Test & Review an Edison Forged Wedges

Test a Custom Edison Forged Wedge

Edison Forged wedges have become fixtures in the bags of numerous Plugged In Golf writers and even more readers.

You can find numerous staff and reader reviews of Edison Forged Wedges HERE

As we get the 2022 season underway, we’re giving five readers a chance to do so as well.  Everyone who participates in this panel will get a custom Edison Forged Wedge to keep!  Learn how to sign up below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the specs of the wedge that you’d like to receive (loft and shaft).

Check out the available lofts and shafts HERE

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.  Subscribe HERE

That’s it!  On Friday, March 4, we will contact five golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Edison wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The wedge is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Seth+Peterson

    Baldwinsville, NY
    Index 6.1
    49*, KBS tour 120 Stiff, midsize grip

  2. Alan Taub, Lafayette, CO. Index is 8.3 would like to test a 46 degree with a stiff steel shaft.

  3. Jamie Gothmann

    Northfield, MN
    Handicap – 2
    Standard Specs
    59 Degrees Loft
    KBS Tour 120 S Shaft

    The sole of the wedge is very interesting and something I would like to try in a wedge. I use Srizon irons that feature the Tour VT sole and when I read the Edison website I see some similarities in the Edison sole.

  4. Nhan Tran, Texas, 12hcp, 53/steel. Really interested in trying Edison wedge.

  5. Sam Argersinger

    Sam A
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Index 3.0
    49*, KBS tour 120 Stiff, midsize grip (logo down)

    • Austin Simmons

      I just bought some cheap wedges (Lazarus), and would love to compare them against these.
      Austin Simmons
      Haslett, MI
      Handicap 19
      50 degree

  6. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin
    Colfax, CA. (Sacramento region)
    Handicap 12
    54 Degree
    KBS 110 Regular Midsize Grip

  7. Gregory Schillinger

    Hello, I am Gregory Schillinger, I am a 8.4 handicap, I am in need of 52-degree wedge with a graphite regular flex shaft. I play in the Portland, Oregon area weekly.*

  8. Brian Muffley

    Cumming, GA
    Handicap 8
    54*, KBS Tour 120 Stiff, Standard Length, 1* Upright (if possible), Standard Lamkin Crossline grip

  9. Pete
    Valparaiso, IN
    Handicap 9
    50 degree loft, 2 degree upright
    KBS Tour 110 Shaft Regular, midsize grip

  10. Graydon McNair

    Graydon McNair
    Summerville, SC
    0.7 handicap
    52* degree
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    Lamkin midsize grip
    Standard lie and length

  11. Jimmy Shannon

    Jimmy Shannon
    R flex steel
    2 degrees upright
    Played SCOR wedges until the wore out, hope these are the same or better.

  12. Eric Hutchens

    Eric Hutchens
    Hoover AL
    18 handicap
    Edison Forged Wedge – Graphite Shaft – Loft:45º

  13. I am a 20 handicap, and would like test a 46 with a graphite stiff shaft!

  14. Matt Bryant
    Cedar Grove, NJ
    Handicap: 17
    Test: 55* degree loft, 1* flat, KBS Tour 120 Stiff, Lamkin Mid

  15. Jeff Black
    Houston, Tx
    KBS S Flex steel
    2 flat

  16. Jean-Scott Dodd

    Duluth, MN
    18.2 Handicap
    50 degree, KBS Tour 110 Regular Steel, Crossline Standard

  17. Jay
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Handicap: 12
    Specs: 48* KBS 120 Stiff
    Standard Grip

    Thanks for the opportunity

  18. Matt Maldoff

    Matt Maldoff
    Toronto, ON
    Handicap – 10.6
    54 degree
    KDS Tour 120 Stiff
    Standard grip

  19. Glen Koeske, Bath Michigan, 4.8 hdcp, 54 degree with Graphite shaft KBS Tour 80 in stiff. V soles are amazing, would love to try Terrry’s latest.

  20. Charles Allmand

    8 hdcp
    55 degree
    Graphite shaft KBS 80 stiff flex
    Midsize grip

  21. Tony
    Salem MA.
    54*, 1*flat, KBS Tour stiff steel.

  22. Joe Hostetler

    Evansville, Indiana
    10.7 hdcp
    55 degree with KBS tour 110 Regular shaft
    Standard grip

  23. St Augustine fl
    4.1 handicap
    59 with kbs tour 80s graphite
    Tour velvet plus 4*

  24. Tony C
    Atlanta, GA
    5.9 handicap
    51* kbs tour 120 stiff
    Standard grip

  25. kraig sleaford

    kraig sleaford
    Davenport, IA
    9.2 index
    58 degree with KBS 110 gram regular flex steel
    one degree up

    Was looking to try/buy these earlier in the year and this would be a welcome opportunity

  26. Chris DiBiase

    Chris DiBiase
    Milton, GA
    11 Index
    45 degree, KBS Tour 110 Reg, Midsize grip

  27. Ryan
    Los Altos, CA
    13 index
    45 degree, KBS Tour 110,
    Standard grip

  28. Robert Scott Southern

    R S.Southern , central Indiana,10 hcp, I would love to try a 53degree stiff graphite. Thanks for the opportunity, I have a green right across the street that I practice on regularly and would give a thorough test and review.

  29. Josh Giesige
    NW Ohio
    8 HCP
    48*, standard lie, KBS Tour 120-stiff, standard length & grip.
    Thanks for opportunity! Currently gaming CBX2 wedges, would love to test one of these Edison wedges.

