Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net Review

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The Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net is durable, sets up easily, and works perfectly.  Ball return makes practice much more enjoyable.  Capable of handling high speed players.


Setting up the ability to hit golf balls at home seems like a no-brainer great idea.  Whether it’s a way to practice in the offseason, hit balls when it’s raining, or just save a few bucks on range balls it appears to be the perfect solution.  The problem is, if your “home range” isn’t fun and easy to use, you’re not going to use it.  The best way to ensure that you actually practice at home is to invest in a high quality hitting net like the Spornia SPG-7.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Spornia SPG-7 golf net comes in a convenient carrying case.  When you empty it, you’ll find the net, the chipping target, stakes, and a bag with three collapsible rods.  The net wants to pop open without much prompting, so make sure you have space around you and no oblivious bystanders.

Spornia provides an instruction sheet that explains how to set up and fold the net.  There’s also a QR Code that will take you to a video if you need more direction.  With the help of my nine year old daughter, I set up the SPG-7 in a stout breeze in about three minutes.  Subsequent set ups were even quicker.


I’ve had a bad indoor hitting set up for years.  The Spornia SPG-7 practice net has solved literally every one of my complaints about practicing at home.  I wish I’d made this upgrade ages ago.  

The most standout feature is the ball return.  Every ball I hit – drivers, wedges, irons, good swings, bad swings – ended up back near my feet.  What makes it even smarter is that there’s a small lip that catches the ball, so you don’t have to tend to the return.  If you want to practice with one ball, you can do that.  You can also reel off dozens of shots before unloading the ball return.

Another thing that makes the Spornia SPG-7 so impressive is the way it handles impact.  At only 15 pounds, it would be easy to think that this is a lightweight, meant for nothing more than pitch shots.  On the contrary, I set it up indoors without any kind of additional weight or support (please follow all manufacturer instructions about set up) and watched it shrug off full driver swings.

There are two models of the SPG-7, the standard model and the Compact Edition (see them both HERE).  Because of the limited space in my garage, I opted for the Compact Edition.   This measure 5.5′ X 5.5′ X 5.5′.  You can also add a 20″ roof (seen above) which makes it capable of catching all but the floppiest of flop shots.  The standard version of the SPG-7 is 7′ X 7′ X 7′ which stretches to 8.5′ with the roof.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel safe with the smaller version, but I’ve found that a 5.5′ span will catch some awful shots with room to spare.


Everything about the Spornia SPG-7 feels high quality.  I’ve hit hundreds of shots into it, and it still looks like new.

In terms of how much you’ll use it, I can’t overstate how good the ball return is.  With my previous net, hitting balls indoors was equal parts enjoyable and annoying.  The Spornia net makes me want to practice more because there’s zero aggravation.


The Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net Compact Edition retails for $179 from GolfPal [buy it HERE].  The larger, standard model of the SPG-7 retails for $239.

Regardless of which size fits your needs, this is a fantastic net and a great value.  You can spend a lot more on a net, but I have a hard time seeing what more you can ask for.


If this is the season you finally set up that home practice range, whether in your backyard, garage, or basement, start with a Spornia practice net.  The SPG-7 is a great net and it makes hitting balls at home really enjoyable.  With its very affordable price, it will pay for itself in no time.

Buy a Spornia Net HERE

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  1. I had the big Spornia before I built my indoor simulator. It’s definitely a solid product. A bit overpriced though considering the materials used in construction.

    I also found it wasn’t super easy to fold up and put away. Nothing too difficult, just realize it’s not 10 seconds like one of those foldable pool rafts.

  2. Tom Fallin

    To your points on the value proposition, it would be instructive to hear your thoughts on a home based practice package at this time. With some folks working from home, what setup options are preferred? Say a basic option of pad, net, and putting surface up to simulator options. Say a minimum, median, and optimum option. Sound fair? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not certain what you’re asking for. Are you looking for recommendations of what to buy to put together a home set up? Are you looking for specific brands and models or general ideas such as “You should get a hitting mat, net…”?



  3. Tom Fallin

    I’ll try to explain my 29 April comment in more detail, sorry. Yes, given your exposure to what’s currently available, I think it would be helpful to suggest a few specific options for those who want to practice at home. Where do we start and which brands would you recommend? Perhaps by budget, if that’s not too much to ask. For example, if we start with putting, is that Big Moss product line? And can we get by with the small one or do we need larger to accommodate chipping? Next up, maybe a mat? Then a net? Are soft balls worth it, or birdie balls? You likely can’t get into many comparisons, but some suggested setups would be super helpful. There’s so many choices. Like to hear your thoughts. That help?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s a good question, but the answer would be an extensive post or podcast onto itself, not a comment response. If you need an answer soon, I think checking the review archives is your best option. The one thing I can say easily is that for a net, there’s nothing I’ve seen that can touch Spornia for quality at this price. Also, is you have a decent net, there’s no need for anything other than “real” golf balls.



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