Snell Golf Get Sum Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The Snell Golf Get Sum golf ball is priced like a range rock but performs like a $30 mid-tier ball.  Tremendous value.


If you could find the Snell Golf Get Sum golf ball on the shelf of your local golf store, you’d likely find it among the close outs, the X-Outs, and the practice balls because of the price ($21/dozen, $15/dozen when buying 3 dozen or more).  But don’t let the price, or the name, fool you: the Get Sum is a serious golf ball with quality feel and surprising short game performance.

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The Snell Golf Get Sum golf ball joins an elite group of value-priced balls that have the feel of a much more expensive one.  Off the putter, the Get Sum feels softer than a Pro V1 without any “click” or crispness.  Depending on the putter and the golfer, the Get Sum could fall into “mushy” territory, but there’s no denying that it’s soft.

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Long Game

One of the major selling points of the Snell Golf Get Sum golf ball is the low spin rates in the long game.  This is something that I did confirm in launch monitor testing.  The benefits of low spin are twofold: longer distance and less curve.  To be clear, not every golfer will see longer distance with lower spin, at least not with every club.  However, most will benefit from lower spin, particularly off the tee.  Similarly, the Get Sum will not magically straighten out a 40-yard slice, but it will give it a better chance of staying on the golf course.

Short Game

Given that most of the information about the Get Sum golf ball revolves around less spin and hook/slice reduction, I was anticipating that the short game spin from this ball would be abysmal.  I was shocked when I saw that the wedge spin was actually equal to or better than most mid-tier golf balls.  If you want every last RPM, you’ll want to try Snell’s My Tour Ball, but for most players the Get Sum will provide more than enough versatility around the greens.

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If you can get past the silly name, you’ll find there is no reason not to play the Snell Golf Get Sum golf ball.  But if you’re dead set on overpaying for golf balls, well, I’m with Kermit.

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Matt Saternus


  1. How would you rate Get Sum vs Vice Tour Ball or Hopkins VL-Pro or other 3 piece surlyn balls? Thank you

  2. Rixhard Pipon

    Can I buy snell get sum ball in Quebec and what is the compression.

    • Matt Saternus


      Click any of the links in the review to get to the Snell website to purchase golf balls.
      I don’t know the compression rating.


  3. Robert German

    Considering touring professionals are going to get +11,000 rpm’s of spin out of the MTB & mid handicappers around 7-8000 on full wedge shots, what kind of spin rates did your testing on the get sum balls?

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