  30. Nick Prusinski
    Cleveland, OH
    Index: 8.2
    49* wedge, KBS 120 s, standard lie, standard size grip.

  31. Shawn Fitzpatrick

    Shawn Fitzpatrick
    Bloomington, IN
    4 HCP
    53* wedge with KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    Standard length, lie, and grip

  32. Stephen Gulbrandsen

    50 degree regular graphite shaft

  33. Stephen Gulbrandsen

    Oops, forgot index 10.8

  34. Simon Whittam

    Simon Whittam.
    Bolton. UK
    Index 5 h/cap
    60° reg steel shaft. Reg grip.

  35. Kyu Lee
    Location: Long Grove, IL
    HCP Index: 7.9
    54* wedge, KBS 110 Tour Regular, Standard length, lie and grip size.

    Looking forward to the opportunity to test the Edison wedge against my Endo forged wedge.


    • Marshall gilday

      Marshall gilday
      50 degree standard lie dynamic gold stiff shaft
      4.4 handicap
      Powell river British Columbia canada

      Playing on the Vancouver golf tour this season and would love to show off the wedge on tour as well as the Vancouver open in August.

  36. Michael Payne

    Michael Payne
    60 degree, kbs 110 regular steel , midsize grip
    Lie up 2, length +1”
    16 handicap,
    milwaukee, wi

  37. Andrew Morem

    Andrew Morem
    Plymouth, MN
    Handicap: 16.2
    52 degree wedge, KBS tour 120 stiff shaft

  38. mark dewey
    13 index
    49* wedge , KBS 120 stiff
    thanks !

  39. Ryan McDaniel

    Ryan McDaniel
    Chicago, IL
    16 handicap
    45 degree wedge, KBS Tour 110 shaft, standard length, lie & grip

    Just got a Launch Pro simulator set up in the garage so I’ve got a good setup to test it against my current PW.

  40. Jesse McNamara

    Jesse McNamara
    Lowell, MA
    21 hcp
    51*, standard lie, KBS Tour 120-stiff, standard length & Midsize grip

  41. Matt N
    Cypress TX
    8 handicap
    49 degree kbs 110 regular steel shaft 1 degree flat standard grip

    In need of new set of wedges so would love to test these. The technology sounds great.

  42. Mike Janovick

    Mike Janovick
    Youngstown, OH
    15 handicap
    55 degree wedge. 1 degree upright. 36.5” length
    KBS tour graphite – stiff.

  43. John Scott, Victoria BC, Canada. 10.7 index. 51’ Recoil 95g F4, 35.75” long

  44. Brandon, 8 handicap, Scotts Valley CA. 51 degree, kbs stiff, standard length and lie.

  45. Chris Mackey

    Chris Mackey, from Geelong, Vic, Australia.
    Handicap is 14.2 and I’d be stoked to test a 56° with a kbs 120 stiff.

  46. Mark
    Birmingham, MI
    45 Degree Wedge
    1 Degree Flat
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff

    I have 49/54/59 already ordered and arriving this week. Would love a PW replacement as well.

  47. Michael S.
    Orlando, FL
    54* and 1* flat
    KBS Tour Graphite 80 stiff

  48. Rob
    Markham, Ontario Canada
    15 Hdcp
    58 degree
    Graphite KBS 80 stiff, Midsize Lamkin Grip

  49. Will Elliott

    Will Elliott
    Norristown, PA
    Index 7.0
    49*, KBS tour 120 Stiff, 1* flat, 1/2″ long, midsize grip

  50. Bryan P.
    Bellingham, MA
    53* in KBS Tour 120 – Stiff

  51. Michael W

    Michael W; Natick, MA; index: 7.1.
    Loft: 54 degrees; shaft: KBS Tour 120 stiff; lie: 1 degree flat; grip: standard.

  52. Ryan Boden

    Ryan Boden
    Clinton, MI
    12 handicap…but being 31 feet closer would help with that
    Would love to test a 51 degree with KBS Tour 120 Stiff and standard Crossline grip

  53. Tim Miller

    Senior golfer only using 56 degree wedge. Would love to see the versatility of a Edison wedge for all short game shots.

    Tim M. 7.0 index, 56* standard lie, KBS 110 regular flex.*

  54. Greg London

    Handicap: ~33
    Wichita KS
    I’d like to test a 59 with lbs your 110 regular shaft. My irons, hybrid, and fairways are sub70, and my driver is Mizuno so I love supporting the underdogs. The logic behind these make so much sense as a game improvement wedge.

  55. John Wallbaum

    John Wallbaum
    Aurora, IL
    Handicap 8
    51 degree
    Kbs tour 110 regular shaft

  56. Dowson Zheng

    Dowson Zheng
    Markham, Ontario, Canada
    12 handicap
    KBS tour 120 Stiff in a steel shaft, standard length and lie angle, lamkin crossline midsize grip

    Been using pluggedin golf to supplement my knowledge as a sales associate at a golf retail store. Thank you so much pluggedin golf!!!

  57. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    Stokesdale, NC
    60° standard length and lie, KBS Tour 110 regular shaft

  58. Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia, I would like to try 56 degree stiff project x,. Golf pride tour wrap.. I love me some super spin action.. wedge game elite,sit em down make them stick, check check spin em in😁😁😁😁⛳⛳

  59. Clayton Szakacs

    Clayton Szakacs
    Pincher Creek, Alberta Canada
    Handicap 7
    Right Hand 59° std length 1° Flat
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff, Std Grip

  60. Eugene Espartero

    Tagaytay, Philippines
    Index 7.4
    54*, KBS tour 120 Stiff, midsize grip

  61. Mark Gardner

    Mark Gardner
    Houston, Texas
    Index: 5
    55 degree, 1 inch long, DG 120 x100
    Golf pride jumbo, 5 wraps lower hand

  62. Rob Grant

    I’m from South Africa and would love to try a 56 degree with a KBS tour 110 stiff shaft and midsize grip.My handicap index is 10.9

    • Tim Gath
      Glendale AZ
      Index 6.1
      53° Kbs stiff 1/2 inch short, standard grip.
      Thank you for the opportunity.*

  63. Jim Bryan, III

    Jim Bryan
    Ft Lauderdale, FL

  64. Brian Muscat

    I would love to try a 60 degree wedge to add spin on my approach shots. Looking forward to a trial.

