would like to see how these compare against my True (Original), Adidas (SuperStar), and Foot Joys (ProSL). Each shoe has a purpose and course. The decision for each shoe is typically driven by the weather, course, and if I am walking or riding. Thank you for the opportunity.

  133. Adam Newman

    Adam Newman
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Hdc 9.2
    Royal Blue Churchill
    (love the style and hope the comfort and performance are equally good)
    Size 10us/43

  134. Caleb
    Loveland, CO
    20 handicap
    white/navy Flyer: 11

    I’d love the opportunity to test this shoes and see how the improved comfort improves my game!

  135. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista, CA
    HI 10.0
    Blue Churchill size 11
    I play 4+ days per week so they would get a good workout❗️

  136. Kyu Lee
    Long Grove, IL
    Handicap 9
    Navy Flyer Size 10


  137. Mark Serapiglia

    What a beautiful stunning golf shoe I hope they are as comfortable as they look I would prefer the royal blue Churchill in size 11

    Mark Serapiglia
    11 Handicap
    royal blue Churchill in size 11*

  138. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood Wa.
    Handicap 17
    royal blue Churchhill Size 11

  139. Ray Talavera

    I am 55 and usually play 6 rounds a week between summers in Northeast and winters in Florida Alternating between walking and riding every two rounds would love to test these shoes and compare comfort and Stability against my foot joys gore 4 and under armor golf shoes
    Ray Talavera
    18 handicap
    Churchill blue size 12

  140. Robert Slater

    Robert Slater
    Dublin, OH
    17 index
    White navy Flyer, size 8.5

  141. 4 handicap
    Taylors, SC
    I walk and play 54 holes a week. Read the recent reviews on Plugged In Golf and intrigued by the design and attention to detail. Thanks for the opportunity to test and try these shoes. Royal blue Churchill size 10 1/2 wide.

  142. Jim Bryan
    6.8 Index
    Ft Lauderdale, FL
    Navy Blue Churchill 11M

    I am a dedicated G/Fore shoe wearer but these look very intriguing. Love the classic styling combined with the modern technology. Thanks for the opportunity.

  143. Ian Aitken

    Would like to test the Royal Blue Churchill size 12

    Ian Aitken
    Rancho Mirage, CA
    15 Handicap


  144. Jim Nalepa

    Duca del Cosma shoes will look great in Scottsdale where I live and play golf. Can’t wait to show off these off to my fellow desert golfers.

    6 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchill , size 10 please

  145. Frank Hutnicke

    Frank Hutnicke
    8 handicap
    Carmel Indiana
    White navy flyer size 10.5

    I walk 90% of my rounds and am looking for a comfortable shoe that can help decrease leg fatigue .

  146. George Thomson

    I am a fresh 75 year old Scot living in Ireland 17 handicap and have Ecco shoes at present which I like. I certainly would be interested in giving a thorough review on the shoes on offer.

  147. Roderick Shepard

    Roderick Shepard
    Orlando, FL
    HI: 6.2
    Churchill Royal Blue – 10M

  148. Ken Herzog
    Fresno Ca
    13 Handicap
    White/Navy Flyer size 14

  149. Donald Conner

    Donald Conner
    Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
    Churchill 10.5

  150. George Thomson

    I am a fresh fit 75 year old Scot living in Ireland and at present play with Ecco shoes size 42. My handicap is 17 and I average three rounds of golf per week. I like the appearance of the Navy Churchill shoe and would gladly give a thorough review.

  151. Jerry Payne

    Would love to try a pair of these!
    Jerry Payne
    12 hdcp
    White/Navy Flyer size 9

  152. Play about 100 rounds/year
    Handicap 3
    Flyer size 10

  153. Thomas Lawrence

    name, location, handicap, and the shoe (model and size) that you’d like to receive
    Thomas Lawrence,
    Hanover, Pennsylvania
    16 handicap
    royal blue Churchhill, size 9

  154. Kevin Wood
    Boise, Idaho
    White/navy flyer
    11 1/2
    Can’t play golf until I beat my cancer, I just want some free shoes.

