Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 is a solid take on the heel-shafted mid-mallet with an interesting “high tech” construction.


Whenever Scotty Cameron releases a new line of putters, there are always two camps lined up to deliver strong reactions.  Cameron’s loyal fans, who are legion, will tell you about the beauty of the product and the innovative new features.  Cameron’s detractors, also a huge number, will deride him for xeroxing more classic styles.

Both camps will have plenty to crow about with this new line.  The latest GOLO putters are largely traditional headshapes, but the construction of these putters is unlike anything else we’ve seen from Scotty.

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There are a couple things that keep the Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 from being just another heel-shafted mid-mallet.  First is the size.  The GOLO 3 is decidedly larger than most interpretations of this classic design.  More noticeable, however, is the construction.  This putter is made from one piece of stainless steel (the majority of the putter) and a piece of aluminum (the face, sole, and alignment aid).  While some people might find this off-putting, I give Scotty credit for throwing something new into this creation.

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Sound & Feel

When you pay over $300 for a putter, you have every right to expect top notch feel.  The Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 isn’t going into my personal “Feel Hall of Fame,” it doesn’t disappoint either.  With a tour-quality ball, the putter produces a dull thud with almost no “click.”  If you prefer that click-y impact, you can get it from using a ball with a harder cover.  The feedback from this putter is subtle which is exactly what I expect from an aluminum face.  You’ll be able to distinguish a mishit from a pure strike, but only if you’re paying attention.

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The purpose behind the combination stainless steel and aluminum construction is to shift more weight to the perimeter of the putter, thus increasing the MOI and forgiveness.  My guess is that there are measurable benefits to this construction, but at the end of the day, this is still not a wrecking ball mallet that will allow you to make putts from anywhere on the face.  If you want a good roll and you want the ball to get to the cup, you need to stay on the sweet spot.

The GOLO 3 does have the same adjustable weight scheme as the last few generations of Camerons.  The weight kit can be bought direct from Scotty’s website for $154 ($169 for the Heavy version) or you can find plenty of cheaper, “unauthorized” weights and tools elsewhere on the internet.  $150 on top of the purchase price is tough for me to swallow, so I’d recommend being fit and ordering the right weight the first time.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the offset of the GOLO 3 is 3/4 shaft, not 1/2 shaft like a typical #9 putter.  This difference will certainly be inconsequential to some, but for those who are really sensitive to offset, it could make a big difference.

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The GOLO 3 is exactly what I expect from Scotty Cameron.  It’s a classic design that’s well-executed aesthetically with enough changes to bring the Cameron faithful back to the register.  If you’re looking to make your first jump into the high-end putter world, you could definitely do worse than the new GOLO 3.

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  1. It’s a TPA XVIII designed by Terry McCabe, with weights.

  2. Blake Andrews

    I’d recommend this putter to anyone, however the feel from other players vary. I find this scotty deadly within 10ft. The putter its self generates enough speed as is which for me gets the ball rolling fantastically. For me the putter was well worth $400! Great job on the new Cameron’s!

  3. I have owned the GoLo 3 for my third year. No complaints. My missed putts are from my abilities not the putter. Gorgeous look and feel. I put a Scotty large grip black on it and I love it.

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