  65. Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim
    League City, Tx
    28 Handicap
    50 degree, standard lie, kbs tour 110 steel

  66. Iain Laird

    I am changing my wedges this season and would love to try a lesser known brand up against the well known models. i’d like :
    50 degree in KBS Tour Stiff
    1inch longer and Midsize grip with 1 layer of tape extra.

    Iain Laird, London, UK
    handicap 10

  67. David Kim

    David kim.
    58 degree
    Kbs tour 120 stiff
    Index 2.3
    Shreveport, La

  68. Timothy Samora

    Tim Samora
    Raton, New Mexico
    12 hc
    58* standard lie kbs tour stiff flex

  69. Willie Ruiz

    Willie Ruiz
    Atlanta, Ga
    56 degree, regular shaft, standard grip

  70. Dan Humboldt

    Dan H
    Roswell GA
    3.6 index
    60 degrees with KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft

  71. John Ammons Pinehurst, NC 9.5 handicap

    50 degree
    KBS Tour 110-regular shaft
    Lie 1* up, length plus .5″
    Lamkin crossline midsize grip

  72. Matt Baggs
    WHS – 4.0
    51degree wedge.
    KBS 120 steel stiff shaft, +1 inch longer, regular lie angle,.

  73. Shaun Dowd

    Pittsburgh Pa
    20 handicap
    Right handed 60 wedge
    Regular flex

  74. Mike Hansen

    Mike Hansen
    12 index
    LaGrange, IL
    55 degree, standard lie, +1 length stiff steel

    Thanks for doing this!

  75. Phil Boyle

    Phil Boyle
    Bluffton, S. C.
    8.9 Hdcp.
    55 degree, graphite shaft
    Standard grip

  76. Bob Tolomeo

    Pw stiff shaft mid size grips
    75 yrs old 7.2 ghin,
    Melbourne, fl

  77. Tommy Curry

    Tommy Curry
    Broussard, La
    7 handicap
    57 degree, KBS 80 graphite stiff, standard lie and grip.

  78. Frank Burke

    9hcp play at arley g c wigan greater Manchester england. Would be keen to try out the KBS tour stiff shaft .Larkin crossline large grip. Right handed. thankyou.

  79. Joe Koziarski

    Homer Glen, Illinois
    Steel shaft , 60 degree

  80. Ed Gambler

    Ed Gambler
    York, PA, USA
    6 handicap
    52*, stiff, midsized grip

  81. Jim Noll
    Dover, PA
    Hcp: 7
    54* KBS Tour 120

  82. Matthew Bacon

    Oswego NY
    49 KBS 120 Stiff .5 Flat

  83. Chuck Vogt

    Chuck Vogt
    Powell, TN
    INDEX 7.1
    46 degree, modus x shaft

  84. Kit Kildahl

    I’m a 4.4 handicap. I’d like a 53-degree wedge; 2 degrees upright; 1 inch long; regular steel shaft; standard grip. Thanks!

  85. Joe Bacani

    Joe Bacani
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    HCP 12.2
    Right hand 49, KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft, standard length and lie
    Standard grip, Golf Pride

  86. Ed Roynesdal

    Ed Roynesdal
    Charlottesville, VA
    14 HC
    57 loft
    KBS 110 regular shaft

  87. Mark Powell

    Mark Powell
    Lincoln, NE
    54 KBS Tour, 110 Stiff Steel Shaft, regular lie, Golf Pride regular grip. 15 Handicap. Thanks!

  88. Daniel E Bratlie

    Daniel Bratlie
    League City, TX
    Right hand 54* KBS Tour 120 Stiff Steel, Std grip

  89. Perry Egger

    Perry Egger
    Madison, MS
    7 handicap
    52 degree KBS Tour Stiff

  90. JimmyBogey8

    James P.
    Massapequa NY
    Handicap : 11.2
    58 degree , kbs Tour 120 S

  91. John Shuff

    John Shuff
    Brandon, MS
    1* flat
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    0.50” short
    Standard grip
    2 extra wraps of tape on bottom half of grip
    Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the specs of the wedge that you’d like to receive (loft and shaft).

  92. Steve Grylls

    Steve Grylls
    Stockport, England
    3.7 handicap index
    58* loft 10* bounce stiff shaft half inch long (currently 130g) midsize grip (black,red,white align)

    Would be interested to try as I hit the ball too high and am interested in the flight control and extra spin claims

  93. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown
    Sheboygan, WI
    9 handicap
    Edison 45 degree KBS Tour Shaft Reg flex

  94. John Hultz

    Pittsford, NY
    Shoot 94-100
    57 deg, 110 regular steel shaft, midsize grip standard lie and length*

  95. Jason MacLeod

    Jason MacLeod
    Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Handicap Index 14. 8
    55* with regular steel shaft, 2 * upright, 0.25″ shorter with regular grip.