  155. Mike Houston

    Used to golf a lot and was a single digit handicap with just a tip here and there from good golfers but it was mostly on feel. Then I basically drifted away and hardly played for over 25yrs! In my early 60’s now and my handicap is now 16 and falling as I hit the range and course regularly and regain that feel now plus gaining the knowledge of the mechanics of the game! More excited than ever to get back to a low single digit Handicap! being flat footed and regularly playing 36 holes when I get out the navy Churchill Size 9’s look like they would stand up and treat my feet right!

    • Mike Houston

      Droned on and forgot to put I’m from British Columbia, Canada
      Hope this gets me back in the running!
      Either way I look forward to att least trying them on in a store!

  156. Rich Ramakers

    Rich Ramakers
    Lake Oswego Or
    10.9 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchill, size 10.5

  157. Michael Payne

    Michael Payne
    Playing at a 14 handicap. The Navy churchill in size 11 would look great at my club in milwaukee wisconsin. We still have a few weeks of golf before the snow hits!

  158. Dexter Holt

    Dexter Holt
    Chicago West Suburbs
    16 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchhill
    Size 9

  159. Patrick Kilcoyne

    Great looking shoe (Churchill)

    Pat Kilcoyne
    Oak Lawn, IL
    Size 11 medium width
    Handicap 11

  160. Robert Mitchell

    Both styles look sharp. Would love the opportunity to provide feedback. I’ve actually been looking at Duca Del Cosma for a new pair of shoes, already.

    Rob Mitchell
    Denver, CO
    7.4 HC
    Royal Blue Churchill, size 12

  161. Bob Harrison

    Please include me in the Duca del Cosma shoe drawing.

    Bob Harrison
    Minneapolis, MN
    10.2 handicap index
    Royal blue Churchhill (size 10)

  162. Mikall Venso

    Mikall Venso
    St. Louis, Missouri
    25 hdcp
    Thank you!

  163. Jim Shely
    St. Augustine, FL
    hc= 7
    Suze 10.5

  164. Glen Nordhausen

    Love the looks of the shoe!!
    20 handicap.
    Royal Churchill size 11.*

  165. Rod Friesen

    I play Shannon Lake Golf Course in West Kelowna British Columbia Canada weekly.
    Handicap is 15
    Would the Royal Blue is a size 9 to compare against the Ecco’s that I currently wear.

  166. Steve Wanner

    Steve Wanner
    Phoenix AZ
    Handicap 14
    White and navy flyers

    I have been intrigued by this brand for almost a year but have been hesitant to order shoes before being able to try them on. Getting a free pair of these shoes to try out would be the best birthday present I could ask for.

  167. Marc Baldwin

    Marc Baldwin
    Palm Desert, CA
    8 hdcp
    Flyer / 10.5

  168. Hi
    I’m Dean Cook
    Newark on Trent GC UK and would love to try the
    Churchill Royal Blue in 9
    Follow you guys for the excellent reviews and content

  169. Steve Gold

    White/Blue Flyer 9.5 wide
    Steve Gold 5.3
    thank you*

  170. Tom Roope
    Ballwin, MO
    Handicap- 11
    Churchhill size 12

  171. Trudi Freeman

    I love the beautiful classic style of these shoes but with a modern technology twist!
    I’m a relatively new golfer but I’d love to test these shoes!
    Trudi Freeman
    Buna, Texas
    Mid-high handicap
    Womens white Bellezza 7.5

  172. Bruce Sharkey

    Would love to test a pair of Men’s Flyer White/Navy Golf Shoes. They look great and I bet perform well.
    Bruce Sharkey
    1233 Singingwood Ct. #4
    Walnut Creek, CA
    15 Handicap
    Shoe size 9

  173. Jeff Heitner

    A great looking shoe that I would love to try and compare to my Footjoys and Sketchers! Thanks

    Jeff Heitner
    LaQuinta, CA
    9 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchill size 9

  174. Dave Clark

    It would be great to get the opportunity to evaluate these shoes. I have had many styles of spikeless golf shoes and have always been curious of how these would work for me. Thanks for the chance to test these out!

    Dave Clark
    Men’s White/Navy Flyers, 10.5 US
    8 Handicap
    Aiken, SC

  175. Great looking shoe!
    West Boylston, MA
    Royal Blue Churchhill, Size 10

  176. Terry Lauzon

    Love to try the shoes. Blue Churchill please. Size 11.5.

