TaylorMade M2 Rescue Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade M2 Rescue hybrid is long and easy to hit, but, like the other clubs in the M2 line, is lacking in sound, feel, and looks.


From the driver to the fairway wood to the iron, TaylorMade’s M2 line has proved to be incredibly consistent.  The performance is ideal for the high handicapper – lots of distance and ample forgiveness – but the subjective elements lack refinement.  Does the M2 Rescue fall into the same pattern or is it the exception to the rule?

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The M2 hybrid, much like the AeroBurner, is a big hybrid.  It also sits very shut in the “neutral” position, which tells you that it’s really geared toward the high handicap player.  The one nod toward the better player is the lack of alignment aid, but I think that was omitted largely because the actual sweet spot is buried toward the heel of the club.

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Sound & Feel

Much like the M2 fairway wood, the M2 Rescue is loud and hard.  It’s not as bad as the fairway wood, but it’s far from good.  The volume of impact doesn’t change much whether you hit it well or poorly, so there’s very minimal feedback.

In terms of balance, the club is very head heavy with the stock shaft.

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The story here is pretty similar to the one I told with the M2 irons: the M2 Rescue is long and forgiving.  Shot after shot, I was producing mid-launch, low spin bullets that wanted to either go straight or draw.  Unless you’re a really chronic slicer, the right side of the course will not be in play with this club.

While long and forgiving are certainly good things, this club is lacking when it comes to precision.  The combination of mid-launch and low spin means that holding greens is not easy.  If you want your hybrid to act like a 3W and just go forever, this is for you.  If you want to hit precise shots into long par 3s, you’ll definitely want to consider other options.

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As with the rest of TaylorMade’s M2 line, if you’re the target consumer, you’re going to love the M2 Rescue.  It is long, as advertised.  It is forgiving, as the giant head would lead you to believe.  Just don’t expect this to be a precision instrument for the more skilled player.

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