  96. Steven Meltzer

    Steven Meltzer
    Avon, CT
    Index 12.1
    60* KBS graphite regular
    .25″ short

  97. Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson, Amarillo, TX, Index 2.9, 56°, KBS Tour 80 Graphite Stiff

  98. George Shihadeh

    George Shihadeh
    Cleveland, OH
    14 Handicap
    Standard Specs (Right hand)
    59 Degree Loft
    KBS Tour 120 S Shaft

  99. Charlie Inman

    Charlie I.
    Santa Clarita, CA
    15.6 index
    55° loft, KBS Tour 80 Graphite Regular shaft
    Length: +.5″ Lie Angle: 2° Upright
    Grip Size: Mid-Size Grip Make/Model: Lamkin Crossline
    These are the specs i received from Edison after taking their WedgeFit. I have been interested in these wedges for a while. I put Recoil 95’s in regular flex in my Ping glide 2’s to get a similar transition from iron to wedge that Edison promotes.

  100. Jonathan Blum

    Jon Blum. Shavertown, Pa. Handicap 10. 54 degree graphite regular

  101. Aaron C
    Hilo Hawaii
    11.7 Hdcp
    53* with 110 shaft, +.50″ length
    Great clubs, two friends have them. Waiting for Wife Clearance or a score like this.

  102. Steve Gold

    Steve Gold
    Whitefish, MT
    55* KBS Steel Stiff, +.25″ , standard grip*

  103. Matthew Spann

    Handicap: 26
    Location: tarporley, Cheshire
    Loft: 56
    Shaft: regular
    Extra layer of tape on grip

  104. Keith Dodderer

    Keith Dodderer
    Abilene, TX
    14 Handicap
    I would like to try a 53 degree Edison Wedge with a KBS Tour 80 regular graphite shaft.

  105. Clayton Pressley

    8.7 hdcp
    55 degree
    Steel shaft KBS 120 stiff flex
    Golfpride MCC +4 with 2 extra wraps
    I recently completed the Edison online evaluation but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I would love to test this against my CBX2 particularly with partial wedge shots.

  106. Patty Moore

    Lady golfer 4 handicap. Sounds interesting. Could demo your 56* wedge. 10* bounce. Curious about its features.

  107. George Nix

    George Nix
    Dacula GA
    54 KBS Tour 80 graphite regular Lamkin standard

  108. Rick Larocque

    Rick Larocque
    Ontario, canada
    15 handicap
    I have an Edison 53 degree with a KBS 80 graphite reg shaft and midsize grip.
    Would like to test out a 58 degree set up the same way. Love my 53.

  109. John Sweat

    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    51° KBS Tour 80 Graphite – Regular Flex

  110. Hector R Fernandez

    Hector R Fernandez
    Festus, MO
    Handicap Index: 12.8
    58 degree

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. Josh Foladare

    Josh Foladare
    Fairport, NY
    18.8 index
    54 degree with KBS Tour 120 stiff steel shaft

  112. Tom Lewis

    Madison, AL
    47 degree loft
    KBS Tour 110 Shaft Regular, midsize grip

  113. Micah de Gouveia

    Micah de Gouveia
    Kingsport, TN
    Handicap: 26
    55* – KBS 120 – Midsize grip

  114. Joseph Zaremba

    KBS tour 80 REG 2° FLAT in 60° loft
    No grip!!*

  115. Ken Vaarisco
    Pace, FL
    Hcp: 13
    52* Graphite Reg Std grip

  116. Awesome, thanks for opening this up to people! I would like to test/review the wedge, and below are my specs:

    Standard lie angle
    KBS Tour 120-stiff
    Standard length
    Lamkin crossline grip – standard

  117. David Hutchins

    Dave Hutchins
    HI 8.6
    Would love to test 54 * 2* up 0.5 In length
    Kbs 120 Steel Sriff*

  118. Edwin Brown

    Lake City , Fl senior golfer 9.3 index 58* KBS reg shaft reg grip*

  119. Adam Eckersley

    Adam Eckersley
    Manchester, UK
    48 degree / KBS Tour 80 Graphite – Regular

  120. Dave Shiner

    55 degree steel stiff, standard grip and standard specs
    9 handicap
    Green, Ohio

  121. I would love to try an Edison wedge!

    Scott C.
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Index: 5.5
    55 degree wedge, 1/4 inch long, INS Tour 110, steel, regular flex, standard grip

  122. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson
    St Louis, MO
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff, Std Grip

  123. Steve Maragakes
    Sarasota, FL
    Index: 9.0
    RH; 46 Degree Graphite KBS 80 Regular; 1 degree flat; standard length
    Standard grip

  124. PeterJackson

    Peter Jackson
    U K
    I would love to try any wedge from 48 deg to 58 degree. Shaft DG spinner

  125. Robert Ross

    Bob, Rehoboth Beach, DE
    18 handicap
    50* reg flex

  126. Nate w, MI (USA)
    HDCP: 7.3
    51° KBS 120 Stiff, midsized grip

  127. Joseph Greenberg

    Hollywood, SC
    8.2 index
    RH 58/2 degree flat KBS Tour 80 stiff standard length with midsize grip with extra 4 tape wraps on bottom half

  128. Larry Darby

    Larry Darby
    Lafayette, LA
    7.9 Index
    58 degrees, 2 degrees flat lie, 10 degree bounce, Regular flex steel shaft

  129. Patrick Burke

    Pat Burke
    Castle Rock, Co
    5 index.
    50° standard lie, standard shaft, and standard grip
    KBS steel shaft stiff.
    Love your news letters. Thanks for all the gear tips.

