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The Sentio Golf Sierra 101 putter is a modern take on the Anser that comes in three distinct feels.


With very few exceptions, the way a putter feels is the way it feels.  If you fall in love with the look, the weight, or the name on it, you have to accept how it feels as part of the deal.  Sentio Golf is attempting to change that.  With their first putter, the Sierra 101, they’re using a unique construction to offer three different feel options from the same club.



The Sentio Sierra 101 can best be described as a modern take on the Anser-style putter.  The overall shape – cavity back, short flange, plumbers neck, hee/toe weighting – is familiar, but there are a number of unusual details.

One of the most noticeable features is the “dampening polymer core” than you see in the middle of the top line.  The pictures on Sentio’s website make this core look very colorful, but you can see in the picture above that the core is nearly black at address.  In addition to the core, the Sierra stands out with its sharper, angular edges.


Sound & Feel

My biggest curiosity coming into this review was whether or not there would be a noticeable difference between the Green, Red, and Blue cores.  It took only a few putts to determine that there is a clear difference.  The Green is the most different – it produces a quiet, low pitched “tock” at impact.  The Red and Blue are louder with slightly higher pitched impact sounds.  These two are fairly close, but the Blue is clearly firmer which I notice more on longer putts.

A common feature among the three different cores is excellent feedback.  The sound gets very dull as soon as you move away from the sweet spot.



On the course, the Sentio Sierra 101 performs as you would expect from a blade putter.  The specs – 350 gram head, full offset, 4:00 toe hang – are pretty standard for a modern Anser-style flat stick.  There is some forgiveness on mishit putts, but its far from the giant, super forgiving mallets.

What sets the Sierra 101 apart is, again, the Dynamic Response technology.  It may be as much my reaction to the feels as much as the putters themselves, but I found myself putting much more aggressively with the Green (soft) core and more defensively with the Blue (firm) core.



In a market saturated with copy cats, I give Sentio Golf high marks for doing something different and interesting.  The ability to get the same putter with different feels is something I haven’t seen before, and I think it provides a very interesting fitting variable.  If you like the look of the Sierra 101, you can be confident that you can find a feel that you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Chad Hershberger

    I have had this putter (the red-medium feel) in my bag since early January and have been very impressed. The feel of the putter is top notch and my distance control has never been better. As someone who switches putters quite frequently, it’s been nice to find a putter that I feel extremely comfortable and confident with, with no thought of needing to make another change. I know putters are a very personal thing, and what works for one person will not work for everybody, but this just happens to be the perfect putter for me and I’m very happy I came upon it.

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