    11 handicap.

    100 plus rounds per year always walking. Member at eQuinelle GC Kemptville, Ontario Canada.

  177. Mark Woodruff

    I walk two times a week and ride one time. I prefer shoes with soft spikes versus the nubs on this type of shoe, so I am curious how this sole grips the ground. PS – not begging here but I really do enjoy the News section of your website for info on new golf products. Keep that section going and full of content.
    Mark Woodruff, Fitchburg, WI, 12.0 WSGA handicap, Churchhill, size 10

  178. I would love a pair blue shoes !
    !5 hcp
    Size 11
    Manitoba Canada

  179. Kevin Redmond

    Hi. I’m Kevin Redmond from Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom, currently working my way round a golf course off 11 handicap.
    It would be a pleasure to test the most comfortable and stylish shoe available in the golfing world. A pair of distinctive Royal Blue Churchills
    size8 would be the perfect partner to my stylish Galvin Green apparel. You wont regret it.

  180. Larry Toomey

    Larry Toomey
    St. Louis, MO
    8.6 GHIN Index
    Churchill – Size 12
    As I am looking for new golf shoes right now the timing of this opportunity is perfect! I walk 36 holes weekly, and love the style of the Churchill. These shoes appear to be very well constructed and I look forward to trying them and sharing a full report to other readers!*

  181. Dave Sjerven, B.C., Canada

    Hi, I am a retired , 73 year old, and have golfed 3 days a week for more than 20 years. After 50 years of walking , I have used several brands of footwear. I have switched to softer, cleat less models in recent years. So the Duca del Cosma is up my alley. My handicap is 23, so I have experienced a lot of walking over the years, and certainly know which shoes are comfortable in all types of terrain.

  182. John Q – La Mirada, CA (30 HCP)
    Royal Blue Churchhill size 11
    Thank you!

  183. Keith Dodderer

    Keith Dodderer
    Abilene, TX
    12 HDCP
    White/Navy Flyers US11

  184. Scott Osterhuber

    Hi, 61 y/o, returning to golf after a few years off due to wrist surgery…looking for some new spikeless shoes and would love to give these try. Flyer, white, men’s size 12, 20 handicap.

    Scott Osterhuber, Middleburg, FL

  185. Michel Cyr

    would very like to test these shoes in size 13, wide if possible, having problems getting the right shoe, hopefully will help my feet

  186. Mr. Robert A Desenberg

    Robert Desenberg
    Bend, Oregon
    12.9 ghin
    White Navy flyer size 9
    Thank you for the opportunity:)

  187. Trevor Hennessy

    White/Navy size 8uk
    I play at Epsom Golf Club in Surrey United Kingdom
    My handicap is 27

  188. Kim Kuehn
    Stroudsburg, Pa
    Handicap- 7
    white Bellezza – 6.5

  189. Chris Whynot

    Chris Whynot
    Kingston, ON
    Flyer, Size 11

  190. Dennis Malley
    Naples, FL
    14 Index
    Royal Blue Churchill, Size 12
    Purchased a pair of Duca Del Cosma, for my wife, and she likes them very much. Hoping I don’t have to wait until my current shoes (Johnston & Murphy) wear out before I can try this brand.

  191. Alvin Wolberg

    I walk whenever I can and appreciate comfortable golf shoes, such as Ecco. Would love to try these out. Thanks!
    Alvin Wolberg
    Prescott, AZ
    Handicap 14
    Royal Blue Churchill, size 10

  192. Would love to give these shoes a try, thanks!

    John Nunes
    Goodyear, AZ
    Churchill, size 11

  193. Greg Biggs
    Madison Mississippi
    ChurchHill Navy Blue (Brilliant shoe)
    size 8
    Handicap 7
    Love to try out these Shoes!!!!!!

  194. Robin Kimball

    Would love for my husband to try these!