  130. Tom Weirich

    Tom Weirich
    Cleveland, OH
    51* KBS Tour R 110

  131. Everardo
    Phoenix, AZ
    51° KBS Tour 120 S w/ Midsize grip please

  132. Blake
    Libertyville, IL
    55°, KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft, length +1”, 2° flat, midsize grip

  133. Daniel Steiner

    Daniel Steiner
    Boston, MA
    KBS tour 120 stiff, standard grip, standard L/L/L

  134. Andy Litchfield

    Andy Litchfield
    West Midlands, England
    WHI: 2.8

    50 degree wedge
    66 degree lie
    Stiff shaft (+1/2” if possible)
    Standard size grip

  135. bob merkle

    Bob Merkle
    Virginia Beach , Va
    Index 5.8
    53*, KBS Tour 120 Stiff, +.50 length , 1* Upright , Midsize Lamkin Crossline grip 2 wraps lower hand

    Heard great things about Edison wedges would love to give them a “spin”*

  136. Roy Grimshaw

    Roy Grimshaw handicap 8.4 live in Swanland uk 56 degree reg shaft standard length and grip lamp kin standard.

  137. Sid LeBlanc

    Sid LeBlanc
    Broussard, LA
    4 index
    55 deg.
    Std. Lie
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    Std. Length
    Std. Grip

  138. Bud Anderson

    Bud Anderson
    Grand Rapids, MI
    14 handicap
    Loft 45 degree, KBS tour graphite 80 with regular shaft and midsize grip

  139. Willie
    15.4 index
    54deg w/graphite shaft

  140. Frank Duda

    I would love to compare your premium wedge to my current Edel wedge. Thanks

  141. Danny Hartline

    Danny Hartline, KC,MO
    17 handicap:
    standard specs:
    60 degree loft:
    kbs tour steel shaft :
    right hand:
    lie standard ;

  142. Jerry Payne

    Jerry Payne
    Wingate, NC
    Hdcp: 12
    Would love to try 46 degree in a senior graphite shaft…. Reg size grip.*

  143. Dave Hunsberger

    Dave Hunsberger
    Rockville, MD
    61* loft, KBS Tour 110 Regular shaft

  144. Steve Creger

    Steve C.
    Houston TX
    59 KBS S110, midsize grip

  145. Frank Duda

    I would love to compare your premium wedge to my current Edel wedge. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Anderson, South Carolina
    12 Hdcp
    55°Edison wedge with Lamkin midsize grip plus 2 wraps.
    Edison wedge lie to be 1°Flat and have a KBS Tour 110 reg. shaft

  146. Marshall Flannery

    Name: Marshall Flannery
    Location: Brookings, SD
    Handicap: 6.5
    Specs: 58 degree loft & KBS Stiff

  147. Arthur Hitchings

    Arthur Hitchings, Suffolk VA. Handicap 10.6 Test a 54′ KBS 110 R shaft.

  148. Les Although it is winter here I am a member of The Golf Dome. I practice most days. This is not hitting into a screen.
    Winnipeg MB
    index 8.1
    54* KBS 120 S

  149. Ashley Flannery

    Ashley Flannery
    Location: Brookings, SD
    Handicap: 18
    Specs: 54 Degree & KBS Tour 80 Graphite A-Flex

  150. Robert Delserro

    Hi Rob here in Florida 9.9 index
    I would like to test the 50 degree Graphite stiff shaft mid size grip
    I presently have the 50,54,58,62 degree SM8 wedges in graphite stiff and would like to compare
    I`m on the range every day

  151. Marcus Cooper

    Huntington WV, 22 handicap, 60° standard length and lie, KBS Tour 110 regular shaft

  152. Michael K

    Michael K
    Waukesha, WI
    16 Hdcp
    59*, KBS Tour 110 Regular shaft, standard grip

    • Craig Norton

      Craig Norton
      Handicap 10
      Wedge Spec: 60 Degree
      KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft
      Midsize Lamkin Crossline grip

  153. Greg Marvy

    I have the 53 degree wedge and would like to see how the 59 degree would work.

    Greg Marvy
    Location: Deerfield IL
    Index: 5.2
    Specs : 59 degree KBS stiff graphite, standard grip

  154. Kevin C.
    Hartford, CT
    51* w/ KBS 110 S

  155. Grant Keiser

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    13 HCP
    Midsize grip
    60 degree KBS Tour 110 regular steel

  156. Sam Johnston

    55 degree A Flex graphite shaft medium grip…….. 10 handicap played an eidlon wedge years ago it was good out of the sand but struggled with it around the green. If the Edison is as versatile as indicated will be a great addition to the bag. I am a senior golfer lost a bit of distance so the short game is where I need to excel
    Location Greensboro NC (not far from home of US golf Pinehurst :))

  157. Scott Krypel

    Scott Krypel
    Index 5.4
    Marblehead, MA
    55*, KBS Tour 110 Reg. Std Grip

  158. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood, Wa.
    17 hcp
    59 deg. loft
    KBS Tour 120 stiff
    Standard length
    Crossline midsize grip
    Thank you!

  159. John Quan

    Hi! My name is John Quan, I’m a 25 handicap from La Mirada CA. I’d like the standard 63.5 degree with KBS Tour 110R shaft. Thank you!

  160. Don Smith

    Don Smith
    I would like to try a senior shaft
    index 17.3

  161. Bryan Marvin

    Bryan Marvin
    Hastings, MI
    4.9 Index
    55 degree w/ KBS 80 graphite stiff, standard length, bent two degrees flat.
    My miss is definitely burying the heal first on my normal wedge. It was nice to read what might cause that and the recommendation to go flatter to help maybe fix this a little.

