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The Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro golf net is massive and very sturdy.  Built to handle everyone from long drivers to 30+ handicaps.  Easy, tool-free assembly.


As the weather warms up, golfers are looking for ways to get their game in top shape sooner rather than later.  One of the best ways to speed up your progress is by hitting balls at home.  The new Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro makes that possible by offering a generous, secure hitting area that can be set up in just a few minutes.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro golf net arrives in a big, heavy box loaded with pieces.  You’ll find the netting,sandbags, frame pipes, duffle bag, stakes, and installation manual.  Laid out and freed from all the plastic and cardboard, it can be a little intimidating (above).

Thankfully, the aforementioned installation manual is excellent.  The instructions are clear and concise, and the pictures are easy to digest.  Once I had all the pieces laid out, I was able to put it together in ten minutes by myself.

Rain or Shine strongly suggests assembling this with two people, and they’re not wrong.  One of the final steps would have been much easier with two people, and I suspect many people would not be able to accomplish it solo.  With a partner, I would have had this together in about six minutes.

Assembly of the push button frame is tool-free, which is a big plus for speed and ease.  I was able to break down the Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro and pack it into the duffel bag in just a couple minutes.


One of the first things I look for in a hitting net is ample coverage.  No one wants to stand in front of a net and worry about sending a ball through a nearby window.  The Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro measures a healthy seven feet across and just over seven feet tall, which should be big enough for even the most timid golfers.

Adding to that confidence are the side extenders.  These add about six feet of netting to each side to catch any low, squirrelly shots that may occur.  Realistically, these shouldn’t come into play, but they’re comforting nonetheless.

Another thing that I like about the Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro is the way the net connects to the frame.  The net is sewn to a heavy canvas sleeve that wraps around the poles.  This means you don’t have to worry about a velcro strap coming loose and leaving a gaping hole in your net.  The netting also connects to the bottom of the frame (above) so even the occasional worm burner can’t sneak past.

Everything about the SwingNet Pro golf net gave me a ton of confidence to swing away and practice without fear.  If you’re looking for a hitting net that can handle every shot from every club, this is it.


There are two elements to consider for the longevity of the Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro golf net: durability and usability.

On the durability front, I think the SwingNet Pro is excellent.  The frame is a powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminum which has a heavy, solid feel.  Similarly, the netting is as heavy-duty as any that I’ve come across.  Per Rain or Shine, it’s 10 Ply 1″ Polyester netting.  Per me, you’d have to be Ben Hogan to wear this out.

On the usability front, it comes down to where you intend to set this up.  The net itself is great, but if you need to fully assemble and disassemble it every time, you’re not going to get a lot practicing in.  I think the SwingNet Pro sets up as easily as any net this size, but, realistically, most people need to make it easier to practice, not add steps.  The SwingNet Pro is best for permanent or semi-permanent installations.


The Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro retails for $549.  Please consider supporting PluggedInGolf by buying it HERE.

In terms of size and construction, the SwingNet Pro is very similar to The Net Return [review HERE], and the prices are comparable.  The SwingNet Pro has built-in side extenders, which is a nice extra that The Net Return does not.

If you’re looking for a complete home practice package, Rain or Shine offers the SwingNet Pro with the SwingTurf Golf Mat $1,128, on sale for $999 at the time of this writing.


If you’re looking for a big, confidence inspiring net to build a home practice station around, you can’t do much better than the Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro.  This hitting net has a huge coverage area and very solid construction.  Pair it with a quality hitting mat that won’t beat up your body, and you’ll be on your way to better ball striking.

Buy the Rain or Shine SwingNet Pro HERE

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