    Robin Kimball
    Winnipeg, MB
    Men’s Flyer
    Size 12

  195. Andrew Grosvenor

    I am 69 playing of 12 index
    Andrew Grosvenor
    Sandycroft Milestone Lane
    Norfolk NR18 9QL
    White/Navy flyer

  196. john pohanka

    john pohanka
    white/navy flyer
    size 8 1/2
    handicap 1
    Normal, Illinois
    I have foot problems so i would be a good test for these shoes

  197. Craig Higgins

    Craig Higgins
    Cincinnati, OH
    HDCP 2.6
    Churchill, size 10

  198. Steve Sanford

    Steve Sanford
    Marshfield, Wisconsin
    Flyer size 12

  199. CT Joseph III

    Great looking shoes in Royal blue!!

    CT Joseph
    Rehoboth Beach, DE
    Churchill in Royal Blue, size 11-11.5*

  200. Marcel Rodriguez

    Marcel Rodriguez
    Kissimmee, FL
    14 Handicap
    Royal Blue Churchill 7.5

  201. Gary Wilkie

    I walk most of my rounds so would love to test comfort of these shoes. Thanks
    Gary Wilkie
    8.0 HDCP
    size 8 churchhill model

  202. peter martin

    Peter Martin
    Napa, CA
    HDCP 8.3
    churchhill size 10

  203. Jonathan Blum

    Nice. ChurchHill navy. 10 1/2. Handicap 11. Jon Blum. Shavertown, Pa

  204. John Harrar

    i am looking to purchase a new pair of shoes for Florida golf this winter. Would love to try these out!
    shoe size 10.5 or 11
    blue churchill
    20 hdcp

  205. Chuck Sucharski

    Chuck Sucharski Erie Pa. Handicap, my wife asking if I’m golfing again. Flyer size 10, love the awesome reviews!!

  206. Paul Krueger

    Paul Krueger
    Parma, Ohio
    Hdcp. 3
    Flyer. 10.5 W

  207. Keith Morrissey

    Hi, the best thing about my game has always been my attire, These new Royal Blue Churchill shoes would help keep up appearances.
    Always enjoy your reviews. Thanks
    Keith Morrissey
    Edmonton, AB
    Size 8
    18 Handicap

  208. harold berry

    9 White/navy flyer, 77 years old, 17 handicap, Frisco TX

  209. David Vilinsky

    Would love to try out the Royal Blue Churchill, always looking for a different style with comfort.
    Size 8 handicap 13.
    Rochester, New York.

  210. Danny from the Virginia swamp
    10.0 handicap
    Blue Churchhill
    Size 9

  211. Scott Hoover

    Scott Hoover
    Columbus Ohio
    6.2 index
    Churchill size 11

  212. Gil Bloomer

    Gil Bloomer
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    16 HDCP
    If chosen, I’d like to try the Churchill, man’s size 8 1/2, medium width.

  213. Angelo Panos

    Would love to test these shoes. I’m 60 years old and walk an average of 45 holes per week so comfort is imperative., play in wet weather as well. Need a durable dry shoe. Particularly interested in how they compare to my Sketchers Pro which are very comfortable. The Royal Blue Churchill size 11 ,11.5 depending on the shoe.
    Angelo Panos
    15 HDCP
    Lake Forest, Il

  214. Ken Alterwitz

    Hello from the home of Southern California golf, the Mecca of Palm Springs!

    Love to review the Navy/White Flyer in a size 11.

    Current index is 18.3 (although I’m sure these shoes will immediately get me to single digits 🤣)

    Ken Alterwitz

  215. Foster Atteberry

    Name: Foster Atteberry
    Home: Wesley Chapel, FL
    Handicap: 16.8 index
    Shoe: Churchill, Blue, size 9

    Currently I have the Tomcat shoe from Duca del Cosma…..they are terrific!

  216. Brian Lyons

    I’m 71 and play 3-4 times a week with a group of about 60 golfers. I play to a 10 and would love to try the white/navy in a 9.

  217. Dan Armstrong

    Daniel Armstrong
    Handicap 15
    Size 9
    Boldon Gc . Uk
    Show me style : Flyer
    Always liked the look of the golf shoe design .

  218. Brian Westerbeck

    I currently have footjoy but I am looking to try a different brand I like the way these look.