  162. Alex Sharpe

    Roxbury, NY
    Handicap: 3
    54 degree
    Standard Lamkin Grip
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite A-Flex

  163. Mabel Juric

    Good morning!!
    Greeting from Lake Park, Florida!!! 18 Handicap and have been interested in trying out a 60 degree wedge, KBS 110 regular shaft. Muchas gracias

  164. Gil Bloomer

    Gil B
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    16 HDCP
    Right Handed
    1* Flat
    KBS TOUR, Stiff
    Standard Length
    Lamkin Grip, Midsize, 1 extra Wrap
    I play the Cleveland RTX and would love to compare these side by side. Thank you for the opportunity

  165. Bobby Thompson

    Bobby Thompson
    10 handicap
    54 degree loft
    1 degree upright
    Stiff shaft golf pride midsize grip

  166. Frank
    8 handicap
    52 deg. kbs graphite shaft, midsize grip
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  167. Brian Calvert

    Brian Calvert
    St. Clairsville, OH
    Handicap 26
    Loft 64
    Shaft Graphite – stiff – Oversized grips

  168. Steven Bradley

    Steven Bradley,
    Always looking for better scoring clubs, willing to put it up against my vokey’s and callaways.
    Would like to try your 50 degree, KBS 110 regular flex, + .50″ length, reg lie angle wedge.
    Will install a Jumbo golf pride grip myself and give it a whirl.
    8 Handicap
    Located in northwest Indiana. Knox, IN
    58 yrs old*

  169. Todd Williams

    This is awesome.
    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    Hdcp 12
    56 * , KBS Tour 110R

  170. 7.9hc, Ware, MA, I currently game Mizuno MP33 ninja blades lol and Titleist Vokey wedges, so I’d prefer stiffer shafts and my fav is 52 degrees for most work near the green. Thanks for the opportunity

  171. Allen Bird

    Allen Bird 7 hcp Madoc Ontario Canada

    48 degree kbs 120 stiff standard lie and length

    Awesome timing was starting to look for a 48 degree wedge thanks

  172. Ian Shearing

    A quality wedge such as these I’m sure would improve my golf
    Length 33” or standard
    H/C 19

  173. James Mathews

    50 degree KBS stiff steel midsize grip. James Mathews, 7.3 handicap. Tucson, AZ. Thank you!


    Roger Hill
    Winchester VA
    7.0 Handicap Index
    56 degree loft
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite Shaft Regular
    Standard Length
    Crossline Midsize Grip

  175. David Allabaugh

    David Allabaugh
    22 handicap
    Winnebago , IL
    52 degree
    Any steel shaft will do

  176. Cecil Jansen

    Love the look of these wedges.
    They look ready to do the business.
    I’m in Cape Town, South Africa and currently have a 19.5 handicap index.

  177. Jerry Bozenda

    Jerry Bozenda
    Cortland IL
    25 handicap
    55° steel shaft, stuff shaft

  178. Jeremy Poynot

    My name is Jeremy from Lafayette, LA and I’d like to find a better Gap wedge than the one that came with my iron set (Mizuno JPX 921 Forged)
    Lafayette, LA
    Index 10.2
    51*, 1* FLAT
    KBS tour 120 Stiff, Standard length
    Standard grip

  179. Bruce Wainer

    Would love to try senior shaft 52 ie gap wedge with midsize grip. GHIN is 14.5. If love will replace all my wedges

  180. Mel Creighton

    Irvine, CA
    59*, KBS Tour 110, Reg Flex, standard lie, standard grip

  181. Mauro R Raccuglia

    Mauro Raccuglia
    Farmingdale, NJ
    Handicap – 9.0
    Have had contact in the past with Terry Koehler and his group. Years ago, I played his Score Wedges. Current wedges are somewhat older Callaway PM Series. Will be replacing this spring, so this would be a great opportunity to try out their latest design. I would look to start in between, so 55 degree would likely be best, with a Tour Velvet corded grip (or Z grip), regular with 3 wraps. As my irons are fitted with Steel Fiber i80 stiff shafts, in speaking with them in the past, their suggestion was to go with the Graphite 80G in stiff. Thanks for any consideration!

  182. Charlie Ward

    I am a 72 year old with a handicap of 16. I realize the best way to lower one’s handicap is through the short game. I have been reading about your wedges and find the information interesting. I have never been very good with the approach or gap wedges so I would like to try a 51 degree wedge with a graphite shaft and midsize grip.

  183. Brent Feland

    Brent Feland
    Spanish Fork, UT
    9 handicap and golf instructor at BYU for 21 years
    54 steel stiff shaft soft stepped x 1
    Have never tried the Edison Wedge so looking forward to the opportunity
    Thank you.

  184. 12 handicap, 57 degree, steel shafts, standard everything else. Live in Parrish, FL

  185. Anthony Green

    56 * , KBS Tour 105R
    Anthony Green handicap 3.8
    I live near Leominster in the United Kingdom.

  186. Kevin Coughlin

    I like the info I’ve been reading about these Edison Wedges. I love love to test one out. I am a 12 handicap, interested in a gap wedge, 49*, steel shaft

  187. Randy Porter

    Blue Springs, MO
    47 degree, KBS Tour 80 stiff graphite
    Standard grip, one extra wrap
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  188. Jason Holzemer

    Jason Holzemer
    Shakopee, MN
    12 Handicap

    47 *
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite – Stiff

  189. Allan Chandler

    Allan Chandler
    Charlotte, NC
    Index: 2.0

    I’d like to try the 55 degree steel shaft wedge, KBS 105 gram, +1.25 inches, bent 1 degree flat

  190. Robert Slater

    Robert Slater
    Dublin, OH
    18.2 index
    54 degree
    KBS graphite shaft A-flex
    Standard lie, length and grip

  191. Brian Fuhrer

    Brian Fuhrer
    Huntley, IL
    18 Handicap
    53 degree, kbs 110 wedge regular flex, 2 degrees upright, 1 inch long, mid size grip

  192. Scott Sherwood

    I trust my TM hybrids and irons. This would be a welcomed addition as an 11 handicapper
    I’d like the 55-degree, Right hand, Stiff KBS shaft, with the standard crossline grip.

