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The Scoring Zone online golf instructional videos by Todd Sones are an amazing tool for anyone who wants to improve their putting or wedge play.  High quality, well organized content from a proven instructor.


The internet is not lacking for golf instruction.  The internet is desperately lacking in good, coherent, well organized golf instruction.  Todd Sones, a Top 100 Instructor well known for his short game acumen, offers a cure: The Scoring Zone.  In these two series of videos, he breaks down putting and wedge play in a way that will benefit any golfer.


The Scoring Zone is comprised of two modules: Lights Out Putting and Short Game Scoring.  Each module starts with the basics of grip, stance, and what you’re trying to accomplish.  In Lights Out Putting, Todd Sones continues from the basics to what makes a good stroke.  Following that, you get a three-video series that shows an amateur golfer going through one of Todd’s lessons.  These lesson look-ins are the most unique part of The Scoring Zone, and are some of the best videos.  While it’s great to watch a pro roll in putt after putt, we can learn more from seeing others correct their mistakes.  Lights Out Putting ends with a trio of drills you can use in your practice.

Short Game Scoring, after covering the set up and what wedges to carry, moves into different types of shots.  Todd explains the Mini Wedge, the Pinch Shot, the High Slider, and Bunker Play.  Each of those sections includes one of the aforementioned lesson look-ins.  This module closes with videos that cover specific, high level shots.

The most important thing that makes Todd’s content different than the other stuff on the internet is that it’s based in the thousands of lessons that Todd has taught.  This isn’t a five handicapper pontificating about the short game; it’s a professional teacher sharing the techniques that he has seen work for hundreds and hundreds of students.

What I found most useful is the way that Todd breaks down the wedge game.  I find it very easy to get caught up in the endless variations on wedge shots, but Todd has a simple, practical system that can work for any level of golfer.  I’ve implemented a number of his ideas, and it’s already paying dividends.


This is another area where The Scoring Zone is head and shoulders beyond much of the content on the internet.  First, all the videos are well produced with multiple high definition camera angles.  More importantly, the content is broken down into very short videos so you can watch as much or as little as you want in one sitting.  This also makes the content easy to revisit.  Finally, the sequence of the content makes sense.  You won’t be scrolling through pages of YouTube search results trying to find the three videos that go together, you simply watch the series as one concept builds on the next.


I think that The Scoring Zone surpasses other instructional material in longevity because of its simplicity and organization.  With each video being concise and focused on a very specific topic, it’s easy to come back when something goes awry in your game.  Also, because the material is laid out in a logical order, it gives you a road map for fixing your game on your own.  If you’re hitting poor Pinch Shots, check your four Principles, check your set up, and you’ll be back to knocking it close.


Access to each Scoring Zone module costs $20, or you can get both for $36 (buy it HERE).  This is a fraction of the cost of a golf lesson, let alone a lesson with someone as knowledgeable as Todd Sones.  Whether you’re actively working on your short game or not, these are great videos to have at your disposal.  When I started watching them, I wasn’t seeking a short game change, but I still took away numerous useful tips.


If you’re tired of scrolling through YouTube and Instagram for new short game tips that probably won’t work, make the modest investment in The Scoring Zone.  The content is A+, it’s presented in a thoughtful way, and, if you apply it, you’ll see your scores drop in no time.

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  1. This is a great idea from Todd! I have been to two of his clinics, take lessons from his Sr. Instructor, Mason Wall (who also fitted me for my Mizuno irons), and have found three books from Todd on the subject. I will get these as a visual refresher. His instruction definitely removes the “instructor speak” and gets to the nuts and bolts. Another complete review, Matt!

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