Scotty Cameron Select Newport M2 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport M2 putter is a larger version of the Newport 2.  Added forgiveness.  The best feel in the Select line.


At $380, the new Scotty Cameron Select putters certainly aren’t for everyone.  Price aside, who are they for?  The Newport M2 mid-mallet putter is designed for the player who likes a traditional look, but wants more forgiveness and less toe hang.

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The Scotty Cameron Newport M2 putter is a mallet-sized version of Scotty’s Newport 2.  The shoulders and bumpers are all stretched back in proper proportion, as you’d expect from Cameron.  You might expect that this is simply a Select Notchback without the Notch, but the M2 is longer from heel to toe and it has a wider top line.

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Sound & Feel

The feel of the Newport M2 is, to me, the best of any putter in the Select line.  There’s a solid “tock” on centered putts and a small “click” on misses.  This provides the feedback that you need to improve your putting.

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Players prefer mallets primarily because of the added forgiveness on mishits.  While it’s not comparable to the spaceship-styled giant mallets, the Newport M2 does offer more stability on misses than the blade putters in the Select line.

As I noted about the Newport M1, I found it difficult to sense where the face was during the stroke with the M2.  Again, some of this is due to the grip and some of it is due to my preference for a putter with more toe hang.  Overall, this putter will perform well for you if it fits your stroke.

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If you like the look of Cameron’s Newport 2 style but are seeking more forgiveness, the Newport M2 putter is worth a roll.  I found it to be the best-feeling of the new Select putters, but do make sure that the alignment aid works for you before putting it in your bag.

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  1. Any reviews of the GoLo series putters. I am specifically looking at a GoLo5R and GoLo 3. What is the difference between these putters as far as performance for a average golfer? I now use the Studio Select 2.6, which is a center shafted putter, and my stroke is most of the time straight back and through. Any suggestions?

  2. I have been a Scotty fan for many years. I’ve had all iterations of the Newport 2 and 2.5. The M2 is far and away the best feeling putter I’ve ever owned. I installed a Super Stroke grip and my percentage of puts holed from inside 10′ has doubled.

    • Your situation and thoughts are a carbon copy of mine Dave. I’ve owned quite a few Scotty’s, but the M2 is the best of all of them. I too put a super stroke on mine and am reaping the benefits.

  3. Will Allott

    Great review. Thank you. Is there a significant difference between the M1 and M2 in regards to which is more face balanced? Thank you

  4. Checking out an older review here but considering an M2 myself. Always played versions of the wider face-balanced putters such as the 1W, Sigma G Kushin, and Huntington Beach 8 but prefer the look of the M2 at address. Really like that feedback is apparent on mishits but still has plenty of forgiveness.

  5. Is there a difference between SC select mallet 2 and newport m2?

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