  219. McHale ANDREW

    Hi, my name is McHale ANDREW.
    Miami FL
    Handicap: 9.8
    I would be happy to test the royal blue Churchhill in a size 9

  220. Spencer Hicks

    Spencer Hicks
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Handicap: 20
    Shoe Size: 10.5
    Church Hill Style

  221. John Edward Monnig

    I Play 3X a Week and Currently up to a 10 Handicap. I mainly wear Blue clothes on the Golf course and a Pair of Size 10 Blue Churchill Ducas would at Least make me the Best Dressed Golfer. Thank You!

  222. Jim Dolliver


    Jim in Sedona AZ, handicap 13. White flyer (they look cool) in size 9.5. Love to test them out.

  223. Roy Newsom

    Shoes look great would love to try them out
    Roy Newsom
    York England
    Flyer uk 10

  224. Larry Wiacek

    I’m a retired Disabled Army Veteran who plays golf 2-3 times a week. My injury has left me with nerve damage in my left leg and foot. Comfortable golf shoes that fit well are a very important part of my golf success. I’d like to evaluate these shoes and tell other disabled golfers how they can help .*

  225. Charlie Grinalds

    Charlie Grinalds
    Augusta GA
    6 Handicap
    royal blue churchhill size 10

  226. Robert Crossley

    Robert Crossley
    15 handicap
    Glasgow UK
    Blue Churchill size 10.

  227. Tracy Beard

    Tremonton, Utah
    12 handicap
    Churchill 10.5

  228. Jay Spiller

    Maybe the highest handicap to apply! Maybe the shoes will help!!
    Jay Spiller
    Brooksville, MS
    9.5 churchhill
    21.6 handicap

  229. Keith Herring

    Good looking shoes!
    Keith Herring
    Wildwood, MO
    5 hdcp
    Flyer size 12

  230. Dave Sampson

    Dave Sampson
    Greenville SC
    HDCP 10.4
    royal blue Churchhill, size 10M.

  231. Glenn Essiambre

    I am excited about testing gear for your website. Churchill blue/ size 10. Thank you for your time.

  232. Khaalis Rahman

    Very nice looking shoe and appears to be comfortable for golf here in hot but beautiful North Carolina.
    18 handicap
    Duca del Cosma RB Churchill
    Size 13
    Thank you.

  233. Ed Bogner, I am a walker who detests golf carts. I am a retired family physician with flat feet, so a comfortable shoe is very important to me.
    I wear a size 12 and prefer the Churchill navy blues.
    I am a 7 handicap
    I live in North Yarmouth ,Maine
    Thank you*

  234. Tim Lenz from Wichita, Kansas. Handicap is 4. I like the Churchill and am a size 10. I walk and am looking for a lightweight supportive and comfortable shoe. Hope I get selected as a tester.

  235. Brian Klefos

    Brian Klefos
    7.5 index handicap
    Churchill size 10
    Strongsville, OH
    I appreciate your frequent product reviews and always look forward to the next.

  236. Austin Rutledge

    Austin Rutledge
    Tulsa, OK
    14 hdcp
    Men’s white/navy Flyer size 11

  237. Would be great for Arizona heat!
    Scott Enderle, Mesa AZ, 23, model Royal blue Churchhill – 11.5


  238. Dale Heimdal
    Waconia, MN
    13 hdcp
    Flyer Size 11

  239. Eric Aquai

    I’d love to try these shoes!
    Eric Aquai
    San Diego, CA
    Handicap 20
    Flyer size 8.5

  240. Danny Hartline

    great looking shoe, would love to check them out,shoe size 1 0 wide, Kansas City ,Mizzouri 10 hdcp,Churchhill Royal Blue ,Danny Hartline

  241. Matthew Scheidegger

    Would love the royal blue Churchhill in a size 9
    Reynoldsburg, OH
    Handicap: 16

  242. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti old guy(78) nwho needs stability help!!
    GHIN 10.3
    Flyer in 14

  243. Graeme Ridler

    Graeme Ridler
    Queensland Australia
    White/navy Flyer
    Size 11

  244. Lee McIntosh

    Would love to try your golf shoes. Just getting back into golf after long break..15 handicap..size 11 white/blue flyer

  245. Mike Linner

    Mike Linner
    Pahrump, NV
    Flyer Size 11
    I have been looking for a new pair of golf shoes for quite some time.*

  246. Scott Meade
    Mountain City Tn
    16 hdcp
    Royal blue Churchill
    Size 11*

  247. Matthew Masse

    Matthew Masse
    Frisco, TX
    Size 10 Churchill
    18 handicap

  248. David Outland

    I ive in MD in the Washington, DC area. I could use a new pair golf shoes. I’d like to try the Churchill blue size 11 W. These look so cool. My handicap is about 25. I’ve only been golfing few years before I retired. Golf helped me make through last 3 years of pandemic lockdown.

