Srixon Z 355 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The Srixon Z 355 hybrid is a prototypical looking hybrid with excellent forgiveness and good balance.


Hybrids may not be the headline grabbers when OEMs announce new club line ups, but for many golfers, they’re an irreplaceable part of the set.  Whether attacking a long par 3, making up for a poor tee shot, or escaping trouble, a good, reliable hybrid can be a golfer’s best friend.  Though it lacks in glitz and fanfare, the Srixon Z 355 hybrid aims to be that best friend.

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To my eye, the Srixon Z 355 hybrid is exactly what a hybrid should look like.  It’s not a tiny “look at what a ball striker I am” hybrid, but it’s not a mislabeled fairway wood either.  The Z 355 is slightly pear shaped and of average size and face height.  Its gloss black crown rounds out the prototypical look.  Though it’s a game improvement hybrid, the Z 355 sets up square, not closed like many of its competitors.

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Sound & Feel

Though it still has more club head feel than your average rescue club, the Srixon Z 355 hybrid is the most balanced club in the Z 355 line.  You’ll have an excellent sense of where the club head is during the swing, but even weaker players won’t feel like they’re laboring to get the club around.

The sound of the Z 355 hybrid is as prototypical as the look: it’s quiet and crisp.

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The Srixon Z 355 hybrid performs almost identically to the Z 355 fairway wood.  That means that above all, it’s forgiving.  Shots all over the face get excellent ball speed and consistent launch and spin.  This hybrid is also similar to the Z 355 fairway wood in that it’s lower launching and spinning than you would expect from a game improvement club.  For players that tend to launch the ball too high, this is going to mean a longer, stronger ball flight that is less affected by the wind.

All in all, this is a hybrid that simply produces consistent results.  The profile of this Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft is very balanced – it’s equally stiff in the butt and tip and softer in the middle – which should make it appealing to a wide range of players.

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There aren’t any gimmicks or tricks to the Srixon Z 355 hybrid. simply a solid club that does exactly what a hybrid is supposed to do.  Whether it’s replacing your long irons or simply filling a distance gap, the Z 355 hybrid will help you to get to the green consistently from long range.

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