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REDTIGER Rangefinder Review

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The REDTIGER rangefinder is one of the least expensive lasers on the market, but it has the accuracy – and many of the features – of more expensive models.  Solid feel and construction.


One of my favorite things about being a parent is taking things that adults just accept and explaining them to my incredulous children.  Pricing is one of those things.  “Dad, why would someone pay $600 for a rangefinder when some cost $100?”  I explain that A) sometimes price is a reflection of quality and B) high prices are often a feature, not a bug (this leads to more questions).  In the case of the REDTIGER rangefinder, is the low price a reflection of poor quality or are people simply overpaying when they buy the competitors?  I tested one to find out.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The REDTIGER rangefinder comes with a carrying case, carabiner, USB cord for the rechargeable battery, and a belt clip.  Mine was ready to use out of the box, but, if you’re heading out for a long day on the course, you might want to top off your charge before you go.

The functionality of the REDTIGER rangefinder is exactly what you’d expect.  The red power button turns the device on, and a second push brings up your distance.  Using the “M” button toggles between standard rangefinder mode, pin seeker mode (the device will lock onto the nearest object, ignoring things beyond the flag), and a speed measurement mode.

This rangefinder does have a slope mode which is turned on and off with a slider on the side of the unit.  Given the extremely low price, I was very pleased to find this dedicated switch.  Additionally, the device has a quality feel, and the button pushes are solid and satisfying.

Accuracy & Features

The first thing I always test, especially with a low cost rangefinder, is the speed and accuracy.  I was impressed with the speed right away.  While it’s not quite as fast as the most expensive lasers, I can’t imagine anyone being unsatisfied with how fast the REDTIGER rangefinder produces a distance.  The story is similar with accuracy.  Running it head to head with rangefinders that cost several times more, it gave the same distances.

Additionally, the slope feature worked well and consistently.  There are small discrepancies in the ways that different companies adjust for slope, but my primary concern is internal consistency.  I was also pleased with how well the pin seeker mode blocked out background objects.  The only key feature that the REDTIGER lacks is red/black optics.

The increasing number of choices in the rangefinder market makes size a bigger factor than ever.  If you have the ability to get exactly what fits your hand, why wouldn’t you?  I found the REDTIGER rangefinder to be a comfortable shape and size.  For my hand – slightly over 8″ from wrist to tip of middle finger – it could be a hair bigger, but the smaller dimensions make it easier to slide into a pocket.  It weighs just 6.7 ounces.

Many readers will be pleased to see that this device does come with a built-in cart magnet.  It’s above average in strength, requiring an intentional pull to remove it.  It also comes with a belt clip (below) that uses the magnet to attach the rangefinder to your hip.  While I can imagine some players will find this distracting, I applaud REDTIGER for offering a new way to tote your laser.

Finally, the REDTIGER rangefinder uses a rechargeable battery.  They state that each full charge is good for 30,000 ranges, and there is a battery life indicator in the viewfinder.  The REDTIGER shows your battery life in 25% increments.  This is a big upgrade over some rangefinders which only display the battery icon when your unit is about to die.


The REDTIGER rangefinder retails for about $100.  This puts it at the most affordable end of the rangefinder market, and it’s hard to argue that it isn’t a solid value.  A couple years ago, these features with this speed would have been at least triple the price.

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For a rangefinder with one of the lowest prices anywhere, the REDTIGER is quite impressive.  It has a quality feel and most of the high end features that golfers want.

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  1. I recently purchased a Redtiger rangefinder after losing my 15 year old Leopold. It’s fast and accurate, the magnet holds it tight to the golf cart, and it’s easy to charge. I’m very pleased with this rangefinder and it’s a steal at $100.

  2. Robert Stout

    Mark, sorry, but what exactly do you mean by “the REDTIGER lacks red/black optics” in relation to this device?

  3. Donald Conner

    Did you find that you preferred this rangefinder over the Gogogo Sport VPro GS24 in this price category? Or and different option than either of these?

    • Matt Saternus


      I like the feel of the REDTIGER a bit more, the case is a little more comfortable to me.



  4. Matt– Are the optics as clear as some other more expensive models?

    • Matt Saternus


      The optics are fine. I can’t say that I’ve ever found the optics – outside of magnification – to be a major plus or minus for any rangefinder.


  5. I was about to pull the trigger on one of these, but the images on their website suggest when slope (plays like) is turned off it still measures elevation change, which is not allowed for competition play. Can you confirm if this is the case?

  6. Cary J Sharp-Wolinsky

    I bought a Red Tiger and have been using it for the past couple of weeks. Ease of use is outstanding, Accuracy is ± 1 yard compared to other manufacturers. I rarely play in tournaments, so I keep the Slope feature on which helps me improve my game.
    The only downside for me has been the magnet. It has once fallen off the cart and from the belt clip. I am grateful to the honest person who found it and turned it into the Pro Shop where I was playing.

  7. Recently purchased this rangefinder and not very pleased at the moment…doesnt read the flags or distances….push the button to read and all it shows is a lightning bolt to the right….occassionally it reads but most of the time it doesnt…am i doing something wrong with the settings? Tried emailing them but comes back as undeliverable.

    • Matt Saternus


      Per the manual, the lightning bolt indicates that it’s measuring, for whatever that’s worth. There aren’t really any settings that should impact whether or not it produces a number. Is there a scenario where it works well?


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