Scotty Cameron Select Newport M1 Putter Review

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The Scotty Cameron Select Newport M1 putter is a rounded mid-mallet option for the Cameron fans.  Feel is extremely soft, maybe too soft.  Decent forgiveness.


While most of Scotty Cameron’s new Select line of putters is centered around Anser and Anser 2 styles, he’s also sprinkled in something for players who prefer a larger putter: the Newport M1 and Newport M2 putters.  In this review, we’ll take a look at the rounded mid-mallet M1.

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The Select Newport M1 mallet is the biggest putter in Scotty Cameron’s newest line.  It has the widest top line and is the longest from front to back.  The shape is a traditional semi-circular mallet but with shoulders and bumpers akin to an Anser-style putter.

At address, the most noticeable feature is the alignment cross that pops through from the sole.  As with any prominent alignment feature, this will be helpful to some players and detrimental to others.

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Sound & Feel

As I’ve noted in other reviews of the Scotty Cameron Select line, the feel from one model to the next is very inconsistent.  In the case of the M1 Newport, the feel is very soft to the point of being dull or dead.  This dull feel really minimizes feedback, so it’s more difficult to tell how you’ve struck the putt.  It is easy to feel a big miss, but smaller misses are harder to detect.

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One interesting thing about the Newport M1 putter is that it’s connected to a single bend shaft, not a standard double bend.  This is important because it gives the putter a bit of toe hang as opposed to making it face balanced.  Putters with more toe hang are generally thought to be a better fit for players with more arcing putting strokes.

The thing that I found problematic about the Newport M1 is the lack of feel for the head during the swing.  Admittedly, a lot of that is probably due to the grip – the shape, size, and weight of the grip is not to my liking – but I had a hard time feeling where the face was pointed during the swing.  This led to a lot of difficulty on both short and long putts.

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While it certainly didn’t fit my putting stroke, the Scotty Cameron Select Newport M1 putter will certainly find a home in the bag of many Cameron fans.  The proportions and shaping of this mid-mallet are predictably excellent, and the feel, though too soft for me, will be appealing to those that play a very firm golf ball.

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