Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is another solid offering from the biggest name in high-end putters.  Nothing new here, just a quality version of the classic Anser 2 putter.


With apologies to their respective fan boys, Scotty Cameron and Apple have a lot in common: their new releases are a big deal even when they don’t change much of anything.  That’s certainly the case with the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.  This is a very solid putter that lots of people will enjoy, but there’s nothing significantly different from the last few generations. 

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You can say a lot of things about Mr. Cameron, but his design sensibilities are beyond reproach.  The Anser 2 style putter has been done to death, but there’s still something beautiful about it when the lines and proportions are just right.  On this particular putter, Cameron has taken a more “squared” aesthetic compared to some of the more rounded designs of the past.

The Select Newport 2 features some of the deepest face milling that you’ll find, which does make for a very cool look.  Beyond that, there are three red “cherry bombs” in the cavity and a generous splash of red paint across the branding on the sole.  Aside from that, the putter is very clean.

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Sound & Feel

That deep face milling that I mentioned makes the Cameron Select Newport 2 one of the softest milled putters I’ve ever used.  Because so much of the face has been milled away, very little metal actually comes in contact with the ball.  The result is an impact soft with almost no “click” at all.  In spite of this marshmallow feel, the feedback is still very clear, and only the best-struck putts are rewarded.

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There’s not much I’m going to say about the performance of the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 that’s going to surprise you.  It’s a very solid Anser 2 putter, but there’s nothing revolutionary or innovative going on here.  It has good feel, weight, and balance, and when you get in tune with it, you can make plenty of putts.  The forgiveness is good, but nothing that exceeds other Anser 2 putters – small mishits stay on line, but big mishits will come up well short of the hole.

Cameron continues to use adjustable weights in his putters, but the tool and weights need to be purchased separately.  Through the Scotty Cameron website, the wrench and 3 sets of weights (one of which will be a duplicate of the weights on your putter) costs $154 ($169 for the heavy weight set).  This brings the total cost of the putter and weights to over $500.  While I applaud Cameron for finally putting the adjustability in the hands of the golfer, the cost seems excessive.

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Much like Apple, Scotty Cameron tends to be a very divisive brand.  His loyalists love everything he does, others roll their eyes.  The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 will do nothing to change any of this.  There’s no innovation here nor anything you can’t get from a host of other putter makers, but this is undeniably a refined, well made Anser 2-style putter.

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