SWAG Golf Putters – Blue Ribbon Gear

SWAG Golf Putters – Blue Ribbon Gear

It started with a single putter, partially revealed, inside a glass case at the 2018 PGA Show.  From this mysterious beginning came a company that now generates so much buzz that they sell out every product release in seconds.

After two years of setting trends and delivering an increasing range of amazing putters, it’s time for SWAG Golf to be recognized as Blue Ribbon Gear.

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What’s the Big Deal?

You would be forgiven for looking at SWAG’s putters [website HERE, Instagram account HERE] and thinking, “These are traditional shapes.  What’s the big deal?” In fact, I’ve been asked that question many times, even by other Plugged In Golf writers.  The answer comes in three parts.


No one is making putters quite like SWAG.  A SWAG putter is made almost entirely on a CNC mill without the limitations and inconsistencies that handwork brings to the process.  This raises the bar on precision and consistency and allows for details like the perfectly smooth edges around the neck and the absence of the line on the flange.


Another part of the SWAG equation is a level of design and taste that other putter makers simply don’t have.  When you’re dealing with tried and true designs, the line between art and garbage can be thin.  SWAG is always on the right side of that divide, nailing the proportions and dimensions so the putter looks perfect behind the ball.

Doing Things Right

The final thing is really the collection of lots of little things.  SWAG does everything they can to elevate their putters.  Where other manufacturers might offer a black shaft as an upgrade, it’s stock on a SWAG.  High end leather grips are standard.  Their shaft bands are holographic and cool instead of being something you want to peel off.  They use headcovers with magnetic closures rather than Velcro, and there’s no third party branding.  Even the tape they use to seal their boxes has style.

All That, Plus Style

SWAG would be a Blue Ribbon Gear winner just for the putters, but we should also recognize that they’ve raised the bar on head covers and left every other putter maker struggling to catch up.  

We can start with the quality: you’d need three covers from other makers to equal the stitch count on a SWAG headcover.  Then there’s the style and the range of influences they’ve tapped into.  From memes to video games to movies to things that are uniquely SWAG, their covers are bold, unique, and unpredictable.  Some other makers have tried to imitate their style, but no one has come close.

What Is PluggedInGolf.com Blue Ribbon Gear?

Blue Ribbon Gear is Plugged In Golf’s way of recognizing the very best equipment in golf.  From clubs to apparel to accessories, our blue ribbon is a symbol of gear that is head and shoulders above the rest.

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  1. Chris Perez

    Nick and the team at Swag do amazing work and on top of it, are some of the most down to earth and fun people you’ll ever meet. Very happy for their success, even if it means it’s bear impossible for me to get a release of theirs nowadays lol.

  2. OK putter…graphics is what makes this putter, The feel is good but my Evenroll feels just as good. The thing I dislike is their marketing/sale of putters. Before my Evenroll, I was in a market for a putter, I waited and got in on a custom putter….I put it in my basket was going to check out and come to find someone was quicker on the draw and my putter was gone. I wrote CS a message and they told me jus because it was in my basket doesn’t mean it was sold to me…I had to be quicker. Might be a great putter to PIG, but I don’t like to play “black Friday at Best Buy” when I’m making a purchase.

    • Matt Saternus

      SWAG’s stock putters are available on their site 24/7.


    • I have an Evenroll and a Savage Too.. The feel is not nearly the same to me. The feel of the Swag is soft yet light off the ball for a heavily balanced putter (35 inches and 365g = E7). The Evenroll is 370g and 34.5 and it is a heavy feel as the ball makes contact. I also have an easier time getting the ball to the hole with the Swag in comparison on longer putts. The Evenroll has some nice face tech, but to me, the feel of the Swag is far preferable.

  3. This is great stuff, no doubt, and Matt’s recommendations carry a lot of weight with me. It is why I come to this site every week. ‘That said, any company that creates the illusion that you better get your order in NOW…..or it’s gone, leaves a sour taste in my mouth, especially at their price points, as they can manipulate production quantities. I’ll take a wait and see approach with them. Great quality is one thing. SWAG behaving like some “hard to get chick”, is another.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks for you support.
      I think it needs to be re-emphasized that you can buy any stock SWAG putter at any time. Only the headcovers and some limited edition putters are “hard” to buy. I understand why some people don’t like the limited releases, but every golf company (Scotty, Bettinardi, Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, etc) does it with their “special” product.


  4. Matt, as a lefty I’m definitely limited with putter options in several brands. With that said, I’m currently considering the 2020 SC Special Select Newport 2 and either the Swag Handsome One or Swag Suave Too. Based on your reviews, could you give me a breakdown on differences and why I may consider the NP2 or Swag options over the other? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re looking for differences between the Suave Too and Handsome One, there are links to full reviews in the feature above.

      I think it’s pretty clear from the feature that I would recommend either SWAG putter over the Cameron, for all the reasons I laid out: superior design, better feel, and higher quality manufacturing.



  5. Hi Matt, I am interested in purchasing a higher end putter as a reward for breaking 90. I started playing golf last year with a hand-me-down set and have been upgrading my bag over time. I’m drawn to Swag based on your reviews, but I am hesitant to purchase one ($500+) without a fitting. Is there somewhere I can get fit for these? Or would I need to get fit for another brand and buy the Swag putter closest in design/spec?

    • Matt Saternus


      Congrats on breaking 90!
      Unfortunately, SWAG does not have a fitting studio open to the public at the moment. I would suggest getting fit for the basics – length, lie, and toe hang – and buying the SWAG putter that suits your needs.



  6. Todd Williams

    Love what they are doing. I tried on one of their lotteries, no luck. #DoubleSecret

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