  249. Arthur O'Connor

    As a player who walks 18 holes, four to five time per week, I am always on the lookout for quality shoes, at reasonable prices to help my feet. I wear a men’s size 12, preferring the white / navy flyer colors. I play in central Massachusetts on the Northern Spy Golf Course where I am an 11 handicap.*

  250. Brian Kleveland
    Columbus NE
    Hdcp – 9
    White/Navy – 12

  251. Scott Vaughn

    Fort Worth, TX
    Handicap 10.3
    white/navy Flyer 10.5

  252. Paul Pickering

    Paul Pickering
    9.4 handicap
    Burlington, WA
    Size 14 Royal Navy Churchill

    Love to compare to mt True’s

  253. Mike Peacock

    I would love to test a pair of the white/navy Flyer shoes in the heat here in Georgia. I wear an 11.5.
    My handicap is currently 17.9.

  254. Kent Waryan

    Kent Waryan
    Denver, Colorado
    10 handicap
    Churchill 11.5

  255. KJ Willers, Spokane, WA, handicap 14, white/navy flyer, size 13.

  256. Kelly Francis

    Kelly K Francis
    Post Falls, Idaho
    White/navy flyer sz 12
    Handicap 28*

  257. Scott Bell
    St. Charles, MO
    Handicap 13
    Churchhill, Size 11

  258. Michael O Mahony

    Michael O Mahony, Ireland, Size 11, Royal Blue Churchill. Handicap WHI 11.5. Age 57. Don’t know if you supply to Ireland but it would be a good test (certainly of comfort and especially of how waterproof the shoes are)

  259. Ace Hayes from Republic of Ireland.
    Living in London and I play golf at least 3 18 hole golf games per week . I always walk.
    I am 64 years and have been playing golf for 69 years . I am. PGA Pro and I play in the Senior events pre covid.
    I would love to test the shoes and I will give you an honest review.

  260. George Nix

    Super design on the shoes. I would enjoy helping with a review.
    Handicap: 8.3
    Dacula GA
    Blue Churchill
    Size 11

  261. Andrew Tober

    Andrew Tober, living in the Niagara region in Ontario.
    There is an ample amount of courses with plenty of different terrain to play on.
    Handicap is 26 but slowly making progress.
    Would really like to try the white/navy flyer in size 12.

  262. John Verrochi

    I’m 76 yrs and have a handicap of 3.9 at present.. I have about 9 pairs of shoes because I haven’t seem to find a pair that make my feet feel unnotiabl too me. I live in Mexico and play 4-5 times a week so I can would like to be a tester for you… PS.. I play pxgs heros price love them

  263. Andrew Cohen

    I realize I may be too late, but hopefully not. I live on Long Island and regularly play 3-4 times a week. My handicap it an 8. If chosen please send the Churchill in size 10. Not that you asked, but I currently wear only Ecco golf shoes…4 pair. Love them

  264. Colin Strong

    Colin Strong
    Minneapolis, MN
    Handicap: 4
    Size: 9

  265. Jonathan Compton

    Name: Jonathan Compton
    Location: 3251 Kilarny PL, The Villages, FL 32163
    HCP 20,6
    royal blue Churchhill size 9

  266. Archie Shipp

    I could definitely use a new pair of golf shoes. My gamers are 20 year old Footjoys.
    Archie Shipp
    Conway SC, 29526
    13 Handicap
    Churchill 9.5 or 10

  267. Tom C
    Hamden, CT
    Churchill size 10

  268. Michael Benitez

    Michael Benitez
    20 handicap
    Size 13 black churchill

  269. Stacey Johnston-Gleason

    I would love to try a pair od these shoes
    Stacey in Montana USA
    Churchill size 11
    12.1 handicap index

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