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The Swing Coach Club is a unique swing trainer that teaches you to swing smoothly with a square club face.


Most training aids are derivative.  The Swing Coach Club, however, is genuinely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  However, unique doesn’t always mean better, so I set out to see how effective this trainer is.


Ease of Use & Setup

The Swing Coach Club is very easy to use but not necessarily easy to understand.  To use it, simply load a ball into the club face and take a swing.  With the exception of a rubber spacer for slower swingers, there are no moving parts or adjustments on this swing trainer.

Where the Swing Coach Club becomes more difficult is in interpreting the results.  The instructional material is a little thin.  After playing with it for quite a while and making all kinds of unusual swings, I would explain it this way: the ball is going to launch in the direction the face is pointed.  The exception to that is if you make a herky-jerky swing.  In that case the ball may launch anywhere, including at your feet!



The Swing Coach Club is aimed at teaching two things: a square club face and smooth acceleration.  It does both very effectively.

When you get your club face into very closed or open positions at impact, you will see the ball flying right and left.  This is clear feedback that you need to make an adjustment.  Similarly, when you release too early, too late, or simply try to over-swing, you’ll see the ball launch all over the map.

The goal is to get the club face aimed at the target and to accelerate smoothly from the top.  When you do this, the ball gets “thrown” right down the target line, just like a well-struck shot.



Using the Swing Coach Club can be fun and a little frustrating.  I know many golfers who are so erratic with their acceleration, or so “over-the-top” with their swing, that they would need a few sessions with the Swing Coach Club to get straightened out.  I, too, had to spend a good deal of time to achieve the smooth swing this trainer demands.

Ultimately, the Swing Coach Club is a one-trick pony, but it’s a good trick.  I can see this living in your bag and being the first thing you use during a practice session to ingrain the feel of being smooth.



Retailing for $110, the Swing Coach Club is average in terms of cost.  It is effective at what it seeks to teach, so if you’re looking to improve your rhythm or club face control, it’s worth checking out.



The Swing Coach Club is a training aid that’s both novel and effective – a very rare combination in golf.  I really like that it teaches by allowing the golfer to experiment and see actual ball flight to judge progress.  If you’re looking for a new training tool this off season, this one merits consideration.

Matt Saternus

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