  193. Harrison Graham

    Harrison Graham
    San Diego Ca
    Index 21
    54 degree
    Steel shaft Reg flex
    Mid grip

  194. Tee Lassar

    Dr Tee Lassar
    I’ve tried almost every wedge available and still haven’t found the one that has the versatility and performs the way I’d like. I would love the chance to try these out and give you my impression. I’m a “core” golfer living in Arizona. I’ve been playing golf since the 1960’s and was taught the game by US Open winner Jack Fleck at Chicagoland’s now defunct Green Acres CC. Have recently been through a 3 mo. short game coaching program, Will Robins’ “Scoring Method”.

    Tucson, AZ 85718
    Index 7.7 ( La Paloma CC, Age 70)
    54 * KBS S Shaft
    Lamkin standard Tourvelvet grip

  195. Garen Eggleston

    Live in The Villages Florida 9 months of year , played Cleveland wedges my entire life , handicap index is 16.4 50° medium bounce KBS wedge shaft , I would definitely give these a workout as I’ve been studying them for a while and play daily .

  196. Ken Alterwitz

    Ken Alterwitz
    Palm Springs, CA
    15.4 index

    61 +1/2” KBS steel Regular flex
    Winn DriTac Mid-size grip if possible

  197. LJ
    Index 10
    59 degree
    Kbs tour stuff
    Midsize with 2 wraps

  198. John Bertelsen

    I am always interested in sole design for my wedges. Wedge performance under varying turf conditions is very important to me. My handicap is 10.3 and I would like a 56 degree with a wedge flex steel shaft plus 1/2 inch length and any multi compound limited taper grip. Thx. John Mooresville, NC

  199. Richard Ertel

    Looks like a great wedge. Would love to put it in my bag and take it for a ride. I’m 68 years old with an inconsistent short game. This maybe just what the doctor ordered.

  200. Jim Dolliver

    This wedge has a great look. I’d love to test one. My index is 11.2, The 50° with KBS regular flex shaft and standard grip would be perfect. Thanks. Jim Dolliver, Sedona AZ.

  201. Gary Genest

    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
    9.5 Index
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite-Regular
    Midsize Grip

  202. Mike Rugani
    Blaine, MN
    Hdcp 23
    58* KBS Tour 110 Regular

  203. Gil Brocanier

    16 handicap, looking for 52 degree gap wedge with steel shaft regular flex

  204. robb banyai

    13.5 handicap
    would like a 62 degree wedge, KBS 120 stiff shaft
    tackimac arthritic xl grip (if possible
    have been looking at these for a few years now, play in 2 leagues so would love to try it!

  205. Paul Mitcham

    I would love to try out a 54 degree wedge. Stiff shaft. I would take steel or graphite and whatever grip they wanted me to test out.
    In Indiana and would like to try this and write an honest review

  206. Greg Moulton

    Greg Moulton
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Handicap 17
    58* KBS Tour 110 Regular

  207. Phillip Barrett

    Melbourne Australia
    Index 12.6
    KBS tour 110 Regular
    Standard lie
    Midsize grip

  208. Henri Cepero

    Henri Cepero
    Miami Lakes, Fl
    8 Handicap
    Interested in 64 degree graphite wedge with oversized grip

  209. Paul Rattenbury

    Paul Rattenbury,
    Love to test this against my Forged Tec gap wedge on UK courses !
    Hcp 9.3
    50 deg, 1/2″ shorter, 1 deg flat.
    KBS Tour 90 reg shaft, standard grip.

  210. Thanks for this opportunity…here are the specs if I am lucky;

    8.4 HC

    54* Reg KBS 80 Graphite Std Lie

  211. Michael Close

    Hi, My name is Michael Close from Somerset, Tasmania, Australia. My Golf Australia handicap is 17.0. If chosen I would like to test a 57* wedge with a KBS tour graphite shaft in stiff flex. Standard build would be fine but if custom builds are allowed I would like 1/2 inch long, 1* upright with a standard Lamkin Crossline grip. Thank you for the opportunity to apply.

  212. Don Hilton

    13 handicap and looking for a new 56 degree wedge.

  213. Robert Pearson

    12 Handicap
    49 degree
    Steel shaft
    Currently uses Scor Wedges

  214. William A Bailey Jr

    Bill B
    Portage, Michigan
    10 Handicap
    KBS Tour 80 Graphite- Stiff
    Midsize Grip

  215. Dave Kennedy

    Dave Kennedy
    South Bend,Indiana

  216. Kevin Kelly

    HC 8
    Winthrop MA
    59* KBS Stiff graphite 2* flat
    Soft step
    Tour Velvet 360. 2 extra layers

  217. Nigel K Petrie

    I have a 56 degree wedge I played for about a year before I noticed that on the shaft was written, “Engineered for women”. I still use it for it my lowest lofted wedge. But I would love to replace it before my playing partners discover that I have a women’s club in my bag. My short game is not the best and I am willing to try anything to improve my short game, thank you for the opportunity to potentially replace my wedge and improve my game.

  218. Eric Aquai

    Eric Aquai
    Guam, USA
    20 handicap
    I would love to try your 56 degree wedge with a regular flex steel shaft please?

  219. Hello
    New york city
    Handicap 8.5
    Would like to try 58 degree LH
    Grip is cp pro standard
    1 degree flat, with mistubishi 0Ti graphite stiff flex 95 gram
    Thanks, Cheers!

  220. David J Sell

    Many of you have had great commentary on these wedges, and I’d love the chance to try one for myself.
    It just so happens I am going to need to add a wedge to compliment my new set of irons for the upcoming season in southeast Wisconsin, so I am crossing my fingers that this may be it !
    Current handicap is 16, going lower soon ( I hope).
    I’d love to test the 53 degree (based on their description of the flight) with the KBS Tour 110 regular flex steel shaft, length 35 1/4, standard size grip, standard lie angle.
    Very intrigued by the dual bounce description.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter, and keep up the fantastic work !

  221. Barry Y.
    Birmingham, AL
    6.4 Index
    60* Loft
    1 degree Flat
    + 1/2” over
    Soft step + 1
    Grip : MCC +4 Midsize
    Shaft: KBS Tour 120 Stiff

    Huge Fan of your site

  222. AL BOGERT

    Al Bogert
    21.7 Handicap – Myrtle Beach area.
    I would like a 50 degree, graphite shaft with the midsize grip.
    My present 50 deserves a respectful retirement – it is the second most used club in my bag.
    Thank you Edison for making this offer.

  223. Jerry Tingle

    Jerry Tingle
    Stephen’s City, VA
    Index 9.2

  224. Name: Kyle
    Location: Ogden, Utah
    Handicap: (off the charts) 32
    Loft: 58 degrees
    Shaft: KBS Tour 80 graphite
    Flex: stiff
    Grip: midsize grip.

  225. Bluffton,SC
    54 degree
    KBS 110 regular
    Midsize grip
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  226. Terry Schott

    Terry Schott
    Cape Girardeau, MO
    7.6 handicap
    51 degree graphite shaft, KBS Tour 80 Regular flex

  227. David Wojton

    Dave Wojton
    Henderson NV
    Hdcp 17
    Would love to try out 60 degree with graphite regular flex.

  228. Justin Thiels

    Justin Thiels
    Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
    Handicap: 17
    53 degree, KBS steel stiff flex
    Lamkin Midsize grip

  229. Leroy Van Wieren

    Very Interested in a 49 degree, KBS Tour 110 Reg, +0.5″, Midsize Grip.
    15 Handicap. Playing 2-3 times/week.
    Leroy Van Wieren
    Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

  230. Patrick Kaack

    Pat Kaack
    Waupaca, WI
    11 HDCP
    RT Hand – 59* KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    Standard Lie & Length
    Standard Grip
    2 Full Wraps
    3rd Wrap Lower Hand

  231. Alan Cousins

    Name: Alan
    Location: Newcastle, Co. Down
    Handicap: 23.1
    Loft: 57
    Shaft: KBS Tour 80 Graphite
    Flex: A-Flex
    Grip: Lamkin Crossline Standard
    Note: We have 135 true links bunkers on Royal County Down, so I would expect to give you some insightful feedback on how it performs for me in bunker play :-)

  232. Antonia Sinclair

    Halifax West Yorkshire
    Handicap index 16.4
    I would like the 56 degrees, standard lie
    Ladies flex if possible if not kbs tour graphite regular flex with midsized grip. Tour velvet if possible .
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity . Good luck to all and happy golfing.

  233. Cody Baxter

    Cody Baxter
    Moorhead, MN
    8 hcp
    45° w/ KBS Tour 120 steel and Lamkin crossline midsize grip

  234. tom nicholas

    Bath, England
    Index: 5.0
    48 degree
    Steel, Stiff KBS Tour 120
    Mid-size grip

  235. Mike Burns

    Mike Burns
    Brewton Alabama
    handicap 4.2
    50 degree KBS Tour 80 stiff graphite shaft
    Midsize grip
    Lie 2 degrees up, length + 1/2″
    Pick me!!

  236. Alec Winfrey

    Name: Alec Winfrey
    Location: Lubbock, Texas
    Handicap: 6.1
    Loft: 52 degrees
    Shaft: KBS Tour 120 stiff
    Grip: Standard

  237. Walter Zahler

    After hearing Tony Koehler talk about why he designed the Edison wedges and how they are made on a recent web cast, I immediately checked out these wedges on their web site. Being an older golfer with a 13 handicap, I believe these wedges could lower my handicap. Tony explained how conventional wedges are designed for tour players and not us mere mortals. I would be honored to test a 51 degree graphite A-flex shaft with a .75 long shaft.

  238. I was a BIG fan of the SCOR wedges so this would be great to demo!
    Mark Maioli
    Broomfield, CO
    7.5 hcp
    50 degree
    KBS Tour 120 Stiff
    Lie 2 degrees Flat
    Length Standard
    Grip Crossline Standard

  239. Doug Phillips

    Doug Phillips
    Fort Pierce, FL
    Index: 4.6
    56 degree wedge
    KBS Tour 110R Shaft


    HC 4.0

  241. Ramsey Mohsen

    Ramsey Mohsen
    Kansas City
    9 handicap
    55, kbs tour stiff

  242. Mark Myers

    Mark Myers
    Rochester, NY
    18 Handicap
    58 Degree, Steel Regular

  243. Bob Trimble

    Bob Trimble
    Canton, Georgia
    21.2 Index
    54° A-flex Graphite

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